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The machinery of Homœopathy!
It is foretold! The torrential flow of inexorable destiny!
10. Reply to jgc56

Even though I saw your reply immediately, I thought of giving it some time to reply, for I suspected a long haul. For, it is a just a conversation that more or less leads to a cul-de-sac. However, in the same sense that a chess game is interesting because of the strange rousing effect, slightly akin to sensual stirring, it has on the brain as one tries to outdo the other’s move and find a breach in his or her defences, but which has not much more use other than that, other than improving one’s capability in playing chess and may be chess alone, I will continue the conversation.

Ebola is spreading through the West African nations. There may or may not be deeper lessons and cautions in this with regard to the irresponsible exponential explosion in human populations, in these and similar regions. However, from a medical point of view, it might be good to try out all avenues, to check this.

I am not a scholar in Homeopathic medical systems. However, I do feel that I have a bit of scholarly profundity in certain other themes, which at the moment are not known to be subjects of academic interests. During my thought processes, I have come across many other items which might be relooked from my perspectives.

One such is Homœopathy. I do not know what is the basis on which Homœopathy has been built upon. Since I had used the contention of ‘virtual software’ and a ‘virtual arena’, it is quite possible that Samuel Hahnemann would not have used such terms.

For, in his period, there was no such concept. I think even Sir Isaac Newton did face this difficulty as he tried to dabble in occultism to find deeper truths. So it is possible that the Homœopathy’s ‘Laws of Similars and Infinitessimals’ might be an approximation of a much wider truth. Laughing this off, might not be apt. For, science has made use of some many hypotheses, which had to be improved upon as information improved.

In fact, there need be no contention that everything about Homœopathy has been discovered. In fact, I would say that Homœopathy might simply be one door to another view of the functioning of the universe and reality. More studies might need to be taken up on this route.

Basically, the feeling that only material objects can create a force or effect is wrong. I have proved that words in human languages can compete with the capacity of genes and chromosomes to create genetic changes, to the extent of off-springs changing their very physical appearances by means of long-term impact of words in human languages.

It is not very difficult to see this. Just see the difference in looks of feudal-language- Asian children born in English nations, brought up in English ambience, from their parents’ who had been born and bred in their native feudal language nations. Even though it might be simply explained away as the effect of good food in English nations, it is not true. For, I have been able to more or less create similar effects sitting in a feudal language nation. Facing demeanour change is not due to change of food, but due to something more deeper.

Water remembering’ is where the issue goes into the realm of a virtual software. As I mentioned earlier, there is no means to weigh software code, virtual or otherwise.

As to the ‘apple’ that falls down, it is not what I was alluding to when I spoke of the ‘rope’ that pulls. Apple will fall down. That is true. However, what is it that pulls it down, is the non-tangible item. I am of the opinion that this ‘rope’, which has still not been detected, could be detected, touched, reinforced, reversed and thus manipulated, if one could approach the scene through a virtual software approach.

As to the whole lot of Homœopathy-teaching colleges doling out phony ideas on medical treatment, is at best only the opinion of those who do not agree to this idea. The other side sees it as real, probable and possible.

As to I being liable to produce the entire lot of evidences to prove the genuineness of Homœopathy, might not be acceptable. It would be like asking Newton to prove the whole of Physics, both classical as well as modern, when he mentioned the concept of ‘gravitation’. I have placed my wider contentions.

As to the proving of Homœopathy by means that I have mentioned, that of treating ‘end stage rabies patients’, you mention that it is not possible because ‘ethical review board to grant approval’ is not possible. However, if untested drugs can be given to Ebola patients, I do not find anything unethical in allowing Homœopathy to try to save such patients. I hope it is understood that I did not suggest that anyone should be artificially infected with Rabies to do this test. There are people dying of Rabies even now in various parts of the world. It would be quite a human decision to try a possible way to save them. At least to test out this contention.

However, there is actually no need to go that far. Try Homœopathy in such minor issues such as a tooth pain or menstrual pain alleviation.

I have seen its fabulous effects. In fact, in a case connected to menstrual pain, I have had the occasion once to be witness to a person once having immediate relief. And the same patient at another occasion calling to the Homeopath and saying that the same relief had not recurred on a subsequent occasion using the same dose. At that time, the Homoeopath came and took cognisance of certain changes in the individual’s physical dispositions. A different Homeopathic dose was given, and the speed of pain alleviation was phenomenal.

You mention that

QUOTE: “How brain works, records events, retrieves information in the form of memory, has emotions &c.”

Again: not understood completely but not entirely misunderstood. END of QUOTE.

I should suggest that in terms of what is unknown, what is known is quite infinitesimal, about brain work. In which case, a further suggestion that most claims of modern psychiatry and psychology are perfect quackery, can be made. And their treatment procedures, quite criminal and foolhardy means of livelihood of quacks. I understand that Homœopathy is a better option to try out in cases of mental trauma. And in many cases, verbal ambiance change can also do wonders.

As to what is missed in English, I can suggest by this simple means.

See these words:

“Give him a glass of water”.

“Give him a plate of fried chicken”.

In English, it is quite obvious that the second statement is a better one, in terms of being hospitable. However, in many feudal languages, the first can be made fantastic words of homage, hospitality, honouring, lending of leadership, and a total welcome to the feasting; and the second sentence, a total degradation of the individual. How do I explain this to you, in English?

I have not said that ‘actual physiologic states’ are ‘just the design view of reality codes’. I have mentioned the possibility of the existence of something akin to a ‘virtual arena’, which might be designed and maintained by a ‘virtual software codes’. Diseases could be visualised as mere errors in the ‘virtual software codes of the human body’.

You ask:

QUOTE: What evidence suggests that such a virtual code exists, and that it is capable of creating physical objects? END of QUOTE.

I think that modern science in its times of infancy did make use of various hypothesis to explain physical observations. For example, the Wave theory of light. At that time, no one had seen any ‘waves’ of light. However, various physical observations were explained by this. And it did lead to a better understanding of light, even though later, this explanation had to be improved to a higher approximation of reality. I do not know if anyone has actually seen a light wave, as of now.

I do not think that there is anything wrong in taking up this ‘virtual software arena’ concept for conceptualising on reality, human body, mental processes etc. For, it might be a more probable explanation to explain the working of reality &c. For, there is no other probable model to explain the working of an infinite number of items, each one of them having very specific physical as well as other undetected attributes. I do really suspect that there are many researchers actually working on this model, in seclusion or in some high technical labs.

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