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The machinery of Homœopathy!
It is foretold! The torrential flow of inexorable destiny!
12. Reply to jgc56

I would have waited for at least a few days before writing this reply. However, your words ‘isolated from popular culture’ have more or less forced me to give a reply fast. Due to the possible misunderstanding these words could provoke in readers here.

Even though you have mentioned ‘Two things:’, the fact is that your reply is full of switches that can ignite discussions on various things, including culture, popular culture, education and much else, apart from Ebola, Homœopathy &c.

I had sincerely believed that this conversation had ended, as the subject matter did seem quite exhausted after the entry of Ebola into the US. I had collected my writings here and created a minor digital book, titled ‘The machinery of Homœopathy’.

Let me try to answer you as per the listing you have given.

1. I had used inverted commas on the word ‘medicine’, due to your own contention that you do not see any ‘medicine’ in an action wherein software codes do the work. Since I had postulated that Homœopathy might be working at that location, I thought it might be wise to follow your contention.

2. As to QUOTE: homeopathic treatments are more effective than placebos at preventing any illness or injury? END of QUOTE, I should mention that the words ‘preventing injury’ has not been mentioned by me. And it need not be taken up in the discussion.

There have been instances wherein I did make use of Homoeopathic preventive medicines inside my household. Once, one of the members of my household had Chicken Pox. Immediately preventive medicines were used by one member of the family who never have had this infection before. It was done because of the disarray, this infection in that individual, would bring in the household functioning. Even though the infected individual and the person who took the preventive medicines were in close contact, there was no infection in the other person.

Even though this incident can be taken as a minor fluke, it is only just one more instance in a stream of experiences with Homœopathy extending to around more than ten years. However, again I need to mention that I had reached the location of having a feeling that Homœopathy can do some level of cure through two different pathways. One was my own personal researches and observations with regard to language codes starting at least two decades back. The second was a unique opportunity to be able to use and observe the effect of Homœopathy dosages at close quarters due to building up a close contact with one Homoeopath.

3. QUOTE: Even cheaper would be NOT distributing homeopathic medicines at all, END of QUOTE. The issue here is quite tragic and at the same time funny. There seems to be no cure for a pestilence, which remarkably runs its course inside an infected person through ordinary illness symptoms like nausea and vomiting, diarrhoea, Red eyes, chest pain and cough, stomach pain, weight loss &c. It may be noted that I have had the opportunity to see that Homœopathy could cure all the above sickness, without the patient taking recourse to allopathic medicines.

Now what have to be weighed are the options available. First option: Ebola can spread like wildfire through the US cities, suburbs and interiors. The infected persons can be quarantined and treated with conventional methods. With doubtful results. Moreover, if this happens, there can be breakdown of social, administrative as well as civic systems in the nation. SEE this:

The other option is to distribute Homoeopathic preventive medicines to the people. There is only a very negligible cost involved. Now, if the preventive medicines work, it is a fantastic achievement of astronomical scope. If they do not work, the expense involved may not even come to the cost of buying hundred Ebola Suits.

4. Now, I am forced to discuss a minor part from my own experiments in language codes. You have mentioned terrific words of ‘social isolation’. Here I need to categorically mention that there was no social isolation, other than the normal social codes here that people do not mingle with everyone. Before taking that theme, I will look into this QUOTE: The n-number of your subject group? END of QUOTE.

Since I do not know what ‘n-number’ is, I understand that you are querying about the number of persons on whom I had conducted the experiments.

The actual fact is that I have done this experiment on a number of persons, right from my childhood. That is, I have inserted English knowledge into minute social systems and in individuals who did not inherently have English in them. I have noted that that is a very tangible change in various aspects of the individual as well as social system. I have to add here that I do use a particular term ‘pristine English’ to differentiate it from the vernacular English that is generally spoken and taught over here.

