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7. Egg or the Chicken, which came first...

A very trivial question indeed, my friends. Yet, it is a question that has taxed the brains of innumerable philosophers and thinkers over the centuries. Maybe there would be practical persons here, who would say, ‘What a stupid question! There are more weighty matters in this world to think about!’

I have read that the earliest recorded reference to this question can be found in the collection of essays and discussions by the Greek historian Plutarchus. He was born in the year 46 AD. In this discussion, he does mention his friend Sulla commenting that even though the question is of seeming minor importance, this question does really lead one to the greater question of the creation of the world.

Well, indeed, ladies and gentlemen, this is a question that has been debated in many circles, including that of the scientists as well as of the theologians. Actually Aristotle had alluded to this problem even before Plutarchus.

As for us, what does it mean? Did the chicken come first or did the egg come out first? We know from our common intelligence that neither is possible. But then does our common intelligence really mean anything? The secrets of this universe are far beyond the grasp of our common sense and intelligence.

Can I give you an answer to this question? No, I don’t think so. Can you? Well, it is doubtful. Try if you dare.

Modern science, I mean biology, does deal with this question from another angle, that of evolution and mutation. Well, it is true that it can deal with it to some minor extent, but then, it cannot answer the question downright.

This question does really lead us to the question of how our universe was created. Any answers, gentlemen?

Well, if you have the time and the inclination to ponder on this seemingly simple question, do it. May be you may stumble upon greater answers☝️ than you ever imagined possible.

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