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The machinery of Homœopathy!
It is foretold! The torrential flow of inexorable destiny!
9. Reply to jgc56

I did not get time to answer. I get the feeling that you are in for some kind of personal competition. I must admit that it is not possible for me to force myself to compete with anyone. I am trying to place ideas which can be followed upon, if you do feel like it. Whether you do it or not is up to you.

You are trying to pick holes in my arguments. If you seek the holes, you might find them. If you try for substance, then it is possible to find something worthwhile.

However, whatever is mentioned you would try to go back to the clockwork of picking on words. It does not disconcert me. I have mentioned a lot of possible ways to check the contentions. If anyone does it, we can move forward from that.

As to me being liable to produce evidence on this comment box, I do not accept that contention. For, if anyone mentions that allopathy works, he or she need not be forced to produce the whole proof therein. Others can follow up the ideas and check their veracity, if they are in need.

Basically the problem with conversing here is the same that Newton also faced. His theory of gravitation was incessantly attacked with the words, ‘Where is the rope that pulls?’ Even now, no one has exactly seen or detected this ‘rope’. However, other persons have continued in the direction of the arguments and derived beneficial information.

However, thinking of the possibility that some others might take up the query, I will put in some more time into this direction of thinking.

You think of two similar objects moving in opposite directions. At one single moment, they cross each other. If you visualise a momentary image of them, what you see is two similar objects standing still in space. However, if you get to see the virtual code that creates these objects, you will see that both of them have different values connected to their direction of movement. (I am not thinking of the vector component in Classical Mechanics). This I mention in connection to the Peon-to-Clerk allusion. And also with regard to your contention that all Homœopathy drugs are same, and consists of only Sugar & water, diluted beyond the existence of any drug.

I am giving here a javascript code used in Acrobat.

var title = this.getField(“title”);

if (this.getField(“showTitle”).value == “Off”)

title.display = display.hidden;


title.display = display.visible;

This has no meaning in an MS Word file. However, if you use it in an appropriate location in an Acrobat file, it becomes a very powerful machine that can do certain things inside that file. I have no idea how this codes work. However, it works.

Now, how do you propose to use the Avogadro number concept into this?

For instance, if I use a particular code to get a software which had stalled to run, what kind of a drug is that, which has cured the problem?

If Homœopathy is working on a similar (not same) principle, how do you manage to prove it, or to disprove it? Using all the logic that you have mentioned, including the Avogadro number as well as Sugar and water module, there is no way to approach the machine that worked. To understand how the Javascript worked, you must need to know how the Acrobat application is made or what moves it. As to the human body, modern science as of now has no idea as to how the trillions and trillions of minute elements work in unison towards common goals. How brain works, records events, retrieves information in the form of memory, has emotions &c.

Now, let me state this also: I may not be able to prove what I contend in this comment box, or by using the infrastructure that I have. However, there are plenty of people who have the infrastructure to check it out. This goes for Ebola, Rabies and others. Your arguments, though doubtlessly correct, might not be tenable or useable in the context of what I am contending. If you go on imagining ‘frosted chocolate donut’ after all these arguments, what is to be done? May be you should continue thinking about the ‘frosted chocolate donut’.

It may be known to you that Homœopathy is a four year Medical course in many nations. Well, it is my feeling that only around one year is needed to study the subject at its current level of development. However, in a manner similar to having a four course in Software Engineering, Homœopathy degree course is four years.

The essentials of Software Engineering study does require only one year at the most. In fact, most of the people who went to the US from third world nations had only around 3 to 6 months course in C++ &c. The persons who go in for Homœopathy medical course are generally (not always) those who fail to get a seat in an allopathy Medical college.

That remains the main defect for Homœopathy. However, in my own opinion, there is no need for a compulsory medical course to practise this art. In the same way that it is not necessary that a person should have a software engineering degree to work with software.

I mention this to say that there are people to whom Homœopathy is a genuine and effective medical system. While to others it is pure quackery. If you propose that all persons who use Homœopathy are being fooled by its placebo effect, it might just be an opinion of yours, about other’s intellectual capacity.

However, I am of the opinion that Homœopathy does require a lot of dedicated research to make it a powerful system. At the moment, it is a means of livelihood for many persons (just as is allopath medicine and psychology & psychiatry), not all of whom may be quite interested in knowing or using its exact capacities. I have come across Homeopaths who do give blank tablets along with Homœopathy drugs to increase the number of ‘medicines’ as a technique to charge more. In most cases, Homœopathy treatment can be done with the minimal of dosages.

As to the effects of Homœopathy drugs not been as expected, need not be explained away in the way one would explain Allopath drugs. In that, Homœopathy drugs, as I perceive them are not drugs in the same way one conceptualises Allopath drugs. I understand the Homœopathy does not conceptualise on a ‘disease’ concept. Instead, an illness is seen as a condition or state of the human or animal body. The features of this change in state or condition is tried to be understood by enquiring upon the effects it has had on various personal dispositions and mental feelings.

Beyond that I understand that human beings are differentiated as per some other larger definitions. I think it is mentioned as Constitution. These things help in finding the exact ways to rectify a defect. In the case of a computer also, when a technician tries to rectify it, there are basic quires that he does with regard to its Processor, Operating System, RAM, and many other things, before embarking on rectifying certain issues.

Homœopathy has a concept of Vital Force, which can be loosely identified with the Operating System of the computer. However, human body and our current level of computer technology need not be equated. Both are astronomical distances apart, in terms of technical sophistication.

As to the information you gave about Viral RNA &c., basically even when one corrects a computer issue for software problems, many vestigial remnants of the software codes can still be detected in various locations. In fact, from a Hard-disk, one can pull out even deleted files.

As to finding the solid body of evidences for the ‘software basis for human body, human brain’, may be someone would do that in the future.

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