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Commentary on The Native Races of South Africa
It is foretold! The torrential flow of inexorable destiny!

14. Native English versus the Boers

Even though this book, THE NATIVE RACES OF SOUTH AFRICA, does not move into the location of the historical experiences of the native-English entry into the South African regions, other than in minute hints, I think I must make the assertion that the native English would have been an entity totally opposite to Boers / Afrikaners.

Boers / Afrikaners are seen from this book as a very insidious population who more or less practised the same kind of fiendish devilry that was the hallmark of the various native population groups of the South Africa and thereabouts. This book more or less gives very supportive words about the Bushmen. Physically very capable, very honest, committed, loyal, extremely brave, non-treacherous, keeping words of promise, demonstrating sense of fair-play, able to demonstrate a high level of standards even under very stressful circumstances &c. I will presently give ample quotes from this book to illustrate these gallant qualities of the Bushmen. However, the reader should notice that the above-mentioned mental features were also those that were seen displayed by the native-English in South Asia. It is quite curious that a population group with has been generally described as the lowest in terms of civilisation has features comparable with a population group that has been historically seen as the highest in history.

The writer of this book is a native Englishman. It is curious that he has sensed mental faculties similar to his own native population in the Bushmen.

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