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March of the Evil Empires!
English versus the feudal languages!!
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First drafted in 1989. First online edition around 2000
It is foretold! The torrential flow of inexorable destiny!
Part 3 - the ramifications
21. A case study


When the American Electric Company, Enron came to India, and tried to start an electricity-generating project, I was engulfed by a feeling of extreme uneasiness. Because of the fact that they were in a project, wherein a lot of government departments, political parties and public opinion would play a part. My foreboding was: Oh, my god, these persons would be sent from pillar to post, and made to wipe their nose in the feudal, bureaucratic gutters, and along with that they would have to shield themselves from the Indian social climate of open warmth, and behind-the-back derision.

The greatest matter of concern would be that every solitary individual would have a feel of the vulnerability of himself or herself, when confronting the maddening mess of the feudal structure enforced by feudal languages. They would also see and accustom themselves to the techniques to override the effects of this insecurity. That of going for corrupt practices. Once a person practices this and enjoys it, or believes that this is the right path of salvation, then there are no limits of misdemeanour, it can take one to.

Also the terrible feeling of being in the communication gutter if one does not have enough money can take a real hold on one, as one slowly gets used to the ways of feudal degrading thinking.

The experience of Enron would have been one of moral degeneration, caused by association with persons of mean standards. And it has been their undoing.

They are not the first to be stained by the feudal, corrupting influence of the subcontinent. Many early officials of the erstwhile East India Company did go through the same route. And they also did bring in its affects into Britain.

One may remember the corruption, the connection with the feudal language nations has brought into the world of sports. When gentlemen take part in sports with a spirit of pure sportsmanship, then sports serve a purpose. Otherwise, all games with feudal language nations are a route to get corrupted, and also to spoil the game. One may remember the comments made by Maradona on the English football team (that the English team always sticks to the rules even when they are losing). It was a comment that never can come about a team from a feudal language nation; and one, which will not be even noticed by them. For, in these areas the concept of spirit of the game does not exist. They find no enjoyment in running a thing with a perfection of sublime rules and emotions. Their countrymen also cannot understand the pure rapture that can grip a man of refinement, when he see glory of flawless adhering to rules and conventions in the face of daunting impediments. But an exposure to people, who throw these things to the wind to catch a brief moment of glory, can make the person of refinement be at a loss, as to his right course of action.

See this QUOTE 1: Even in Europe, one of Italy’s greatest ever strikers Silvio Piola felt that all was fair in love and war, saying that he too had scored with his hand against England, whilst representing Italy, and celebrated the goal. Piola suggested that Italian fans should remember this when Maradona returned to Italy after the World Cup. END OF QUOTE

QUOTE2: The common belief that a sense of fairness is an innate characteristic unique to the Corinthian spirit of the English, which other nations are unable to comprehend, is one that surely holds us back. END OF QUOTE


[Note the terrible falsehood that has been inserted in the above sentence. English spirit is not Corinthian. What a lie!]

One of the terrible affects of association with superior persons with feudal bearing is that one gets mentally subdued by their commanding personality, even though their sense of refinement may be lacking in various details. One sees and gets affected by the very obvious obsequiousness respect and awe they do command over persons who flock to them to pay homage, and enjoy being in their shadow. The sharp, tingling lower indicant words that they utter on their followers with splendid self-confidence can really impress many an Englishman, or any man interacting in English. For, such regimentation can never be achieved in English. Some persons may indeed feel their own unworthiness, in the presence of such majestic human beings.

However, I would caution persons, who no doubt have been in such mental mood, including those from Britain, to refrain from going for an immediate self-depreciating mental mood. For, this grandiose posture is actually a very dangerous social component that can very easily kill an easygoing, yet efficient English social structure, if imbibed and transferred to any English nation. All impressions of effectiveness of this majestic feudal posture, is defective. For this social software is a very tedious and unmanageable one. One which may not function so easily in the long run or in the immediate absence of the essential motivating factor, which is the feudal personage.

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