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An urgent appeal for ENGLISH RACISM
It is foretold! The torrential flow of inexorable destiny!

I had more or less finished this write-up many months ago. However, I had no time to work on it, to make it publishable. This is the last part. This continues from where it was left off in the last chapter. …………..


The other option would be that England remains pristine and refreshed. In which case, England would be loved by almost all nations in the world. Populations from everywhere would rally under the aegis of the Union Jack or even under the aegis of the Flag of St. George. However, they wouldn’t rally under them, if these flags are seen held by rank non-native-English speakers.

I am concluding this terrible piece of writing. It might give my tormented mind some peace. Many years ago, around the year 1989, I did foresee the terrible social issues that would spring up in England if feudal language speakers are allowed entry without anyone in England being aware of what they are bringing in. I did write a 17000 word article containing a lot of cautions for the English policymakers. However, after writing this piece, I did not know what to do with it.

In the years around 1999, I went to New Delhi British High Commission office. I wanted to give this to some British official for his or her perusal. At that time, I had been cut off from my home base, and also facing a lot of family problems. Mainly due to the incorrigible attitude of others in my extended family to subordinate me. Financial worries were also gnawing at my demeanour. At the British Commissioner office, I did not face any communication problem. The staff members whom I could get to meet were only the native Indians. My request was treated as strange. That I had a message in a written form for the perusal of a native-British official. My writing was taken up, but even after a few visits there, I could only get the reply that all senior officials were quite busy.

At that time, I understood that my cheap dress and famished looks might have hindered the handing over process. After some two months, the write-up was returned to me. With the mention that all officials were busy.

Later after one year, I went to Abu Dhabi. Since I have no inclination to work under anyone (very rarely having done that), it was just a visit to see the place and to work out a strategy to hand over the write-up to someone. I surely did do things which might be defined as quite foolish.

One day I went to the UAE British High Commission Office. Here again, I was met by an Indian official. By this time, my write up had expanded to around 32000 words. I handed this to him. He was also quite friendly and I was dressed up in affluent dressing standards, even though I had the defect of being an Indian address holder in a place, wherein racial distances have to be maintained.

Here again after a few weeks of waiting, the write up was returned to me, with the message that every native British official was busy.

Later I was in Bombay. Again I went to the British High Commission office. I met an Indian official. She took the writing for handing over to some native-British official. However, again after a few weeks, it was returned to me, with some frivolous excuse. There was no platform for me to appeal against this wall of refusals.

All those times, I was under the impression that my writings were returned to me, because of the total silliness of my actions. However, when I started posting the ideas online, I started getting a better insight on what was happening.

The original writing which I had been trying to get read was rewritten by me in the year around 2001 or 2002, and published online under the title: March of the Evil Empires; English versus the feudal languages.

My writings or links to them, online in many sites were simply seen deleted. My other efforts were seen very pointedly blocked by the staff members in the major Search Engines. I got an insight that Google Search results are not totally machine controlled. For, when I once found a way to complain to one Google department that Google searches connected to my writings were showing insipid results, I immediately saw a remarkable improvement. However, at one point it did go back to its original insipid results. Only to come back again to better results. As if two different groups were working at cross purposes.

Most US newspapers have blocked me from commenting, without any message to me. In GB also, at least one news media site has blocked me. However, that site sent me a mail stating that I was ‘banned’.

When I placed short articles in Australian sites about the dangers of allowing feudal languages inside the Australian, most were removed. I remember that one site sending me a letter stating that they were getting a lot of complaints from readers and that they were compelled to remove my writing.

There have been plenty of such blocks. In fact, it would take me a lot time to pick them up one by one. It seems that there is a very concerted effort at hoodwinking English nations to shut down their natural instinct that they are under some kind of danger of being overrun.

In my own nation also, in spite of I writing so many books and article about the acute social dangers of promoting feudal languages, not even one news media is willing to mention it. In fact, when I gave a writ petition in the state High Court against compulsory teaching of feudal languages, and it was admitted by the High Court and proper notices sent to the government, not even one newspaper reported it. I personally visited the Bureau offices of three major dailies.

