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Commentary on The Native Races of South Africa
It is foretold! The torrential flow of inexorable destiny!

28. Social engineering

My commentary as yet has not addressed the terrible social issues cropping up in present-day South Africa. This book, THE NATIVE RACES OF SOUTH AFRICA, does not come anywhere near to the present-day social scenario that South Africa presents. In fact, one would be struck with wonderment on contemplating upon how the nation moved so fast to such a totally different scenario. I feel that the 2nd World War and the utterly foolish dismantling of the English Empire are two most powerful items that changed the world so much.

Even though technology has moved forward much, the world is in a more barbarian mental state. Not only human beings, but even animals are in dire straits all over the globe, with the empowerment of utterly inhuman human populations. In fact, technology has given added powers to the barbarian and inhuman populations. In their locations, both human populations as well as animals that are in their clutches are in a terrible condition.

In spite of all these horrendous situations, I do sense that there is indeed a way to move the world to a better level. The foundations of my thoughts are connected to certain things I know about languages. Even though there is a general attitude that languages are ‘mere languages’, it is my observation that languages are the very powerful software that designs, maintains and runs so many things connected to human beings as well as other living beings. I do not want to go into the reasons and logic of why I came to this conclusion. For, it is a very big theme.

I started writing on this theme way back in 1989 and it came out in my first major book: March of the Evil Empires; English versus the feudal languages! That book was far from perfect. But then over the years, I have written a few more books on this theme. They are listed below.


3. Software codes of Reality, Life and Languages!

4. Codes of reality! What is language?

5. The Machinery of Homœopathy!

6. Software codes of mantra, tantra, witchcraft, black magic, evil eye, evil tongue &c.

7. The tragic consequences of teaching Hindi in Australia!

8. PRISTINE-ENGLISH! What is different about it?

Some of these books are quite readable. A few are a bit tough or roundabout. Interested readers can also read the chapter on feudal languages, I have given in my Commentary on MALABAR MANUAL by William Logan.

However, the best thing to do would be follow my posts on this Telegram Channel: This is actually a continuing writing on South Asia. However, in this writing a lot of others things including feudal languages, codes of reality, software codes of life, software codes of mantra, tantra &c., brain software &c. are propounded in a very slow-paced manner.

The world requires a solution for the state of continuous belligerence it faces. There are other issues also. Such as the mindset of certain populations to outbreed everyone else. The issue of racism. The issue of certain populations being quite repulsive. The issue of certain populations’ or sections’ of populations body language as well as facial demeanour causing mental aversion. Issues of mixing with other populations creating personality erosion. Feeling that when working among certain populations, or under certain populations, one’s individuality is being crushed. The need to be distant from people or populations who are an eyesore and also a cause of mental distaste. And such other similar things.

These mentioned things are real. They are not what the quack sciences known as psychology and psychiatry call mental issues or mental disease. Emotions are real. Emotional distress is also real. There are reasons behind each of these things. One cannot simply wish them away.

When non-English individuals say something if a native-English individual gets distressed without any tangible reason, the reality might be that there was actually something totally bad in the speech of the non-English individuals. However, the native-Englishman has no means to define or explain what actually distressed him.

Well, why I am saying all this is that I stand on the other side of the fence. That is on the non-English side. However, I can understand and sense the English mentality also. That is not by means of mere language knowing, but by knowing what it is that is different about English; and what is eerie in feudal languages.

Since I cannot explain away huge contents of information connected to these things, I will make a very single sentence idea:

Even a simple sentence spoken in feudal languages, with appropriate verbal codes, can very powerfully throw a group of people, who existed in English without any seeming heights and lowliness between them, into different heights and lowliness in various directions in the social system.

The above sentence is a minimal way to convey a very huge idea. If the reader can grasp the information, well and good. Otherwise, if he or she is interested in getting a more deeper information on the theme, he or she might need to read my other writings.

I will make a very brief write up on how the world can be made a better place. Writing a huge text here will be counterproductive. If any reader wants to know the wider reasons on why I am promoting this idea here, they can read my other books.

1. Hand over the administration of any independent social system or nation or location to a group of selected native-English individuals.

