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Commentary on The Native Races of South Africa
It is foretold! The torrential flow of inexorable destiny!

3. Lowering of the native-English mental stamina

I mentioned so much to mention that native-English colonial officials and writers never did get to understand the exact content of barbarianism deeply encoded inside the barbarian and semi-barbarian areas which they got to administer and improve. The modern English citizen in England is not the original native-English citizens of yore. The modern specimen is a corrupted and low grade individual, when compared to the original native-English individuals. This lowliness comes from having achieved a level of equality with the feudal language speaking persons who have barged into England. Many of these persons, who have swarmed in, are mostly the children of corrupt-to-the-core officials of other nations. Others can be the lowly-placed persons’ children. Feudal languages actually give a very satanic power to the lowly placed persons, if they are allowed to grow up and address the social seniors as equals. This danger also, England does not understand.

Equality with the feudal language individuals is an equality with an entity that can oscillate another being between stinking dirt and fragrant gold. Those persons can literally clasp another person and get him attached to the stinking dirt layers of human existence or to the golden layers. These are things that cannot be made understood in English. The easiest way to demonstrate this is to simply show the extreme urge of these individuals to get out of their own nations and to sink their teeth into the vital interiors of native-English nations.

Even a simple question in English as, Where are you going? can be asked using various and varying verbal codes in feudal languages. These shifting or changing of verbal codes can literally swing a person across different social levels, or display various kinds of attachments to other persons. Each of these shifts can powerfully place the person in various kinds of social or positional shackles. Or they can place him in positions of power over others. Each of these positions can very directly affect his own equation with many other individuals including his own subordinates, superiors, wife, children etc. His own position can affect his children, wife, parents and even his superiors and subordinates, in their own spheres of activity and socialising.

All these terrific information get hidden in English. And this is the great tragedy that is entering into native-English nations, when multiculture is being given the go-ahead. No one over there seems to understand that they have no information on the exact amplitude and ambit of the term ‘multiculture’. Or why exactly all these multiculture individuals are running out of their own cultural lands, and would go suicidal or homicidal if forced to relocate back to their homeland.

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