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15. Space colonisation

My dear friends,

We are now entering a most momentous period in the history of mankind. NASA has declared that it would be able to establish contact with living beings on other planets, within a matter of two decades.

It is time to ponder on the various possibilities with regard to this emerging scenario. What kind of living beings will be found on other planets? Would they be like plants, or will they be like the animals found on earth? Will there be beings who are similar to us, mankind? Will they have languages? How will we communicate with these beings?

If we do come across human beings on other planets, how will our entry impact on their social system? Will our entry bring in anything good to them, or will they be exploited by human beings.?

As we all know, man is not known for being good to other human beings. For instance, in our own nation, around 80% of the population lives in a state of slavery and exploitation. Even in Wynad district in Kerala in South India, the tribal population has literally been suppressed and exterminated. Many of them survive as domestic servants and other low-grade employees of the settler classes.

Continental Europeans have enslaved and exploited the people of South America and Africa.

At the same time, in Asia, Africa and South America, the traditional social upper classes have kept the lower populations as social slaves.

The only exception to this might be England, which during the times of English colonialism, liberated the enslaved populations in all nations, including those in this South Asian peninsular region, which now consists of Pakistan, India and Bangladesh.

From this background, we need to think of Space Colonisation. If feudal language nations build up colonies in other planets, the local populations there might end up in slavery.

My dear friends, I will conclude this talk of mine, by requesting you to ponder on this issue.

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