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The machinery of Homœopathy!
It is foretold! The torrential flow of inexorable destiny!
3. Reply to jgc56

I was not aware of your post. So, I couldn’t reply.

I write from my location of an independent researcher on various themes which might seem quite exotic to various academic scholars. The themes I deal up are codes in languages, codes that control reality and some others that do not merit mention here.

In the course of my observations on Codes that control reality (codes of reality), I could extend the idea to a software design and control over human body and brain. It is not possible to discuss the complete theme here, as it would be as difficult to explain classical mechanics in this small space. Even if it is tried, the ultimate question of where is the rope that pulls (gravitation) would still remain unanswered.

Homœopathy does not work on any drug, but more or less visualises human body as a software entity. Diseases as well as disease causing germs are just the design view of reality codes. Homœopathy just views a disease as a particular condition of the human body, which might be off normal. A slight code value correction might bring body back to normalcy.

However, it might be mentioned in passing that the brain software is also quite a powerful mechanism, and hence the mental or emotional state can be used to gauge the software balance/imbalance.

Since, I can’t put in more words here, I can simply say that if you open a picture in Adobe Photoshop, you can edit it using the edit tools. However, there is another arena where a more finer editing can be done, if you know it. It is at the code view area. [You can see both design as well as code view in Adobe Dreamweaver.]

I have experimented with Homœopathy in close association with my contentions. It does work, but my knowledge is limited about the exact way it works. Some intelligent level of research might help. As a beginning try Homœopathy in Ebola, wherein Allopath drugs have more or less laid down their arms. At best there is no harm.

As to my contention about filtered information in English, there are much items of information in non-English languages, there are quite intelligently filtered out from purview. Yet, no one has been able to sense this. That much for academic research and knowledge.

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