Another newspaper correspondent heard about this writ petition. He called me. After discussing with me, he wrote a ‘story’ on it. Later in the night, he sent me a message saying that the story had been submitted, but it would not be published. Later I asked a person who I knew, who was a vernacular writer and who knew the editorial staff of the newspaper, to speak about this. He spoke to them, and later called me and told me thus: They know about you and your writ petition. However, the cultural leaders, academicians and others have discussed this issue and have asked all media not to mention this issue at all. For, it is feared that it might have widespread impact.

I think I will close this writing serial under this heading. However, in case anyone is interested, they are requested to read this current discussion on this link.

Addendum [A concurrent discussion with another individual at around the time the earlier text in this was written]

Hello, your query is a welcome one. And I can give a very elaborate reply to this. However, I do not have the adequate time. I have written around 2700 words. Actually I would require to write a hundred thousand words to convey what is not known in England. I do not know if you would have the time to go through this brief writing. However, let it be here. Someone might find the time.

As to the questions you asked, I find that there are some mistakes in the questions. Before going into that I would post one very significant piece of information that seems to have escaped the notice of native Englishmen. For trying to give this information, my account had been banned in many US media sites, including such as Huffingtonpost &c. My writings have been defined as ‘hate speech’. One GB newspaper went to extent of sending me a letter saying that I have been banned and that the ban will remain, when I appealed against it. (I think after the IT revolution, it is people from outside nations who are deciding policy matters inside English nations)

This single piece of information is that English, the language, is somewhat unique in its features. I can mention it as it being a planar language, while most other languages are feudal or hierarchical or having a sort of 3-d arrangement of entities. Basically most Asian nation languages (may be pristine-Arabic might be an exception) have a very crude hierarchy of addressing others, and referring to others.

The theme is quite complicated due to the fact that there are no corresponding words in English by which this theme can be conveyed. However, way back in 1989, I had made a first attempt at tackling this issue verbally. You can see it here:

Indian feudal languages generally have a 3-tier arrangement of human beings. The problem is worsened by the fact that lower levels are assigned more cruder sounding and jarring words.

Feudal languages have words and usages that can be used as wedges, levers, pivots, claws, hammers, gears that accelerate or retard social speed &c. on a group of people. It can give the effect of a see-saw on people. It can cause people to arrange as descending layers of pyramids, the phenomenon which in India are called ‘groupism’. By a mere use of a selected form of such common words as You, He, She, His &c, another person can socially be defined as Gold or as mere dirt, without being abusive (as abusive is understood in English). A twisting torque can be induced between persons, by use of common words, such as You, He, She &c. Information can be used selectively to change the indicant level of each of these words.

The very understanding of the word ‘Equality’ in English is quite different in feudal languages. For instance, in one of the south Indian languages, the word YOU is in three basic forms: Nee, Ningal and Saar (Thangal). There can be three kinds of equality in communication.

Nee to Nee. (lowest)

Ningal to Ningal. (medium)

Saar to Saar. (highest)

Each level of equality creates a particular quality level of communication. The first one creates a very base level of equality, in which subject quality can be quite of the abysmal standards.

However, the issue is worsened by the fact that usually communication does not move on equality lines. It is more in a higher to lower level of communication. That of Saar or Ningal addressing the other as Nee.

Here communication is between the ennobled person and the dirtied person. Ennobling versus pejorative.

However, the real terror is when the lower persons get the chance to use the lower words on the higher persons. It can literally trigger homicidal mania in the affected person. I am sure that this is now an everyday event in England, even though not many native-English citizens have any idea about it.

I am not sure if you have understood what I have written. May be Celtic languages also have some code error. I do not know what they might be. You can check and see if there are different words for You, He, She, His, Her, Them &c. depending on a person’s social or professional level. If it is there, then the real reasons of the terrifying social effects of even the great Irish famine (caused by Leaf blight in potatoes) can be found in the erroneous codes in the Irish language. I do not know.

