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Impromptu / Extempore  speeches

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13. To err is human, to forgive divine!

There are persons who never can forget an insult or forgive an injury. They are majestic persons, and truly impressive. But then, they are merely being human! It is this limitation in them that makes them take this obnoxious stand.

I need to speak of Prophet Mohammad. It might surprise many when I say that Prophet Mohammad was an apostle of peace and forgiveness. For, there are many now who associate Islam and him with terror, revenge and vengeance. When he had defeated his enemies who had literally tormented him for long years, and they stood before him totally at his mercy, he asked: ‘How do you expect me to treat you?’

They replied: You are noble. We know it.

Mohammad the Prophet gave a reply, which should stand as the cornerstone of Islamic jurisprudence for all times to come. He said:

'You may go. You are free. Let God in his infinite compassion forgive you, for it is God who has to forgive you. He is the pinnacle of Compassion.'

I am not sure that modern Islam remembers these words of Prophet Mohammad.

Well, what is being said is that when we forgive our enemies and others who had done us harm, we literally rise above our human limitations. For, forgiveness is an act at the level of divine jurisprudence. Human beings do make mistakes.

Can you say that you are perfect? We have all learnt through the route of trial and error. No human being has been able to avoid this route. Yet, it requires a definite amount of divine capacity to remember this, when we see others making mistakes and going astray on their routes.

Bearing anger and revenge in your mind is a dangerous thing. For, anger and revenge are extremely sharp double-edged knives. They can slice the vitals not only of your enemy, but of yours also. Forgive, and thus blunt this dangerous knife, which could wound everyone.

Well, it is not easy, I do admit. But strive to learn this art. Once you have learnt this divine art, your words are the words of God. Your actions rhyme in tune with the desires of God.

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