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Commentary on The Native Races of South Africa
It is foretold! The torrential flow of inexorable destiny!

22. English intervention

QUOTE: Bearing upon this subject, Colonel Collins, in his report (1809) upon the native tribes, recommended that the Bushmen should be introduced into the colony, collected and instructed in institutions, and then dispersed among the colonists. He pointed out such positions as he considered most eligible for the formation of stations under proper regulations. The Bushmen, he stated, often suffered extreme misery, but seldom robbed except to satisfy their wants, and afforded the fairest hope of becoming in time useful to themselves and to the colony.


I should assume that the above mentioned Colonel Collins might be a native-Englishman or at least a Briton. If so, his aspirations are in sync with the general native-English postures all around the world. Check MALABAR MANUAL written by William Logan.

QUOTE: How it could be for a moment imagined that this arbitrary and continual seizure of land, without the slightest reservation being made for the unfortunate outcasts whose fathers had occupied it unchallenged from time immemorial, could be carried into effect without outraging every sense of justice, seems almost marvellous ; yet still more so on our finding that when a hapless Bushman, not only deprived of his ancient country but also of the very game which had been to him as much his means of subsistence as the flocks and herds of the intruders who were superseding him were of theirs, happened to steal a sheep to keep himself and his family from starving, if apprehended and taken alive, he was publicly flogged under the scaffold, branded with a hot iron, put in irons, and condemned to hard labour.


There is something that needs to be mentioned about the mood of the writer here. He is obviously echoing the mood of English colonialism in various locations, where they did see the local stronger populations pressing down upon the lower placed populations. This statement of mine might seem quite unintelligent to those who have formally studied that English colonialism was exploitative &c. However, it would not take much intelligence to understand that such kind of ‘history’ has been promoted by the very same stronger populations in whose hand the lands have been given back by the stupid stay-at-home Britons. Just to illustrate the point, let me simply mention that a huge percentage of the Indian population cannot afford a bank account. They do not have any experience with digital currency and such other things. No one in India of the stronger populations (I mean the officialdom and the rich) would love to see these downtrodden populations come up. Yet, many of these very downtrodden populations literally worship their oppressive master classes. That is how the feudal language communication works.

Yet, the English colonial rule was very much aware of the existence of the lower classes who they tried their best to bring up. However, the moment the lower class man comes up, his next endeavour would be to see that others of his own class do not come up. That is also encoded in the feudal languages.

QUOTE: His brother Nicholas Barends is described by Mr. Moffat as being a very superior man, both in appearance and intellect, with an excellent memory, and good descriptive powers


I do not know how it was in Africa. However, in South Asia, there were a huge percent of population who looked and lived like feeble minded cattle. However, at the other end of the social spectrum, there were the individuals who were quite intelligent, cunning and shrewd. The native-English living in England did not understand that South Asia was a mix of both elements. The latter was quite a dangerous population group, which had kept the former in a state of slavery by means of mere verbal codes. All endeavours by the leftist groups to give entrance to the individuals from such cunning populations into native-English nations were fraught with acute danger for the native-English populations. For, they understood the entering entities only in their translated-into-English form. Their real savagery was encoded in their satanic native feudal languages.

QUOTE: The missionaries who were leading the way were probably in their simplicity and ignorance dreaming of conducting their proselytes far away from the haunts of wicked men, and founding a place of eternal peace and quiet in the depths of the wilderness.


This is about the Griquas whom the London Missionary Society was promoting. Whatever social reformation is being envisaged, it should be borne in mind that the most powerful location is that of the language codes. Without removing or erasing the evil feudal languages from the mind, thoughts and speech of the individuals in the society, no social reform will have permanence. This is the same thing that happened in South Asia also.

QUOTE: Upon receipt of this report, the lieutenant-governor General Dundas promptly authorised a commando to pursue the murderers, but recommended cautious treatment and forbearance to be shewn to the Hottentots, so as not to cause aversion by uncalled for severity to make them dangerous enemies instead of useful servants.


This is the exact complication that should arise when the native-English mingle their actions with that of the Continental Europeans or with their own Celtic language populations. The native-English mood is to go through the route of fair-play. However, that route has no meaning for the Continental Europeans and the Celtic populations.

QUOTE: One is surprised to learn from a letter from the Rev. Dr. Philip to Lieutenant-Colonel Wade, that after all the agitation about Griqua claims the missionaries Anderson and Kramer took possession of the springs, not in the name of any individuals, but in that of the London Missionary Society, thus assuming to themselves the power of ejecting any person from their infant dominion who was not subservient to their rule.


This is a location where everything becomes hazy. The missionary society naturally does not want any interference in their activities, which definitely are altruistic, but possibly foolish.

QUOTE: Under the powerful patronage of the London Missionary Society, whose members in those days could do no wrong, the power of annexation displayed by their Griqua protégés seems to have been amazing.


The wider insight in this statement is the power that accrues on any population that gets English national support in those days when England was pristine.

QUOTE: It was also during this visit, and at Mr. Campbell's earnest recommendation, that they agreed to adopt certain fixed laws for the protection of life and property, and that judges or magistrates should be chosen to put them in execution.


Wherever in the world, the English colonial empire was established, or where the native English had any say in the matter, they went ahead to create fabulous social, administrative, judicial as well as police system, based on written codes of law. However, these things functioned in perfection only when the native-English were in charge. The moment they left the charge to the local feudal language speakers, these systems went corrupt.

In Travancore kingdom, where these things had been copied from British-India, everything worked in a most corrupt manner. In fact, the lower classes were more frightened of the officials and the police than anything else. Even in current-day India, the officialdom and the police are a terror for the lower classes. The higher classes know that this is how it should be. For they are also quite wary of the lower classes, whom they keep suppressed by forcing their children into compulsory formal education, where they are treated like dirt and kept in slavery for around 10 years, learning utterly useless things.

QUOTE 1: The Bushmen," he says, " inhabited the country about Philippolis. We exterminated the Bushmen, and Dr. Philip gave us the country. We exterminated the Bushmen and the Koranas between the Hart and Vaal rivers, and occupied the country." That this was no mere figure of speech appears plainly from the following extracts taken from the Graham's Town Journal, written by the Hon. Robert Godlonton, M.L.C., from which we shall find that these unfortunate Bushmen suffered great atrocities not only at the hands of the Koranas, but equally from those of the Griquas who followed them. In one portion of the country where two or three thousand of these people formerly lived, in 1843 but five small kraals of them were left.

QUOTE 2: We must confess that it seems remarkably strange that an agent of a Society, the members of which have ever set themselves up as champions of the poor oppressed aborigines, could thus coolly annex a piece of territory for the behoof of another set of natives under their charge, without mentioning a single word about the Bushman proprietors, who we now know were living there.


This is the wider effect of London Missionary Society equipping one population with arms, ammunition, technical knowledge, military systems etc. inside a social location where every population are to destroy each other, or to crush the most refined among them. In fact, even in modern times, England as well as other native-English nations has interfered in many Asian and African nations’ internal internecine fights, favouring one of the parties in the fights. The problem here is that the native-English as of now, cannot understand what is or are the exact provocations that has spurred the fight. Intervention to correct any social error should be accompanied by an understanding of the error in the first place. And apart from that, handing the location back to one of them more or less takes everything back to square one.

QUOTE: These operations were sometimes carried out under the personal superintendence of the British Resident.


It is tragic that the name of Great Britain got entwined in these incidences. These things are caused by collaborating with non-English populations. Also there is the issue of Celtic languages speakers inside Britain. They are not English. Some of them are rank anti-English.

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