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March of the Evil Empires!
English versus the feudal languages!!
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First drafted in 1989. First online edition around 2000
It is foretold! The torrential flow of inexorable destiny!
Part 3 - the ramifications
10. Nepotism and corruption

Usually the persons from the feudal language software programs try to communicate to superiors not by transfer of ideas, but by a sort of paying homage. This comes as a natural inclination, based on the inner running of the language software in their brain. So, one thing they would bring into the English nations, if they continue to think in their native languages is the same attitude of showing reverence by giving gifts, presents, money etc. They do not see anything wrong in this. For as they conceive a person in a pivotal position in government or private organisation in possession of something, as is his own property, and that they can share it only by conceding the required amount of reverence in kind and expression.

This practice of giving gifts may be seen as a practice comparable to the habit of taking the same man out to dinner for an informal talk. Though this practice also needs some introspection, the real mental effect is entirely different from the feudal habit of paying reverence in the form of gift and deference. This could really destroy one of the most shining hallmarks of English society. That is of a sense of level of dignity before the bureaucracy or of any person sitting in any kind of pivotal position.

The problem with this feudal practice is that one cannot say anything against it. For immediately the propagandist of this practice would immediately take examples from English behaviour, which would be comparable with this habit. As generally people have not done any deep study on the difference between this and the other would be stuck speechless. Like this many obnoxious practices would come to becseen as equivalent to those in practice in the English nations. When actually they have to improve on already existing negative practices, they would be burdened with new practices, which are by its very form and shape, contrary to the English social mood. Yet, they would find it difficult to explain the difference, as to understand and substantiate any philosophical point requires a lot of understanding and also extreme powers of expression, which all persons may not be gifted with.

Along with this, would come the practice of a sort of nepotism. Before going into this, I want to go back to the original discussion on the feudal indicant words. A father, mother, uncle, aunt, elder brother, elder sister, elder cousin etc. have a right to use the lower indicant terms to their juniors. These junior persons have to use indicant terms of reverence to those above them in this string. This mutual communication does build up a mental connection, which cannot be explained or understood in English. The power of asking personal questions, which may seem highly intrusive in English, reaches to a supreme height. Along with this comes the right to ask sort of anything. The junior cannot retort back without breaking the highly sensitive strings of relationship, and respect. So, it happens that persons, who can use this level of lower indicant terms, do have a mental power over their juniors.

In professional matters, it then transpires that they can make demands that an English thinking person would not dare to do. Then it can be seen that when two persons, who are connected in such a mental web of strings, talk on professional matters, the subject matter is discussed in an unprofessional atmosphere. In many cases, there may be no immediate negative effect. Yet, if the senior in this relation asks for some unprofessional practice, for some family requirement, then the junior would see only that he is doing the right thing by acceding to the same. I need not emphasis more than that nepotism and preferential treatment would come about fast, and it is only a matter of time that it affects a lot of people.

I would even say that persons of English mental state, if they move too much in the feudal language software locations, or with people with such mental software, then it would be only a matter of time, before they also get infected with this virus mental software. In no time, they would also start practicing vile habits like taking money for underhand dealings or giving preferential treatment in public matters to one’s own relatives. Here I must make it clear that what I mean is not that there are no persons of dishonest mentality in the English world. Only that, things that are usually abhorrent for the gentlemen in the English world would be acceptable to the superior class in the feudal language world. In other words, what is considered doable by a knave in the English world is considered fine by a respectable person in the feudal language mental software. For, here the aim of all functioning in this program is to gain money, and consequently prestige. For then only is respect achieved. Without respect, one exists in the gutters of the society.

There is actually an adage in Malayalam that states that without money one is shit. Generally in pristine-English, one may not find such a drastic delineation or delimitation of one’s personality on that basis of such a factor. In fact, in English, it would be more possible to find adages like: If wealth is lost nothing is lost, if health is lost something is lost, and if character is lost everything is lost.

There is another saying in Malayalam that says that Not even the Eagle would fly above money.

Now, I must admit that one may find adages with the opposite meanings in both languages, for anyone can make an adage. Yet, it all depends on the persons who use them for emphasis of their ideology. In feudal societies, one may find many respectable persons repeating the sinister dialogues.

When I was studying for my graduation in Travancore, almost all of my classmates were interested in getting into the government service. Indian government service has a lot of attractions. I have discussed it earlier. All the students were eagerly discussing the amount of money, they can make on the side, in the varying departments. The Excise, the Motor Vehicle, the Public Works etc. were among the most attractive. Yet the position of crowning glory was occupied by the Police department, where not only money can be earned, but also there were other perquisites like being able to beat up people, boss over them, and generally be a person to be feared.

Naturally, the posts in the departments came with a premium. In those days, it was known in my college, that the post of a Sub Inspector of Police required a donation to the Public Service Commission Member of an amount of Rs.50,000/-, which in those far-off times was definitely a big sum. Mind you, this post is a public post, not a post in any private firm.

There is an interesting story that I heard during my college days. It denotes the varied ways, you can make money if you have a job, with a government credential.

