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Commentary on The Native Races of South Africa
It is foretold! The torrential flow of inexorable destiny!

17. Bushmen Butchered

QUOTE: Many instances might be mentioned where a few wretched fugitives, after their tribe had been mercilessly butchered, have, after hopelessly wandering about for a time, stealthily returned to their ancestral cave, hiding themselves among the rocks by day and stealing out in the early morning and evening to gather a few roots and tubers to prolong their wretched existence, obtaining a little water from a neighbouring spring, and occasionally a little honey from some wild bees' nest among the fissures of their rocky asylum ; and have thus existed for years, tenaciously clinging to the spot, until feeble and tottering with age, they have sunk from sheer exhaustion and passed away in some hidden nook near where they were born ; or too feeble to defend themselves, they have been torn to pieces by the ravenous beasts which had made their lairs amid the romantic retreats which had once resounded with the noise of revelry and moonlight dancings of their forefathers.


The above is one of the graphic depictions of what the stronger races of Africa and the Boers did to the Bushmen.

QUOTE: In judging of their character, there are unfortunately few records left of them in their undisturbed state, and most of the intelligent writers who have treated of this subject visited them after the fierce and cruel crusade had commenced against them, and which, having once been taken in hand, was not allowed to cease until their extermination was rendered a certainty.


The above quote is about the Bushmen. The same might be the situation about pristine-England also. Pristine-England has vanished from the earth. What is left on earth is an England that is being deceived by almost everyone. The top one on this list of deceiver could be the BBC, once considered as the hallmark of English refinement and quality. However as of now, BBC has become a sort of gathering den of the stinks from South-Asia and the rest of the world.

QUOTE: They were driven out of their own country, the vast herds of game which once afforded them abundance of food were ruthlessly destroyed, their children were seized and carried into slavery by the people upon whom they subsequently committed their depredations, and on whom they almost naturally took every occasion for exercising revenge.


Again the above narration is about the Bushmen. I do however have fears that unless the fools who are ruling England are not kicked out of office, the same kind of events are in store for the posterity of England. The nation has handed itself to the same kind of cunning crooks who had enslaved millions in South Asia for centuries. And the top terror is that even now England has no inkling of what is actually going on.

QUOTE: As we proceed with our investigation we shall discover that they showed a devotion to their chief (a feeling which appeared to be almost entirely wanting among the purely Hottentot tribes) which could not be excelled, as they invariably gathered round him in the hour of danger, and fell to a man rather than desert him in his extremity. Nor was it only for their attachment and loyalty to their chiefs that they were distinguished, but for an almost passionate fondness for the rocks and glens in whose caves they and their fathers had lived probably for generations.


There are some hints of commitment of a very high order encrypted in the above mentioned qualities. They can be connected to certain specific codes in the Bushman communication codes.

QUOTE: On the contrary, during the murderous native wars, when so many of the Bachoana and other tribes were half annihilated and scattered, in many instances the few unhappy outcasts that escaped destruction fled into Bushman territory, where they not only received protection and an asylum, but conforming to the Bushmen's habits and customs, wives were given to them and their daughters intermarried again with the Bushmen, and it was doubtless such infusions of foreign blood which gave a different physical character to some of the families of their leading captains, in contradistinction to those of pure Bushman type. This good understanding continued until these refugees, increasing in numbers, and some, at last, bringing the remnants of their herds of cattle with them, began to band together and assume a sovereignty over portions of the country. Then, as they grew in strength, they turned upon those who had first given shelter to them when they were helpless and miserable fugitives, and strove by every means in their power to dislodge the ancient owners, who were at once deemed wild and untameable animals when they attempted to prevent the invaders from doing so.


If in the above quote, if the word Bushmen is changed into ‘the native-English’, it would depict the tragic events in store for England, unless some terrific drastic remedies are sort. None of the England politicians seem to know what it is that has entered the nation, by way of feudal languages and feudal language speakers.

QUOTE: As soon as the Bushmen saw these strangers beginning to intrude themselves in large bodies in every direction, with a determination to make permanent settlements, a spirit of opposition was aroused within them. The game, which was as precious to the old hunters as herds of tame cattle were to their aggressors, was destroyed or driven away ; and cattle-lifting almost as a natural consequence took the place of stalking the eland, the quagga, or the elephant. Capture and recapture, injuries and retaliation, soon grew into a war of extermination against the weaker and smaller race, whose unconquerable spirit might be crushed and annihilated, but seldom taught to submit to the trammels which the invading and conquering races were desirous of imposing upon them.


