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The machinery of Homœopathy!
It is foretold! The torrential flow of inexorable destiny!
6. Reply to jgc56

I should not be insulting to you. However, the fact is that there are certain information that have traditionally eluded native-English speakers. (I do not know if you are native- English). And this does not really concern Homœopathy, but the power of feudal languages. This I mention, just because you said: QUOTE: everything we know about chemistry, biology, physiology, pathology, medicine, etc., END of QUOTE. This particular power doesn’t come in any of the subjects you mentioned. This I mention just to point to certain deficiencies in modern sciences, including that of Mental sciences.

As to people going in for Magic cures, I simply said that even in GB as well US and other English nations, despite their faith in textbook sciences, people would still run after these cures, if there is nothing else to help them. Even the anecdotal straw. I just mention this in connection with the general attitude of the ‘laughable-ness’ of such action. And they are not financial Scams.

As to whether Mantra has any affect on human beings has to be investigated. It might be a power akin to inserting a USB into a computer and the computer goes hung. What happened? Surely you cannot explain a virus software in terms of any scientific subjects like Physics, Chemistry etc.

As to Homœopathy, I am sure you will also try it, if you face a situation wherein someone you know needs a cure for Ebola. May be I should insist that it might work. I hope my attitude of assurance helps, someone.

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