One man from a noble family went to the King of Travancore and asked for a job. The King, taking into consideration his family status, asked him what job he could do. After hearing it, he could not find anything suitable for a person with no other personal qualification other than his family name. On being pestered by the man for a job, the King just said sarcastically, “What job can I give you? The only thing you can do is to count the waves”. Immediately on hearing this, the man jumped up and said that this job would be enough. The official pay is not important, only the job is required.

The job was formally given to him. He immediately went to the harbour, and put up a board of the Office of the Chief Wave Counter of the Sovereign of Travancore. He posted a few people to do the counting.

Now, when the ships started moving, these people, who naturally became ‘officers’, went and ordered the ships to stop moving. When enquired why, they said, “You have to get the permission of the Chief Wave Counter”.

When the Captains of the seafaring vessels approached the Chief Counter with meek obsequiousness, they were informed that when the ships and other boat moved across the waves, the waves became cut, thereby distorting the counting. So, all ship movement was to cease during such and such time of the day. If there was any hurry to move, then they have to pay a penalty for causing the government so much trouble and expenditure.

Actually, this could be a fine reflection of what is known as government in most of the feudal language countries. Yet, the people subside and survive, because they are born with ingenuity. So, it may be said that in these countries, the people survive, not due to the efforts of the government, but in spite of the government.

Now, this is a pointer into what constitutes the feudal language understanding of what is government. For, if all the members of the general public were able to communicate in a language and mental conditioning of equality and dignity, there would be no exploitation.

Kind of people who might be able to migrate to the English countries

When I was in Delhi, I met many persons who were retired from government service. Some were senior Military personnel, some senior civil officials etc. Many were rich beyond their possible sources of income. One thing I found in common among them was that their children were all in U.K, U.S.A, Australia, Canada etc. Actually this is a very funny thing. Many of them, themselves, would escape to these countries, if they could get the permission and can afford it.

Now, from my experience with the bureaucracy of India, I may say that all are crooks in the sense that they either make money from the people using their official positions, or are guilty of looting the coffers in the name of (a huge) Salary, (13 months’ salary a year)*, medical reimbursement, Leave travel allowance, bonus, (Princely) Travel Allowance, Housing allowance, Provision for taking housing loan at low interest, Official phone, Official conveyance mostly used for private use, princely pension, commutation of pension*, Family pension, job for dependant in case of dying in harness and so many other items. They belong to a group of parasites. How come they are welcome in the English countries? Their children also, having grown up in an atmosphere of most negative attributes, would not bring the best of conduct, into the English world.

Another type of persons, who I found frequently, moving in the English countries are the journalists, who use their vile pen to vilify the English nations, in a very bitter way. Yet, they are always allowed inside the English nations. I will be discussing them at a later stage in this book.

The problem with persons with vile attitudes is that they would cause the soft social systems of the English societies to collapse. For, the society with the English language mental program would not understand the compulsion of the person from the feudal language program. The latter is programmed to supersede and dominate. The ethical standards of the means are not of any concern.

Persons who mingle with them tend to get affected with this philosophy.

What I want to emphasis is that persons who come with the worst of the outside nations should be screened with a good, and intelligent virus scan; and send back (deleted), or if found to be legally impossible to delete, then quarantined from access to places of strategic importance and not allowed to live in areas where they can affect the English living styles and make bigoted comments on it, or in possible cases allowed in after the virus that subsists in them is annihilated. For the last function, the best application that I can suggest is this very book. For, there are many persons, with very benign intentions who migrate to the English countries. For they admire them, and are willing to admit it in front of sniggering mob. Yet, they don’t know, why the same distinction cannot be achieved in their own country. These are persons who are willing to forego of their negative attributes in order to contribute positively to their adopted land.

However, among all these things, there is one thing all English nations should bear in mind. This is something I had mentioned in the Part II of this book, under the heading of Towns and Cities of India: It is that all English-speaking places do come with a natural, atmosphere of attraction. It is a fact all over the world, including India. In India, the whole non-English speaking crowd barge in, and cause urban crowding. Later on, the nice cities wear the looks of a cesspool. The same threat is forever present for all English speaking nations. For, the non-English-speaking crowd would definitely throng on them. Then it is just another Indian experience.

In Bangalore, in India, where the superbly dressed, highly dynamic and yet, soft crowd, is the English-speaking one. The vernacular crowd is markedly different. The former is naturally rich and not gullible. While the latter are the gullible, and financially vulnerable, who have lived their lives in Kannada, their local language, believing the falsehood, their political leaders tell them. The former gives a wide-berth to the latter. In fact, if one goes in a bus in Bangalore, one rarely finds an English-speaking, modern dressed type of person other than students. For the bus is filled with the vernacular crowd. In this city, there is an unwritten code of apartheid. Yes, apartheid is an Indian custom, otherwise what is caste-system? However in India, the language, and allied social mentalities would do the work of the legal codes, and hence there is no need to enforce apartheid with a code of law.

Just imagine, if Britain had not broken up the British Empire in the 1940’s, and later, what would have been its state? Well, I can say that Britain would then be a land with a minority of British natives. The horizon would be filled with tens of thousands of their overseas citizens, everyday.

Yet, it is also possible that the colonies will also develop into little ‘Englands’, which may have then stopped the tide of swarming-in immigrants.