It is possible that the reader can see the definite sameness of events happening in England. People from strange lands entering England with a facial expression of extreme gratitude and affability. They slowly set up beachheads inside the vital areas of England. Even though they seem quite feeble and lonely, they are actually the advance troop of a huge mass of populations who are waiting in their native nations. They have powerful armies ready to show their power and prestige. Once the native English are captives to these outsiders, it will be a terrific scene. For the native English do not know the verbal codes of obsequiousness and servitude. For, pristine-English has no pejorative codes in communication. It would be the sweet endeavour of the conquering populations to teach the lessons of obsequiousness to the native-English kids.

QUOTE 1: But that men who had adopted " the rights of the Aborigines " for their watchword should have been so obtuse as not to be able to distinguish who were the true aborigines to whom those rights belonged, seems certainly rather surprising.

QUOTE 2: Much has been said and written about one hundred and fifty rixdollars given as purchase money to the said Bushman, on account of which the claim to the so-called Campbell Lands, a tract of country extending many miles, has been built up ; as if this one man could dispose of the independent rights of his countrymen, men living in different portions of the wonderful range of the 'Kaap, and of clans different from his own.

QUOTE 3: The journey of Mr. Campbell along the valley of this river has a very important bearing upon the subject of our investigation, as it firmly establishes the fact that even up to 1813 the Bushmen were the sole proprietors of this tract of country, and that land claims had not been extended so far by the mission party of Griquatown. END OF QUOTEs

The information in the above statement is that the land of South Africa belongs traditionally to the Bushmen. All the others there have come from elsewhere.

QUOTE 1: Had these men belonged to a more civilised race, the determined struggle which they made for their country and their freedom would have been deemed heroic,

QUOTE 2: He defended himself desperately ; but his determined courage availed him nothing, he and his people fell to a man. Men, women, and children were alike shot down, not one was spared, not a soul escaped.


Actually, these kinds of experiences might be there in the offing for the native-English also, if they are not too careful about protecting their native land. They have no other place in the world where their natural stature of high personal individuality can be practised. In all other nations, their high stature communication codes and body language would be found to be too arrogant and provocative. In fact, in most feudal language nations, if an ordinary citizen communicates with the officialdom or his or her boss with the same level of refined stature that the native-English does, he or she will be beaten to a pulp or dismissed forthwith. If the native-English land is over-run by others, the same fate that the Bushmen faced will be faced by the native-English.

QUOTE: " A party of Bushmen who had taken refuge in a cave refused to surrender ; they were destroyed," says Mr. Backhouse, " by setting on fire fuel collected at the cave's mouth ! "


This is what happens when native populations are handed power over other native populations. See what Indian uniformed forces are doing in the various locations inside the subcontinent, where the oppressed people are fighting to escape from Indian official enslavement. In India, almost the total of the governmental revenue is being swallowed by the officialdom.

QUOTE: And this we shall find has ever been the case at all points where the stronger races have come in contact with the Bushmen, and as long as the latter remained in the ascendency fraternisation and intermarriage ensued, but the case was reversed as soon as the intruders gained the upper hand, when persecution and annihilation followed.


This is again a scenario that poignantly points to an England which has been taken over by outsiders.

QUOTE: The law of might was the law of right, and no one retained his property longer than he had the power of defending it successfully.


Actually this was the state of events even in South Asia, until the English East India Company came and set up written codes of law, law enforcement machinery, judicial courts, public administration etc.

QUOTE 1: His country was proclaimed to be within the bounds of the Cape Colony. He pleaded that the land belonged to his forefathers, and that the Tembus were intruders who had forcibly taken possession of a large portion of it. His remonstrances were unavailing, his country was absorbed, without the slightest reservation being made for the ancient owners, and instead of encouragement to induce them to settle down to the peaceful occupations of quiet citizens, a demand of one pound a year was made upon the head of each family as a quitrent ! They were not a conquered people, they were living in a country which, as Madura said, had belonged to Bushmen from time immemorial. They had not made war upon the Colony as the frontier tribes of Kaffirs had done, on the contrary they had done good service in defence of colonial territory and in retaking cattle and other stock which had been captured by the enemy, and now they were rewarded for those services, in what way let the old chief Madura describe. He said the land was the land of his fathers, and that now, although he and his people had served the government for three years, they were told they must pay for living upon it ! Where was the money to come from ?

QUOTE 2: To the colonists he always behaved as a true and faithful ally, and in return for the tobacco and other articles which they presented to him, used to help them to make slaves of such straggling Bushmen as did not live under his jurisdiction.


