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March of the Evil Empires!
English versus the feudal languages!!
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First drafted in 1989. First online edition around 2000
It is foretold! The torrential flow of inexorable destiny!
Part 3 - the ramifications
4. Emotional stability

The factor of emotional stability: One thing of unmatched significance to be expected in non-English people, especially Indian and such Asians, once they settle in the English countries, is that they would exhibit a rare quality of emotional stability. Actually, the native English speaker would really envy this quality. Yet, it must be said that this emotional equilibrium, which really shines out, is also a component of the English language social structure, they find there. For, the same Indians would be having a lot of emotionally disturbing influences in India, wherein they are kept on the toes by the feudal interferences from their senior family members, their professional seniors, the bureaucracy, and also the lingering disturbance of having to protrude a pretended senior behaviour to their social, familial, and professional juniors.

When they come to an English nation, what they find is an absolute vanishing of all these factors, which had been gnawing at their inner mental peace and equilibrium. Yet, there is an exception to all this, as there might be for all things that I have mentioned in this book.

There might come a man to, say, England. He is living there with his dominating parents. He is financially depending on them. They talk to him only in the native language. He is good in English. Now, this is a right potion to create a scene, which might create a semblance of mental disturbance in the man. For, after each day of interacting in English, he comes home to a place where he is dominated by his parents and others, with a feudal severity, and intrusive communication that can drive a man who has imbibed and enjoyed the English ambiance to deep mental trauma. How the English psychologists would confront this issue without understanding the problem confounds me. For, even in India, where the whole themes are clearly there, nobody has bothered to understand it.

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