2. A kind of apartheid should be enforced whereby the native-English will have a private space in the nation for all their private activities. Native-English only – Clubs, beaches, playgrounds, schools, colleges, eateries, staying places &c.

3. A similar kind of ethnicity-based exclusive Clubs, beaches, playgrounds, schools, colleges, eateries, staying places &c. can be created for any ethnic group of people, if any group requires them. However, generally no other group other than pristine-Arabs and some such similar populations would make use of this right. For, everyone would love to gatecrash into native-English locations.

4. White skinned, non native-English, persons should not be allowed to get identified with the native-English. So they should not be allowed admission into native-English only locations. However, as mentioned earlier, the White-skinned persons can have their own exclusive zones if they want.

5. There should be other places - Clubs, beaches, playgrounds, schools, colleges, eateries, staying places &c., where anyone of any ethnicity can enter and use the facilities therein. That is, a general or common areas.

6. The native-English can mix with the others and vice versa, as much as they want. However they should not physically go into the residential areas of the others, other than for official purposes. This is a very powerful statement that would require some deep understanding of the language codes inside feudal languages.

7. The native-English individuals living in this particular locality should not have the right to do any commercial activity. They should remain only as the administrating or teaching class of persons.

8. Selection of the native-English for this kind of work should be done in a very selective manner. Those among them who have studied under feudal language speakers, those who have learned feudal languages, those who have friends or companions who are feudal language speakers, those who have been classmates of feudal languages speakers, those who have family members who are feudal language speakers, those among them who have married feudal language speakers &c. should be ranked low in the selection process. Some of them should be marked as downright ineligible for this work. However, as of now, it might be quite difficult to find native-English speakers who are bereft of all these negative strings on them.

9. The native-English who get selected for this kind of administrative work should be given very detailed information on what is different about pristine-English. They should be made to understand that they are part of a very unique group that can create a very sensible social system.

10. The nation or location or social system should be encouraged to use pristine-English in all communications. The carnivorous codes inside feudal languages should be made known to all.

11. Primary school teaching should be handed over to extreme highly paid native-English teachers. If this done, the issue of certain jobs like doctors &c. only being quality jobs, and many jobs like Taxi driving &c. becoming despicable jobs will get erased from the minds of the youngsters. In fact, such concepts as right to equal treatment, right to dignity of stature, dignity of labour etc. will spread throughout the land if this done.

12. Right to drive a motor vehicle should be restricted to only those who are good in English. Ownership of commercial vehicles should be allowed only to those who are good in English. This is to ensure that the persons who get engaged as commercial vehicle drivers are not addressed or referred to in the pejorative part of the feudal languages.

13. The most fundamental idea behind the above contention is that all working individuals and also animals would derive the highest personality elevation when they are under the native-English. If they are under the feudal language speakers, their individuality will vary according to the number of levels above them and number of levels below them. Many of them on the lower levels will be crushed personality-wise. And these persons will act and react in ways and manners that are designed to express their individuality from their suppressed state.

14. Almost all other population groups will create only highly corrupt, mutually repulsive social systems. They will create a communication system inside the social system, wherein extreme social heights and total poverty or extreme human lowliness are part of the social system.

15. Even in South Africa, the Boers only displayed the reflected glory of the native-English therein. Actually the Boers were also a very crude and barbarian population. Indeed, it is the proximity to the native-English that has given a glow to many (maybe not all) Continental European nations. If England had been close to South Asia for centuries, South Asia would also have glowed.

The above-mentioned is the very brief framework of the ideas for creating a very good social system. At the moment, many persons very pointedly make disparaging comments about the native-English. And yet, would quite slyly like to move over to native-English nations. I am aware of communist party leaders who had spent much time in decrying native-English nations, slowly relocating their children to native-English nations.

It is all a matter of using a quality social communication software. However, simply learning English or knowing to speak it would not be sufficient to replace the native-English population in the above-mentioned scenario. For, inside feudal languages, each person comes with a huge load of strings attached to him, each one of them containing dynamic codes for heights and lowliness. This would not vanish simply because he or she learns English. This idea is quite deep and might need a huge number of words to explain. Interested readers can read the earlier-mentioned Telegram Channel

When speaking about the native-English versus Continental Europe, there are certain things that might be mentioned. One is that till around the beginning of the 1st World War at least, the French were trying all sorts of permutations and combinations in South Asia to finish off the English rule over there. Even in the case of a particular terror attack on a well-beloved Collector (district administrator) in Madras state, a possibility that it was the nearby French-ruled location which had given the gun for the terror purpose had been mentioned in those days.

