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Impromptu / Extempore  speeches

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10. If I were the president

Well, gentlemen if I were the president of India, I think there is a real possibility of some sparks in the air.

I mean very explosive sparks! Why?

Well, I am the president of India.

It is a very prestigious position, endowed with immense responsibilities and powers!

Did you notice that only persons who are mellowed and malleable are allowed to become a president here?

Well, why?

As per my understanding, the president is a very powerful person.

He is the commander of the Indian armed services.

He can summon the prime minister for explanation and much more.

But then over the years, his powers have been clipped, and only rubber stamps who love a position of pomp and pageantry come to occupy this seat.

That is, persons who love to make the best of a very bad bargain!

They love it, and love the persons who lend them this position.

Actually, when India became independent, there was no clear understanding that the President is a rubber stamp.

It is not so in Pakistan or in Sri Lanka.

How did this situation come about that we ended up with a rubber stamp as president?

When Dr. S Radhakrishnan became the president, he tried to go in for active participation in the administration.

He was a learned man.

Jawaharlal Nehru was the prime minister. He did not like this interference in the set up.

He literally told Dr. Radhakrisnan to keep to the sidelines.

Well, if it had been any other individual with some political clout, a tough fight would have ensued.

But then Nehru claimed that India was following the British parliamentary system, wherein the Queen is just a figure head , and the prime minster ruled the nation.

Well, that was not entirely correct.

British queen is not just a figure head, but does really have more antiquity behind her than a person here who becomes a president for a temporary time.

Moreover, British queens are not elected.

Nehru had powerful support from the British Labour Party, while Dr. Radhakrishan only had his intellect.

Dr. Radhakrishan mentioned the statutory aspects of the presidential position, at a Delhi Bar Association meeting.

He wanted a discussion on the exact powers of the President.

But nothing came out of it.

Well, gentlemen, what does all this information have to do with me becoming the president of India?

Well, I just wanted to stress that if I were to become the president of India, I would rule this nation.

The prime minster and the council of ministers shall be my council of ministers.

It shall be an effective administration.

That is what I shall do.

The rest of what I shall do shall be as powerful as what I just mentioned.

Bear no doubt about that!

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