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Impromptu / Extempore  speeches

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12. The bad news is time flies; the good news is you are the pilot!

It is a quote from Michael Althsuler.

Well, what did he mean by that?

Time flies, so what? Let it not just fly, but swish from one end to the other. What’s my problem?

Why should time linger on and on? I do not think that this life is the only arena that we have to go through. There are other realms where we need to reach, that lie beyond the boundaries of this life.

As to time going slow, well, that is good for the snails. They would be happy to see time moving at their pace.

Now about me being the pilot! Well, in the case of my own life, I think I am quite happy to be the pilot.

What about you? Are you happy to be the person who takes decisions in your life? Well, that is what a pilot does. You see, a pilot sits inside his cockpit and takes decisions. He has certain frameworks to work inside. For example, he can’t takeoff, and fly into the skies as and when he wishes. There are rules to be followed, procedures to go through, protocols to be adhered to, schedules to be borne in mind and also a great responsibility to take care of, - to take care of the lives of the passengers and the crew members.

Yet, he is free to take decisions. Well, he is free to take intelligent decisions. Not just act as per his whims and fancies. Before taking off, he has to get permission from the control tower, and when he is landing, again, he has to wait for permission. When there is an emergency, he should know what action to take. For all this, he is trained.

Now talking about your life, where you are the pilot, do you have the necessary training to do all this? You see, there are other people’s lives also, which can get affected by your decisions.

Well, my god, I am not happy to hear that everyone is a pilot of his own life, or even that of the time, which flies with him. It is not happy news for me to hear that all persons, who have no idea about the various rules, procedures, protocols, schedules, and responsibilities are taking to the skies, on the wings of time. It really gives me the creeps. I shudder, and the terror reaches out into my dreams. I can say no more.

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