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11. If aliens visit planet earth, what would they think?

Well, my friends, is this a creepy question, or is this something that really sends our imagination into the realm of exotic dreams? Who or what are aliens?

Well, what I need to ponder on here is on what they would think, and not what we would think. They could think many things, depending on what they are, and where they land. Also on what their intentions are over here.

If they are like us, then there is the issue of what their religion is. Off course, there is the essential issue of what they eat. Are they vegetarians in the earthly sense, or do they crave for non-veg items. If they relish vegetarian stuff, maybe they might go after mushrooms and cauliflowers, or the seaweeds.

Or would they drool on seeing the animal life here. If so, well, we have had it. For how do they differentiate us from the rest of the animals. For, even human beings have found it difficult to see other human beings as different from animals. For example, human beings have eaten other human beings. Moreover human beings have been used like animals of burden over the centuries.

Well, all living beings have to eat. That is what we understand over here on earth. Well, aliens may also have this eating habit.

Now, the serious issue might be how they love to kill their animals for food. Like they do it over there in the Far East nations and China, - brutally, with pain being inflicted to get the best quality to come out from the meat? In that case, we better find a very safe place to hide.

If they come to study the inhabitants of earth, would they try to communicate with the human beings or with some other beasts in the forest?

What would they understand from our ferocious wars? If they study us, what conclusion would they come to? How would they define human behaviour?

Suppose they land in England, and see the roads and the town planning over there, and the quaint life style over there. After that they come over to Bombay. They see the crowds here, and the rushing trains, with human beings hanging from the doors, holding on for their dear lives!

How would they adjust to the contrasting inputs? Wouldn’t they feel maddened by what they get as data input?

If they take these mutually contrasting inputs back to their own world, what would the others over there say about those who brought such strange and contradictory inputs back home?

Well, I seem to have asked a lot of questions. Yet, I do think that my questions do bring answers to the main theme on which I needed to talk upon.

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