If this be the exact scenario, then Great Britain going for a war with Germany to save the French seems quite a foolish idea. In fact, even the history of the French Revolution army being attacked by Great Britain was totally foolish. For, the king of France who had been beheaded by the French revolutionaries was the probably a king who had supported the French attack on the English side both in South Asia as well as in the New World.

As to the US, it has become a place where all the Continental Europeans merge together and become equal to the native-English. Actually this is also a very foolish situation. For, in the immediate aftermath of the 2nd World War, both Germans as well as the Italians barged into the US. This is also a very idiotic scene. Citizens of the defeated nations are being allowed inside to take over the land and the economy! No sane nation would condone this kind of actions.

And what are these swarmed into the US whites doing over there? In every discussion on the native-English or England, these sinister populations use very deprecatory words upon England and the native-English.

Actually in the US, every sinister language population groups are having a fabulous time. They think that they brought in genius, skills and capacities, and that the other nations, including their own native nations are bereft of them. The fact is that if the spoken language of USA changes into Italian, German, Japanese, Hindi, Mandarin, Zulu, Malayalam, Korean, Telugu &c. the national momentum will slow down. The social system will break down. The only contribution which the geniuses and extremely-skilled immigrants would give would be a scene of totally disarraying of the social system.

If the counter question is, why nations which are having such sinister languages are not breaking down, the answer is that in those nations a huge majority of the people are in a shackled state. This shackling is done by verbal codes. And hence it is not visible to a person who looks for a metal shackles and chains.

For instance, in India, around 70% of the population are in terrible conditions. However, the affluent people in India are not bothered. In fact, they are happy that the other section is shackled. For, if the shackled sections are unshackled, they will come to compete with them in everything. And the lower classes are seen as repulsive in India. That is how the language codes work.

There are many things that cannot even be understood in their slightest form by the native-English. If I were to claim that in a feudal language nation such as India, for an ordinary educated person to be taken called into a police station and talked to or questioned, can in most times be an experience of being pushed into a stinking cesspool, will the reader understand it? There is no way to convey this information in English other than to explain the tiny invisible details of the language codes in a very slow pace. But who has the time and inclination for all that?

The US is actually a nation built up upon a framework of native-English settlements in the New World. However, as of now, all the non-English persons who have entered there are literally enjoying the English ambience, and at the same time making totally derogatory wordings about England.

Some years back, I did comment on Huffingtonpost newsmedia website for quite some time. A lot of recriminatory retorts used to come upon my posts from various US-based persons. With the exception of a few, all the others were totally of an ignorant kind. How then are these persons able to be part of a very grand nation? Well, the answer is that in a native-English nation, everyone can get to enjoy the best of his or her communication abilities. This is what creates a good social set up and nation. Technical knowledge and various other skills are actually a dime a dozen in various other nations. However, their language systems do not allow the creating of a highly dignified and least blocking communication system. Instead, their language create terrific mood for backstabbing and blocking each other. Instead of being supporting others in the social system, the general mood would be that of jeering.

Coming back to my comments in Huffingtonpost, due to my posts seeming to be quite weird and of a kind of racism that was not clearly definable, there was or were some complaints and my account was blocked and I lost all my comments. However, the retorts that I had received were in my email. Some them I have posted here on this link.

In the US, the Continental European Whites cannot bear the native-English, but would not allow anyone to mention that the native-English are different from them. As to the blacks in the US, the erstwhile US slave-descendent blacks could be totally different from the blacks who are entering into the US in the last so many years. However, no one has the calibre to mention this.

If the social set-up that I have mentioned here is enforced in any nation, that nation will grow up. Even if South Asia is handed over to the (pristine) native-English to rule in accordance to the scheme I have proposed, the location will become fabulous. As of now, the nations of India and Pakistan looks fabulous, if one were to confine one’s vision to the government employees and other super rich locations in these nations. Actually rich and poor is not the basic problem in these nations. It is the satanic languages that are the problem.

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