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March of the Evil Empires!
English versus the feudal languages!!
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First drafted in 1989. First online edition around 2000
It is foretold! The torrential flow of inexorable destiny!
Part 3 - the ramifications
17. The international organisations

It is best that the English nations keep aloof from other nations, to the extent that the problems and negative attributes of the latter don’t get attached to them. A bit of isolationism would be fine. The English West is giving aid to many nations. That is enough leverage to force these rogue nations to fall in line, if there is any need to make them comply. Making extradition treaties with these criminal nations is in itself a crime.

For, just understand that in the Indian Penal Code, there are enough provisions to imprison any Public Servant if he takes money illegally for doing his official duties, if he does private business, if he frames incorrect document etc. Yet, it is a very rare occasion when this provision is successfully used. And that too, in a country where almost all the bureaucrats are corrupt to the core. There are very few persons who take a stand and don’t fall into this trap. For almost all of them join the service with the full understanding and calculation of how much they can earn.

For example, during marriage prospecting for a clerk in the Excise department, or the Motor Vehicle department, the prospective spouse’s family take careful note of how much amount of money can be earned by the bride or bridegroom, as the case may be, in how many months. After the marriage, there is a very cooperative effort on the spouse’s side to hide the ill-earned wealth. In fact, one would be amazed to see persons, who during their student days were ferocious demonstrators against corruption, and also for the division of wealth, once they get government job, change heavily in their attitudes, and in many cases, become the ardent practitioners of this very black art.

In nations with feudal languages, persons exhibit multiple personalities. It is actually not an ethical fault or a congenital defect. It is only the working of a negative language software.

Yet, that is what is seen in the external display of actions. So, there is need for the English nations to fend for themselves and maintain a discrete distance from the conduct of the ruling classes of these feudal nations.

Now, this discussion reaches us to the International agencies for cooperation between the different nations, like the UNO, Commonwealth, NATO* etc. I am of the personal opinion that the UN should be thrown into the Atlantic Ocean. It remains as an agency right inside USA, and in the city of New York, standing as a route of infiltration for the alien feudal agencies to enter an English social system. Beyond that, it is a big waste of good money. For, it may be said with a lot of correctness that a lot of money that accrue to the UN is eaten up by the bureaucrats coming from the feudal language nations. Most of them are overpaid, in comparison to what the average man in their native lands gets. So, the fact remains, that they are parasites. Since many of them exist with very feudal ideas, the very functioning of the UN could be a jumble of Red Tape.

A report from an Indian Newspaper, The New Indian Express.

Bad news for babus who pull strings for foreign contracts

By Shishir Gupta

New Delhi, Dec 28: For babus who perhaps do not understand the meaning of the term, ‘conflict of interest’, this year may not bring good tidings.

Cabinet Secretary Kamal Pande has decided to crack down on the rampant practice of high-profile bureaucrats wangling lucrative foreign assignments with International bodies connected with the ministries they are working in.

Sources said the Ministry of Personnel is proposing a two-year moratorium for All India Services (that includes IAS and IPS) bureaucrats before they can apply for foreign assignments or consultancies related to their departments.

Simply put, a Health Ministry bureaucrat will now have to wait for two years after finishing his tenure to an organisation like the WHO.

This proposal has been forwarded to the Ministry of External Affairs for approval. It will become a rule after being cleared by the Appointments Committee of the Cabinet.

The decision to bring this key reform in officialdom was taken after it was found that once on foreign deputation, several bureaucrats were found to be using their babu network to ‘lobby’ for the international organisation for which they were working.

As a pointer of things to come, Prime Minister A B Vajpayee and Pande refused permissions to two senior secretaries, one with Ministry of Finance and other with Food Ministry, for getting a consultancy from international organisations this year.

Even though the government is all for encouraging Indian representation in UN bodies, it is against bureaucrats going on three months’ leave for international consultancy in a bid to make a fast buck.

The officialdom currently is replete with instances where an IAS or IPS bureaucrat has managed a foreign posting in the same subject that the person was dealing with in the government.

For instance, a former joint secretary in the Health Ministry wangled a two-year deputation in the WHO. A former joint secretary in the Civil Aviation Ministry has got a job with an international body dealing in the same subject.

It is not only senior bureaucrats but even private secretaries to senior Cabinet Ministers who use political clout to bag these rich deputations. A private secretary with a former Industries Minister is now with the UN. Similarly, another former PS to a Cabinet Minister is now with the IMF. END OF QUOTE

Now back to UN.

Beyond all this, this agency remains as a platform for all uncouth barbarians, who kill and loot their own people, to play to an international audience, who naturally do not have any inkling as to what mess these persons have landed their nations in. For instance, just consider the leaders who got the whole Indian Administration in their hands on a golden platter, and the gigantic mayhem and devastation they have brought into it in a matter of a few years.

