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The machinery of Homœopathy!
It is foretold! The torrential flow of inexorable destiny!
5. Reply to jgc56

My retort was to this: QUOTE: We currently have no agents – drug, dietary supplement, herbal supplement – that can either prevent Ebola virus infection or shorten the course of the infection once it occurs. END of QUOTE

My position is that if any reader comes across a situation wherein he or she is acquainted with someone who has a Ebola, Try Homœopathy.

I have not tried Homœopathy on any Ebola patient. However, if I do come across a situation wherein I come across an Ebola patient, I wouldn’t mention what I quoted here, but would simply use the words: ‘Try Homœopathy’.

I am sure you will also do the same, in a like-wise situation.

Further, I do understand that this article is about being misled by Scams. However, when situations go desperate, people will go in search of all kinds of remedies. Even though currently one might laugh when one hear of people in Africa trying out faith healing, Vodoo, Mantra etc., if a similar situation were to rise in the US, all these things would be used with much more ferocity. I wouldn’t laugh at any of these gestures. It is just human experience and experimentation.

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