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Impromptu / Extempore  speeches

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2. True wisdom comes from experience.

It has been said that wisdom comes from experience.

Well, my friends, you are all persons with a lot of experience, there is no doubt about that. I ask of you this question.

Do you think that you are wise? Wise from your experience? Wise from your age?

Are you wise?

Well, I am sure that you do have much information on many things, and thus you have wisdom in many topics.

Did you become wise from the experience? Well, certainly you did.

Did you become wise from of your growing age?

Well, age did bring in experience, and that in turn brought in information, which we have identified with wisdom.

From a minute perspective, all these answers are correct.

There is a quotation from Oscar Wilde’s writings,

Wisdom comes with Winters’.

Well, I think it meant that you gain wisdom from tough experiences.

Yet, my friends, actually all these information or knowledge that we allude to here are of the mundane, and of the everyday events.

It is like a battery mechanic saying that he is wise. Well, he is wise as far as repairing an automotive battery is concerned.

Or like saying that a computer mechanic has expertise in computer repair.

You yourselves are wise in your field of operation.

Yet, true wisdom is not so limited a theme as that.

Let me remind you of the words of Socrates:

The only true wisdom is in knowing that you know nothing.

I do perfectly believe that what he said is true.

For, there are things that neither age nor experience can lend.

There are things beyond the realm of ordinary material understandings. For, they belong to a world, where we are just creations, and not the masters.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I propose my thoughts that true wisdom has nothing to do with age or experience. It is more connected to intuitions, which come to us from beyond; from beyond the boundless !

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