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Commentary on Travancore State Manual
It is foretold! The torrential flow of inexorable destiny!
General observations from this book

1. The traditional dress of the people of the area currently known as Kerala State was not Sari and mundu. Majority of the females literally had nothing to cover their upper part of the body. As to the males, the majority had only a thorth and a Palathoppi on top of the head. They upperparts were bare.

2. During the Kings rule, a huge section of the population that were below the Nairs were not given much importance, education or right to public employment. In British-India, the lower castes were not statutorily denied English education and right to public employment including that of officer level posts.

3. Nairs also were treated as a subordinate caste by the superior castes, Brahims and Kshatriyas (Varmas). However, there were huge populations under the Nairs in heirarchy.

4.Moral standards were quite low. In Marumakkathaya household, women did allow higher castes persons to fornicate them. Only when lower castes males, cast profane glances at them, were they perturbed. It is generally believed that moral turpitude was brought to this land by the English. The fact is the exact reverse. Moral ineptitude as well as extreme profanity in words became a common usage in English when people from the feudal language populations entered the English world.

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