A sample of Continental European attitude. When the English also get mixed up with the Continental Europeans, they stood sullied.

QUOTE: This is one of the remarkable instances of the astonishing recklessness and daring which some of the old colonial voortrekkers displayed in their determination to find new homes for themselves in the unknown Interior.


In the instance given in this regard - Quote: He trekked on, he knew not whither ! the first of his race to pass through those mysterious wilds, whose river banks, wooded and reed covered, were the haunts of the python and the crocodile, travelling with his family through a perfect terra incognita swarming with ferocious beasts of prey, and passing scattered habitations of savage men, yet moving onward, although single-handed, like a conqueror, arrogantly levying blackmail from the trembling inhabitants, and retaining his prey after he had once seized it, in spite of all their efforts to prevent him. Such acts, however much they may be censured, shewed a determination of purpose, which may have been equalled, but never surpassed. End of Quote.

– actually points to some kind of desperation in this particular man’s disposition. Leaving Continental Europe and making such a terrific effort to go into the deep jungles of Africa does point to something wrong in his native land. The spirit that drove him and his family is actually totally different from the adventurous spirit of the native-English that made them go forth. The English were not so arrogant and murderous like this man. Even in the New World, it might be the piggyback ridding done by the Continental Europeans upon the English settlers that would have created much bitterness among the native folks there. In fact, in the ultimate count, the native-folks stood by the native-English, when the rascal George Washington took to renegade work for the Continental Europeans.

QUOTE: In favour of an earlier Hottentot occupation, it has been advanced that these natives make a sort of general declaration that the country was theirs. Such claims were afterwards set up for Waterboer, Moshesh, and others, to the exclusion of the aboriginal Bushman owners.


It is seen that the Bushmen are slowly being edged out of all rights to their traditional land.

QUOTE: There were also a number of minor groups intervening between the larger ones which we have mentioned, but of which little now is known except that they once existed, and that most of them were shot down by those who seized their country, because they resented the unjustifiable wrong and attempted to resist.

Such was the fate of those who once inhabited the rocks of Thaba Nchu and the caves in the surrounding mountains. Harris, when passing through this country, found the slope of a hill near the present site of Bloemfontein besprinkled with the mouldering bones of Bushmen, and a few years ago there were numerous spots in the Free State which told the same melancholy tale of the fate of the aborigines. These unhappy fugitives at last became so terrified at the sight of any human being that there were portions of the country where they concealed themselves so effectually that a traveller might pass through its length and breadth without seeing a single soul, or even, if he were not aware of the fact, suspecting that it was inhabited. Harris informs us that when he passed through the 'Kolong basin, once the home of a powerful group of tribes, such had become their general distrust of visitors that the males would never approach them, except when forced to do so, and then always evincing great trepidation, no object being more unwelcome to their sight than a troop of horsemen on the plain.


As per the above words, the original owners of the land of South Africa are the Bushmen. Boer colonisation was simply like the encroachment done by the other native African populations into that land, in that all of them set out to destroy the Bushmen.

QUOTE 1: Every race of man, savage or civilised, that came in contact with them, appropriated their land without a single pretext of justification, and waged a war of extermination against them as soon as they resisted or resented the wrong that was done to them.

QUOTE 2: she replied, " We know nothing of our grandfathers, we do not know who painted our pictures ; the Dutchmen shot them all down at the great slaughter, and carried us, the children, away. I was a little girl, six or seven years old, at the time.”


The Bushmen could hold on against the others till the advent of the Continental Europeans. When they brought in guns and gunpowder, the equations changed. Whatever superiority the Bushmen had in terms of their natural abilities were of no more avail. Indeed the Continental Europeans that arrived there were only a tip of the iceberg. They had a huge nation in Europe which could send them any quantity of ammunition and soldiers.

The same logic should be understood by current-day England. England is now being filled by outsides. These outsiders are only an advance scouting team. They would use all kinds of affable friendliness to set up a beachhead right inside England. When they feel that they have gained a solid foothold, their demeanour will change. They have their native nations behind them, which can supply them with men and munitions.

QUOTE 1: until at last the miserable remnants of their once numerous race had to struggle for a precarious existence in a few almost inaccessible mountain fastnesses or in the wilds of the Kalahari desert.

QUOTE 2: But in this case, as in every other, with the honourable exception of the Leghoya, the true aborigines of the country were never for a moment taken into consideration when an eligible spring or fountain was required by the intruders of the stronger races into their territories.


It is a moot question as to where the native-English will move to hide when their nation is taken-over. All native-English nations are going multi-culture. The multi-culturists would enjoy feasting upon native-English nations.

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