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March of the Evil Empires!
English versus the feudal languages!!
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First drafted in 1989. First online edition around 2000
It is foretold! The torrential flow of inexorable destiny!
Part 3 - the ramifications
13. Colonising the space

Space Colonising

It is possible that in the next few decades the colonising of outer space would be a reality. There may be human settlements in some planets or in free moving residential structures in the space. America is moving in this direction. Others like the Chinese, the Japanese and many other countries would make efforts in this direction. It may first and foremost be foretold that in the feudal language countries, all these entertaining endeavours are mainly to be enjoyed by a small section of the society. The vast majority are expected to be very submissive to the towering personalities who dominate the scene.

Once space colonising becomes feasible, it is good that the colonising is done by the English language software people. Their colour and complexion need not be an important factor. For, remember the British colonialism, and compare it with the colonialism of the Germans, the French, the Japanese, the Belgians, the Indians (both inside and outside their country) and the rest. Who would want a colonialism of the Banana republics of the South Americans, the perpetually insane, megalomaniac ruled nations of Africans etc. For, they will all breed the negativity in their mental software, wherever they set up their flags. Ultimately it is all a matter of what is the language program that runs their thought processes.

Imagine a space colony in a planet like Mars, under the Chinese leadership. This would be a dark nation, with very sinister intentions, and a megalomaniac carving for universal domination. The new nation would be just a new edition of the old China, with all its poverty, low average living standards, corruption, bureaucratic manipulation etc.

To understand the significance of what I am saying, think of the Spanish and Portuguese colonies in the South American continent, the Iraq domination of Kurds*, the Indian misadventure in Sri. Lanka*, and its adamant suppression of right to self-determination in Kashmir*, the Black rule in South Africa and the immediate breakdown of systems there, and many other things. Future space colonies should be English. And not feudal language colonies, where a certain group of people crush the individuality of others who live in stupid subjection.

At this point, I would just make a comment: A British-educated, English-speaking China would be a wonderful thing and would be the very negation of the present day China. Well, this could be just wishful thinking. However, intelligent persons, all round the world, do know the significance of what I have just stated.

As a final word on this issue, I would wonder what the NASA is doing with a 17 nation International team for its space programme. It would be a most appropriate thing if all the non-English nations are send packing, and the only partnership in this programme is with the English nations. For, in years to come, at any point in time, if US encounters any financial, military, or any other weakness, then these so-called partners would all become a most unmitigated nuisance. In fact, it may easily be understood that all these nations are using the American magnanimity to their advantage. It may be understood that in the feudal languages, magnanimity is equated to idiocy and pure gullibility.

However since America is fast becoming a nation controlled by the immigrants, most of whom later would become the financial leaders of their own countries, how far America will be able to take an independent stand in this vital aspect of national security is doubtful.

In this regard, it may be understood that the enemy who comes marching as an army can be blocked with force, but if the enemy comes unarmed, and position themselves right inside the wall, then how are they to be stopped?

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