In this instance, I would like to quote again the words of Winston Churchill, which he said during a debate on the Indian Independence Act in the British House of Commons:

Power will go into the hands of rascals, rogues and freebooters. Not a bottle of water will escape taxation. Only the air will be free, and the blood of these hungry millions will be on the head of Mr. Atlee. These are men of straw of whom no trace will be found after a few years. They will fight among themselves, and India will be lost in political squabbles.

These words were misinterpreted and the Indian people were told that Churchill was the greatest enemy of the Indians. Yet, any sane man would discern his rare level of concern for the millions of poor people of India, who stand to fall into the clutches of the same scheming, disingenuous feudal classes who had manipulated the social systems for centuries for their own unscrupulous ends. These scheming persons became the verbal champions of democracy and India became the largest democracy the world has ever seen. I say this to emphasis the difference between the professed and the reality.

I think that I have digressed a bit from the topic of discussion, yet it all fits into the logic of my contentions. Even organisations like the Commonwealth are also platform for persons who exist on propaganda and indoctrination, and also on the feebleness of their own people to question them. Why should Britain continue to have connection with the same leaders who spent the better part of their political campaign on themes of how they taught the British a lesson, and how their party bravely took on the might of the British Empire?

If the English nations want to help the poor and the destitute in these countries, let them organise their own activities. Why hand over the money and grants of aid to the governments, who have it plundered by their own group of sycophants. It reaches the target groups in a very impoverished form.

Let all international development activities using the money of the English nations be used by a consortium of these nations.

Beyond all this comes the NATO. It is an organisation of European countries. It is not logically possible for it to survive. For, the language software of these nations are markedly different from English. Many of them would have joined to tackle the Soviet menace. Now that peril has disappeared. In the coming days, these nations (those which have feudal languages) would have time to contemplate on the loss of international prestige they are facing by being under the English nations. For, in their feudal languages, that is how they can perceive any relationship. For, in some of these languages, a concept of equal dignity may be absent.

The problem with the NATO is that in times of peril for the English nations, and when they are uniting to confront a common enemy, these nations may stand on a pedestal of self-righteousness, and play to the world audience. To put in other words, they would refuse to join. And as I have mentioned earlier, they would not be dependable friends. But scheming ones. What better way to understand and equip oneself with the technologies of the technically skilled world, than to join them in mock friendship?

Moreover, it gives their military officers a chance to command English troops. This may create a bit of unease in the soldiers who are used to English levels of behaviour. The general English attitude of having concern for all levels of their soldiers may come in for sharp comments. For, it may seem that the English nations are too much concerned about the comfort and security of their soldiers and men, for the same level of concern may be not possible in the other nations about welfare of their troops.

Joint Military Exercises: Many feudal nations would love to have a joint Military exercise with the military of the English nations. It would just serve their ego. However, I do have a considered opinion that it is not good for the English ordinary soldier. For, he would be seeing a social condition, where he is equated with a group of soldiers from the feudal language country, who do not have the same individuality as themselves. It is not that they personally do not have capacities, but that they are kept at a strange mental program code of lower indicant words. It is a highly embedded mental software program code, which cannot be deleted or disabled easily. This factor would be most confounding for the English soldier, yet he would be mentally hurt. A hurt to his self esteem. Which, if left un-addressed and not properly explained, could lead to an explosive situation, in at least a few rare occasions. For, the mentally disturbed person is a man who is trained in the art of using explosives.

I personally feel that the first Gulf War, in which the English soldiers had to mingle with the soldiers of many other feudal language nations, with at least a statutory level of equality, could have done severe damage to the psyche of some individual English soldiers. In this, the American soldier would have come out worse than his British counterpart, because the British generally have a determined understanding as to their superiority.

The bearing of dignity that an English soldier carries with him, in all battles all round the world would be lost if he feels that he is mentally equal to a lower indicant-servant class level soldier of the feudal language nations, especially of the Asian countries. It is this dignity that gives him the fortitude to see though the tough times, and get going till the very end. Remember the British army motto: when the going gets tough, only the tough get going. Here actually, the toughness is in the mind, which exists in a superior ambience.

It is this feeling that gave the mental elation in fighting, to the English soldiers of the earlier times; who if killed would be buried in faraway places. And the belief that their graves in those far-flung areas would remain forever fair-England.

Apart from all this, joint military campaigns with soldiers from the feudal language nations are not good. The aspect that I would mention here is the chance that the non-English soldiers may have an aim for sensual enjoyment as a fair right of soldierly at the expense of the bonny maidens in the occupied areas; as they rarely have proper recourse to it in their own native societies. This could damage the campaign’s reputation; also, it could lead the others into temptation.

A brief giving of the command of an English contingent of troops to a non-English feudal language officer could have severe affect on the morale of the soldiers. For, in most feudal languages, the concept of an officer is different from the English concept of An Officer and a Gentleman, even though many of the feudal language guys would use this phrase to describe themselves without any qualms.