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The machinery of Homœopathy!
It is foretold! The torrential flow of inexorable destiny!
8. Reply to jgc56

What you are asking of me is to display the machinery of Homœopathy. However, I must place on record that I am not a Homeopath, nor can I claim to know what the exact machinery by which Homœopathy works is. If I were to know it, I think I could very well be one of the greatest geniuses alive now. For, it would literally be a knowledge that would reach beyond everything that is currently known.

My arrival at the possibility of Homœopathy was by a different route. Starting from the point of seeing the difference between planar languages (ex. English) and feudal languages (Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam &c.)

Then noting the varying affects of words in the varying languages.

Then observing the affects of words at distances. On human body design, mental triggers etc.

Like that it went on till when I wrote my first book on this March of the evil empires. At that time, I had a slight feeling that there is something more to this. However, I had not much of a concept of a software basis for human body or reality. In fact, in the year 1989, when the book was first drafted in a very small form, I did not know what a software application was. Even though I had seen one primary level computer in 1987.

In this book, looking back, I find it quite curious that I had written a last chapter titled. Generalisations. With Subheading: Mental Effects, including telepathic effects. If you read this last part, you will understand the next step my mind took.

At some point, I had feeling that if the human body did indeed have some kind of a software background, then human diseases could be visualised as a mere software code change. In which case, a medical system based on a software code correction can indeed be developed. Since my knowledge was quite limited, there was no point in me trying to develop a medical system based on this.

At one point in my life, at around 2002, I came into close contact with Homœopathy. The explanation given by the Homeopath with regard to the working of the Homœopathy did not impress me much. However at some other point in time, I simply had a feeling that this system of medicine might be the one that I had conceptualised on.

I have used Homœopathy much since, more or less observing the reaction it had on me. I think none of my family immediate family members have taken much allopath medicines since. I have seen various kinds of reactions to the ‘medicines’. There are affects. No always as predicted. At times no affect. In which case, a re-investigation into the various physical and mental signs and triggers would have to be taken. The investigation is not like what is done in an allopath investigation. In fact, I have found that the disease is not what is being focused upon, but on other dispositions that might give some indication as to where the code value has changed.

Let me stop that part here.

Let me look at the virus. It is something conceptualised as a non-living as well as living being.

From the software version of the concept, it is a just a software code. Like, you take an image. You open it on Adobe Photoshop. You see an image. You open the same file with Notepad, you might see codes. . If you can make some changes into its codes, the image will get altered, or even dead. I do not know more about this.

However, simply imagine that you can visualise the virus as a software code. Enter a code value change, and the virus is inactivated.

Next: I have done a few observations on what human mind can do. Like, on other human minds. It is possible to connect to other human minds. However, it might be most unwise to post my experiments and observations here. For, it might have the tone of hacking into other people’s mind processes. Can have criminal overtones.

Last, the proof of the pudding is certainly in the eating.

If anyone can test it out, it is the best. I would suggest that Homœopathy might be able to cure a person, in whom Rabies infection has come out. That is on a person in whom the vital signs of imminent death have appeared. I do not know much about Rabies. However, I understand that in Rabies death, no signs of brain damage are visible. That should mean that it is a death caused by software error. A simple correction of a code value at a very vital area would be enough to cure the disease.

Beyond this point, I think I can’t go on. My contentions are there in my varied writings. However, you might find it quite difficult to sift through them for Homœopathy alone. For, they are mixed up various other discussions on things that make up the world, people, populations, social codes and much else. In fact, Homœopathy is not the topic of my research area. It is just a frill item that sprung from the other discussions.

However, suppose that there is a software basis for human body, human brain, reality etc. how do one go about proving it?

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