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The machinery of Homœopathy!
It is foretold! The torrential flow of inexorable destiny!
7. Reply to jgc56

Even though you have just asked a series of questions, it may not be possible to write a huge dissertation on them in reply in a comment box.

However, let try if brevity can do the trick.

As to what is unknown to native-English speakers is the fact that English is a planar language, while most other languages can be categorised (for the sake of simple defining) as feudal. For getting a wider version of this sentence, could you please read the foreword to: March of the evil empires (on archive dot org). There is no need to read the insides, for it is a book drafted in 1989.

You may also note the contention that language is a software with varied powers, (as mentioned in that book).

The power in words is so much that they can even design or redesign human looks and personality features. If you ask me to produce the proof here, in this comment box, it might not be possible. However, I have solid evidence with me to substantiate what I am contending.

I will leave out the Magic cures and Scams part discussion. For it could take the discussion to an oblique direction, right out the issue of the powers in language, and what native-Englishmen cannot understand.

I am doing a series of post on TelegraphUK on this theme. You can find it on by searching for: What is different about English? [Chapter 1] of

If you could move through path of Chapters, 2, 3, 4…, you might get to see what I am trying convey.

Now, let me try to tackle the issue of what science cannot explain. Well, the issue is that Science can explain everything if everything in this world is accepted as Science. If Spirituality is also real, then it is also science.

Let us look at this like this:

An Asian female landlady says to her maid: ‘Come here’. And the maid moves towards her.

The Asian female landlady says to her maid: ‘Go there’. And the maid moves in another direction, heeding the command.

Now, from a very basic conceptualisation of the power in the words, it can be seen that by changing the words, different actions can be had. Now, you might say that the maid understood the meaning of the words and used her will power to do what was asked. Now, in computer software programming at the operator interface level, it is words that are written to create software. Simple words, numbers, other values can create powerful actions.

You would say that Computer Science can explain the actions. Well, not at the computer operator or software writers’ level. However, if one were to go down each level, like from Software applications, then their coding, then machine language, then binary codes, and then to computer hardware architecture, then the disk, the speed of the disk, the reading needle, electrical impulses and much more, one might be able to understand what is the exact action a single change of number from say 7 to 20 can make at the huge depth in the computer working.

I do not know much about how the computers actually work. Since I do not know at what point the lifeless material of the harddisk and allied accessories start exhibiting intelligence, I cannot speak from this area much more. I am not sure if such information is available even in computer science teaching highly acclaimed colleges and universities. For they will mostly be trade secrets with heavy commercial value.

Now coming back to the Landlady’s command to the maid: If one were to move down the corridors of human design architectures, down deep into the depths, one might be able to see the various hardware and software mechanism that work in unison to create a functioning bio-mechanism as well as intelligence. In fact, it might be quite reasonable to mention that not billions, but literally trillions upon trillions of codes will be working behind the scenes to run a human body and intelligence.

I do not think that you would really believe that human intelligence is the result of mere electro-chemical reactions. That the millions of thoughts I have, and the recording and retrieval facility of my mind is due to mere chemical reactions. A more plausible logic would be to contemplate upon something akin to a software mechanism, in which something akin to words might also have some say.

Beyond this, might it be correct to say that software (not the hardware) is not really a material substance as one might visualise the four states of matter. In which case, it is a fifth state, or possible not matter at all. That the words: ‘Come here’, ‘Go there’, are not from the four states of matter.

Now, let me take your mention of the ‘Mental Sciences’. You may have noted that I mentioned the word ‘Asian’ with regard to the landlady. There is a specific reason for that:

She says: ‘Come here’. Or ‘Go there’. She can also say: ‘You come here’. Or ‘You go there’. Well, in most Asian languages (not Arabic), the word You has different words. Which can create heights or depths, for both the landlady as well as for the maid. It is a phenomenon not imaginable in English. At the very minimum, it does affect the mind in ways not possible in English. Modern psychology as well as psychiatry does not seem to have any idea about this. The triggers that created many human violence can directly be explained from this software location in human communication. (You need not have to go to the depths of the mechanism, to see the trigger codes).

Now about Homœopathy just being Water and Sugar. The fact is that words do have power. This power of words cannot be measured by scales used in physics or chemistry. Or using a weighing balance, measuring tape or by a liquid volume measuring gadget. Beyond that if material objects do have software background to them, then there are many things that can get encrypted into them. For instance, route, direction etc.

For instance, look at this:

In a nation like India, a government peon gets appointed as a clerk. A senior IAS (royalty of the Indian administration) ‘officer’ loses his job. Later he gets appointed as a clerk. Both the peon as well as the IAS ‘officer’ is now equal. When you see them in their office, they look like two individuals of the same physical features. However, both react to the same feudal language words differently. The same words of address would have different affect on the different persons: For the peon-turned-clerk it might be respect, admiration, homage etc. For the IAS-turned-clerk, the same words would have the effect of a hammering on the head.

Well, I used ordinary worldly sample to explain the concept. However, to deal with the issue at a more profound level, it might not possible here. As it is, the word count has exceeded 1100.

In Homœopathy, even though you mention the drug as mere Water and Sugar, each different drug has arrived through a different route. Wherein different software values have been added. These might be the route to correct value/code changes in the software mechanism that designs and maintains the human body and intelligence. I am not sure how Homeopaths see the working of their medicines. I have seen that some to them have been quite baffled by the quite focused effect of their drugs.

As to I being wrong about the so-many things that I write, well, everything is possible. Even Sir. Isaac Newton’s ‘rope that pulls’ in gravitation, still remains in the domain of his pet occultism. However, may be his work in the field of occultism may have been his attempt to decipher the software codes that define even his Laws of motion. A change in values in the virtual software codes might change the values in his equations.

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