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March of the Evil Empires!
English versus the feudal languages!!
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First drafted in 1989. First online edition around 2000
It is foretold! The torrential flow of inexorable destiny!
Part 3 - the ramifications
25. Outsourcing, racial bias etc.

One of the issues that consistently need to be understood by all English nations is that a ‘nation’ exists for the good of its citizens. This fact should be kept in mind by all institutions, political, judicial, and social.

They have to believe in an understanding that English nations are far, far better than any Asian or African nation and also better than many Continental European nations. What even an immigrant does experience in these nations is far better, than what most ordinary citizens of Asia or Africa can even dream of, in their own nations.

Yet, persons come to these countries from the Asian and African nations, and after getting some level of profession there, next go in for exotic claims for compensation for racial bias, and such other nonsense. Why I said nonsense, is that in their home nation, they live in desperate conditions, where even the drinking water is well below healthy standards; the electric current’s voltage fluctuates, and cause damage to all electric equipments in one’s house, unless protected with some other expensive apparatus; the public health system, meant for the common man, is a mess; the bureaucracy is a crook, in the attire of a vampire; where police and army molest helpless women, at random and in gay abundance; a citizen cannot address even an ordinary doctor, with the same words, that he is addressed by the doctor; and many other things.

Being allowed in a nice nation, and then claiming for more space, which any fool can understand is taking-over the space of the original native is, to put it in words, a very ugly thing. For, these nations have done much good for the world and they need protection from barbarians. The barbarian can come there and train themselves to be better. However, they should not displace the English citizens. For then the English nation would be a barbarian nation.

There are some facts that the English administrators need to understand and bear in mind about the future. When thinking of qualifications, the Asians, including the Indians can beat them in number as well as in titles. But, that doesn’t mean that they should be allowed to run any civilised institution, just on the basis of their formal qualifications. For, when I was studying for my graduation, I found that most of the lecturers and Professors were mentally unsuited to bear such titles. Many MA’s in English could not even talk proper English. Many had not read any English Classics in the original. What they had done was to gobble up the guides and then write the MA exam. Moreover, their English was just a literal translation of the feudal overtones of their native language. It is obvious that under such persons, I could not study to get an MA, nor would I like to be equated to them, with an MA.

Later, after many years, when I met some of them, I found that they were Schoolteachers, School Principals, College Lectures and College Principals etc. They could speak good English, yet with all the trappings of their feudal native tongues of theirs. They had not much inkling about the English Classics. Their understanding of the English heritage was very meagre. They existed in an English that was the literal translation of Malayalam and very superficial. They were going on doing various experiments in teaching English, of mediocre value, giving it various fancy names like Communicative English, Working English, business English etc. with a guise that they were contributing much to the cause of English, when actually they were corrupting English with feudal overtones.

. Actually, there has been a case where a PhD in English, asked me, Who reads the English Classics? He was a college teacher, with apparently good English standards. However each of his personal attributes displayed the crude, rough and arrogant demeanour usually displayed by the average Indian, once he is given a title for which he is supremely unfit for.

In this regards, actually I would argue that all persons who aim to get a professional title or a government job, should be encouraged to browse through the writings of certain English Classical writers. For, this endeavour can really disable their crude feudal mental attitudes, and give them an insight into the real understanding of the innate dignity of all human beings.

The same thing can be said about many other professions like doctors etc. They are professionally qualified. Yet they exist with the feudal undertones in their mind. It may be remembered that if Britain is going to take doctors on the basis of qualification, then the whole of British doctors can be replaced by the Indian doctors. Even after filling up all the posts, there would be still more in the offing.

For that matter, almost all jobs in Britain can be done by the Indians. However, then the place would be just another India, with all its feudal trappings.

PICTURE: Actually by merely seeing this picture from 1926, a native-Englishman will never guess that there would be a most terrible communication hierarchy between the doctor and the patient. Picture taken from:

If Britain starts paying compensation for all claims of racial bias, then I am sure that the whole wealth of the nation would have to be paid to the various claimants. Do not for god’s sake be so gullible. For, once the nation turns Indian, then not even genuine claims of unworthy service or harassment would be entertained. Let the immigrant population be happy with what they get. If they are not happy, their original homeland is fully open to them to go and dominate. For, whatever penny they can garner in the English nations is a lottery in their native feudal lands.

When thinking of outsourcing also, the interests of the Tran-national business firms need not be synonymous with the interests of the nation. All jobs can be done in the Asian nations, at dirt-cheap rates. Yet, this need not improve the people of these nations. For the secret of outsourcing is in the low value of the developing nations’ currency. That remains so, only because a major part of the people in these nations is kept in deliberate tragic circumstances.

To, make this clear: A pay of 4000 dollars, in the USA works out to 4000 X 50 (approx.) = 200,000 rupees. In a country, where the average man’s monthly earnings work out to between 200 to 2000 rupees, per month, this is an astronomical amount. Persons, who get large earnings in India, do not share their earnings with the ordinary Indians. A person, who does out-sourced work, and earns around rupees 20,000/- per month, still would see that the persons he or she engages earns only around 200 to 1,500 per month, and that too with a lot of haggling. It is the understanding of all those who are getting foreign money that the nation should remain poor. Then only would their earnings remain tremendous.