I cannot discuss the whole thing here, for it might take a huge amount of words. I would suggest that in case you have the time, to pursue it in: Shrouded Satanism in feudal languages. 5. Now, comes the issue of social isolation. I can assure that social distance is a social reality over here, among all sections of the people. It is directly connected to the feudal content in the languages here. I would suggest you to please see this writing of mine on Telegraph: Social flight if seclusion is not possible

Now, there is the issue of, what is the local culture, does come into the picture. You can read my description of the local culture from this link:

You can see two minor video clips that might give a non-contrived view of the local social communication

It might be mentioned that the people seen in the video are not innately bad or immoral at a personal level. In fact, most of them are good and moral. Many of them have gone to nations like GB, US etc. and do look like others from the same peninsular area domiciled in GB or US. When some of them do have the chance to arrive at official positions, or have cabins, or classy automobiles, financial acumen etc. they are able to display quite class looks and attributes.

In my case, the experiment was to see if from the same class of people, of the same genetic pool, I could create a different facial expression change for the better, by just using the planar language of English, in its finest standards.

I could prove that it was not financial acumen that really renders human potential enhancement, but rather other ambiences. I worked on my convictions that I have mentioned in my old book: March of the Evil Empires. In fact, I did arrange a specific mental ambience even before the birth of my first daughter. Moreover, after her birth I had to contain the encroachment of negative language codes. Even though when I mention this, it might be felt that I was isolating my daughter, the fact was that many persons around me collaborated fantastically. For, it was an endeavour that improved their English also beyond usual possibilities.

Due to certain reasons, my first daughter couldn’t gather good English accent in her early years. In spite of this initial drawback, the absence of negative verbal codes that have a slicing effect on human brain codes did give daughter a demeanour that was starkly different from anyone in the neighbourhood. In fact, there was a halo of a glow around her, when she was seen in close proximity to others around. In fact, many persons did remark about this. This item may not be seen as absolute from an English nation ambience. For, in English nations, all children get to be born in a more or less similar verbal ambience (which is slowly fading out in English nations).

As to my daughter being isolated, it is again a mistaken understanding. The actual fact is that she had more friends of varying age groups than others her age. If you look at this video, you will see her first before she went to school. The initial video clips were taken in a beach side with many onlookers around. Since I had no camera at that time, we waited in the beach for around 3 hours for the person who had promised to come to take the videos came very late. The second video is a professionally done video of an English folksong, taken around four months after she joined the school. [01:33]. A stark individuality drop is visible. The third video is the initial three-minute part of a 10 minute speech she gave in a local village, wherein she was invited to speak in a public function. (She was in the 9th or 10th class then). Even though I did not see the speaking, I was told that it had been a wonderful speech. She spoke to a huge audience who were not good in English, but who quite appreciated the words. Even though, those on the dais, other than the organiser who invited her, do not seem happy about her speech. As for her, the speech was quite a tough proposition, in an unknown area, with no one to actually stand as a support for her.

My contention is that by just changing the language of any place to pristine English, that place can be changed into pristine England. And even England can be changed into the looks of any godforsaken place by simply adopting the feudal language of that place.

I went into this quite deeply due to the slight alarm caused by your words ‘isolated from popular culture’. This was one of the complaints given to the police in one of the cases connected to non-formal education and other things. However, in that case, two departments, police as well as the Social Welfare department inquired. And as per the legal decree that came supporting me, it was seen mentioned that both the enquiry reports supported the non-formal education that was being given.

The issue comes back to what is the exact level of demeanour change in the individual. It can only be measured by comparing with others around her. After joining school, the tremendous difference that had been there has faded much. In the speech, her expression does reflect the slight feudal language regimentation that bore on her from her school ambience.

In case, you need to follow up on this theme, I should mention that my books: 1.Codes of reality; Shrouded Satanism in feudal languages, may be read.

As to formal education, I do contend that it is a waste of precious years of lifetime, for most individuals. You can see a listing of the kaleidoscopic life experiences that are missed by spending long years in schools & colleges, pursuing ‘marks’ of dubious value, in this minor writing of mine:

I am sorry that the theme has gone beyond the containments of Homœopathy. However, it may be understood that in the ultimate analysis, everything is connected.

6. “=rand (20, 2). Yes, what you said is true. As far as is perfunctorily known to the common man. I mentioned this earlier to denote that even in innocent looking words, there might be hidden codes, which trigger powerful responses.

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