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The machinery of Homœopathy!
It is foretold! The torrential flow of inexorable destiny!
11. Reply to jgc56

I think it is a bit late in the day for the US to ponder on Ebola treatment from a purely hypothetical mood. Ebola has entered the US. Prevention would have been much better than cure.

I would like to mention that many of my comments on various US media sites asking for a complete cordoning of affected African states were removed, for the seeming rank rascality it seemed to suggest.

I think I had contented that not only human diseases, but even human languages are part of a software apparatus. So, I would suggest that the US is infected not only by the Ebola virus, but even by viruses in human languages. In some media sites, I had hinted, at least a month back, that current-day healthcare systems in English nations are error prone in critical moments, due to the presence of feudal languages speakers amongst them. And would not be able to deal effectively with an Ebola strike. The social system is also infected. These languages do have virus codes that hinder smooth flow of information, and can create certain exotic emotions that are not inherent in pristine English. And akin to biological viruses, these viruses can infect all persons, even native-English speakers when they are in close proximity to feudal language virus carriers. And create minor omissions with astronomical implications.

The possibility of the various system collapses in the US has been mentioned in my writing titled: ‘March of the Evil Empires; English versus the feudal languages'. The situation is a similar to the BP Oil leak in the off-shore seas. SEE: A candid view of the uncanny outside [Part 1]

My cautions were removed by media sites with an implied sense that the writings were some kind of racist, hate speech. However the fact that I am not white should have acted as a spoiler for this accusation. However, it did not. It more or less should hint to the fact that currently all English nations’ collective intelligence have gone into some kind of leashing, that no intellectual idea can be discussed over there, unless they pass a skin-colour test.

Since Ebola has entered the US, due to a very fantastic combination of historical events, (I can’t even mention more here, due to the possibility that it might be branded as ‘hate speech’), it might be time to think of preventing the disease from spreading. Homœopathy has preventive ‘medicines’. I understand that these preventive medicines can be formulated on the basis of the common symptoms of Ebola seen in the infected person in the US.

QUOTE: It would be unreasonable and a waste of limited resources END of QUOTE.

I think that distributing Homoeopathic preventive medicines would be the cheapest solution to face the emerging situation. This would help, if the political machine is ready to treat the issue of Ebola infection on par with the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour. I do not think that is any more need of any ‘pontificating’ from my side. There will be massive use of Homeopathic preventive drugs in the US, by the people. QUOTE: Citation needed: describe the experimental proof demonstrating spoken language can cause changes in the genetic content or expression. END of QUOTE

I can give proof from my own experiments in this regard. I have brought up my children in a perfect English ambience as much as possible. To the extent that they have not even seen a vernacular film or spoken any vernacular word in its native ambience. In the case of my first child, I could manage this till there were massive police complaints by the local, uneducated-in-English communist party workers, and she had to be admitted into the local English medium school at age nine, in class 5.

The local government schools are generally manned by totally abysmal standards teachers. Since the English medium school more or less shifted to a pro-English mood after the admitting of my daughter, she was not too much affected by the feudal codes in the vernacular. No one spoke to her in the vernacular. However, the effect of the jarring layout in the postulated virtual arena created by the all-encompassing ambience of the local vernacular did bring in powerful shifts in the individual’s (my daughter’s) demeanour. I have discussed this part in my book on the subject: ‘Codes of Reality; What is language?’ In case, you are interested, you can see the book on archive dot org, and read Part 2: Proof. However, the books I mentioned here are all old writings.

My daughter’s intellectual capacity has been quite high. This is also a general effect of using a clutter-free language software for thinking and brain-work. In fact, not only the US, but any nation that stands on the platform of a pristine English communication social system will show enhanced intellectual capacity, which need not be innate, but merely the effect of the elevated platform.

QUOTE: Hahnemann recommended banging the vessel against a bible END of QUOTE

I do not know anything about this. A cursory online search did not yield any links to this information. However, I find it quite curious that such a thing has been hinted. For, in my writing: Codes of reality; What is language?, I had hinted that religious scriptures in their original text might hold more powerful codes than is currently understood. It is like the sample sentences I had given in my last post.

“Give him a glass of water”.

“Give him a plate of fried chicken”.

I have noticed that when sentences in one language are translated into other languages, there is a huge denuding of certain hidden powers. Since English language words and sentences generally do not have such powers, it might not be possible to discuss them here.

If there is any hidden power in the Bible, it might be good to check in the original Hebrew version. Hidden codes might work only in the right environment. Like the words: =rand (20, 12)

They have no meaning in themselves. However, copy them on to MS Word and press enter, and some unexpected words appear on the page. What they mean only Microsoft can explain. Not any other physicist, chemist or biologist.

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