Many years ago, the UAE Darham could get 3 Indian rupees. Now, it can get around 12.5 Indian rupees. The newspapers write about the increase in earnings from these countries, without taking into consideration, this factor. A few years back, India exploded the nuclear device at Pokran*. The international community applied sanctions on India. The Indian currency plunged to abysmal depths. The poor fools in India clapped their hands in ridiculous rapture. The foreign-earning chaps licked their lips with blissful merriment. They could now buy the local Indians and their possessions for even lesser cash.

Many years ago, around 1987, I was in a metropolitan city. I made acquaintance with a young man who was doing Hotel Management course, and also getting training in a Five Star Hotel. One day while mentioning the kitchen, he talked about the dish cleaning equipment. Then he disclosed that it was rarely used. When I enquired why, he suddenly went quiet. He said, with a painful gravity, “You see, in our nation, people are very cheap. We have local low paid people, who wash the dishes. They are more cheaper than the electric bill that comes from using the dishwasher’.

The fact is that though, there are many avenues through which a lot of money comes to India. Yet it does not benefit the ordinary person, who exists at the bottom layers of the feudal language. For, it is better if he is low paid. Otherwise, if such a person is paid well, it could cause grievous injury to the society, and its feudal structure, and many persons could get mentally hurt.

There is a lot of nonsense of talk of India, and such countries having become rich. The fact is there was always wealth in these countries. The kings, the Zamindars, the feudal adhikari *, officials etc. were all rich. However, it was not discernable to an English eye. For by dress, many of them would look very disagreeable. But, the power they hold over their other fellow citizens could be crippling.

Generally, when the citizens dress in modern English dressing, then there is a general thought that the place is rich. Yet, the real wealth in India is still in the stranglehold of the feudal personages.

The latest Indian leaders from abroad

The persons who have made their money in the English West claim to want to be in charge of developing India. It is easy to think that they are better than the English colonialists. For, these people who want to dominate the economy are the natives. Yet, the natives of the subcontinent were always in the clutches of the other natives of the subcontinent from historical times who dominated the social and economic scene. Many of these neo-rich persons would be enjoying the best of both the worlds. On the international front, they would enjoy the expanse of the English societies, and here in India, they would have a mass of subjugated people who are educated to enjoy being under their tutelage. For, these people would never bring in the mental freedom, they enjoyed in the English West for the experience of their brethren. It is only foolish and pretty naïve of any Asians to believe that they are better off under their native colonialists, in comparison with the English colonialists. For, the native colonialists can always use the lower indicants with a most natural demeanour. A thing that the English colonialists would have to train themselves to do. Hong Kong is only just one moot case for thinking about.

One may think of the great leaders of the so-called freedom struggle of India. All the fantastic of them had British connections. Some had education there, some had worked there, some had lived there, and some had interacted there. You see, once a person goes to an English country, he finds his personal capacities increasing, let us say, to the nth degree. Almost all feudal subjugation that a man in India has to be under, vanishes into thin air. From the English perspective, one cannot understand why the Indians are so much of a weaklings when it comes to dealings with the authorities, or why they scramble for power, or why they cannot work out a social programme intelligently. The England-domiciled Indian would naturally feel that he is much better than his native brethrens, and that he can teach them a thing or two.

During the early part of the last century, when they looked at India from their English base, it looked an easy picking. When they came on the scene, their dazzle outshone all the native British-Indians, and they went straight into the limelight. Whatever buffoonery they dished out, was grasped with hallowed and devoted care, by the native British-Indians, who couldn’t even bear to look at them straight into the eyes, for fear of offending the conventions of respect. The England-returned Indian was great, for he was seen to be moving in the circles of the great Englishman, and even addressing him by his name. Which native British-Indian could do that?

Yet, did any of these natives of the subcontinent, who came from the English experience, ever think of imparting the freedom they received in the English countries to the native Indians. Never! All they wanted was a mass of shackled persons who would revere them from a level of cultivated inferiority.

What is now taking place on the Indian economic scene is just a repetition of the same historical experience.

Another place might be African states, where the Indians have taken over the vacuum in the economic scene, created by the departure of the English. Can the cultural contribution towards the native population, by the Indian economic lords over there compare with that of the British? It is doubtful.

Along with this, come the techniques of using non-English, prejudiced persons to write histories for the various encyclopaedias, and other books. I have found in many such new books and CD’s, coming from even Britain and USA, a sort of repetition of the bigoted themes found in the Indian government sponsored histories, when themes connected to the British historical incidences are dealt with. The same theme that the English are crooks and opportunists are seen as an undercurrent. Many of the writers may be just parroting what they have imbibed in the school textbooks. Yet allowing them to make such writings in internationally visible books does have an element of grave danger. For a sort of unquestionable postulate comes in the mind of the growing generations that the English have been vile crooks. The tragedy lies in the fact that in most cases they have really been the saviours of eternally shacked populations. It definitely is not good to allow mediocre individuals with a most commonplace understanding of greatness, to handle significant themes and great personalities like Robert Clive.

One day, I met a young Austrian woman in an ashram in India. There were a lot of Europeans, there. Though almost all of them, with a few exceptions, came from non-English counties, they were all existing in an English social climate, as that was the common language known. Possibly, it must have been like being in America.

I was talking to this Austrian lady, about India. When the subject of the colonial rule came, she declared in an off-hand manner: the British exploited all the nations, wherever they ruled. And many other things she mentioned about the British, seemed to be a literal copy of what is in the Indian school history books.

One fascinating thing that I noticed in this ashram was that the Indians were all sitting on the floor, for all purposes including eating and socialising, while the Europeans were all having better facilities. So much Indian attitude towards Indians!

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