In common English, there are no such verbal uses, even though, for the sake of an argument, people might bring up such words as Thou, Thee &c. However, what I am speaking of are not such poetic words, but words that are used between common people.

In nations like India, there are specific routes of addressing people. The higher or refined people keep away (if they can) from being at the butt-end of being addressed or referred to by pejorative words. For instance, young females of refined families do not allow themselves to be thus addressed by the cruder classes. They keep away. The bureaucrats (most of them mere thieves in government posts) also shield themselves by terrorising the common people, who are then forced to use higher worshipful words to the officialdom.

This is the real reason that people from all nations are running off to English nations. They are repulsed by their own countrymen.

The major negativity entering England is that no native-Englishman knows these things. And the immigrant folks who know it wouldn’t mention it. For, if it is mentioned, all talk about racism would simply convert into a desperate call for ousting people who are doing something quite subversive in a most concealed manner.

For instance, the very action of allowing English youngsters to be in the companionship or vicinity of feudal language speakers of doubtful refinement or verbal quality, can be action which one wouldn’t find an equivalent for in such nations as India. This theme does require a lot of words to explain.

I do not think that it would be a good idea to speak on this theme in this small comment box. However, if you have the time and inclination, you can read something more from this link:

Now, coming back to your queries, the terrible things arriving on the English horizon is basically connected to not knowing what is arriving. Everything as understood in English has a different tone in feudal languages. Even the mental spurs that leads one to become an entrepreneur in English, is different from the desperation that enters all employees in a feudal language work ambience. Currently, England is not just impacting into a different world, but simply changing into a different world. Ideas on economics, sociology, history, language, family relationships, business, money, profession, work, labour relationship, equality, dignity, love, affection, driving style, dressing standards, respect, refinement and almost everything else will slowly metamorphose, first into a weird mixture, and later into a very rotten state. I am sure an every terrifying kind of inequality that cannot be understood in English will spread over the nation.

As to the other issues such as ISIS etc., I remember writing many years ago that with the slow spreading of Asian/African nationalities into English nations, English nations will become part of the battleground of belligerence that are actually native to Asia and Africa.

The next question on the freedom movements. There is no way for the modern generations to know the truth. In India, the common man earns between Rs. 2000 to Rs.15000 per month. There is no social security or any pension for them. I speak not about the miniscule numbers who work in big posts in the private/corporate sector. The government officials (including academicians) earns between Rs. 20000 to 150000 per month, for 13 months a year. They get an astronomical amount as pension. On retirement, they get a huge sum as Gratuity, and another big sum as Provident Fund.

And some twenty years back, without many people knowing, they got the right to collect 7 and half years pension in one lump sum, at the time of retirement. These people live like kings, in palatial houses. Many of them have immense property. For, government officials generally make ten to twenty times their legal earnings, in the form of bribes. They number around 1 to 2 percent of the population. That is, they number 30000000 people in India. Most of them aspire to send their children to English nations. For these people, the end of the English rule in the peninsula was the best thing that happened to them. They spread canard about the English rule. The common man has no other source of information.

The officialdom wallows in riches and teaches the people that they are poor because the British stole everything from the nation. Britain did not steal anything from the people. Britain lends quality to the people. If British trade endeavours can be mentioned as stealing, then modern trade is stealing. However, British-Indian government over here was very much protective of the interests of the people of British-India.

You speak of the freedom movements. Gandhi, Nehru, Subash, Arobindo Gosh, and many others are taught in schools as the leaders. They were not the leaders in any sense. All of them were mere children of rich persons in British-India, who had the financial acumen to move to England. From there, they self-appointed themselves as the leaders of the peoples of the peninsula, without any locus standi. The population of British-India around 1940 was around 370000000. How many people are known to have being in the freedom struggle? Indian history books generally mention that thousands and tens of thousands. Well, it is a great mentally exhilarating experience to go in a procession and to shout slogans, to people who cannot even address another slightly higher person in society. Well, Gandhi and his men were immensely rich. They had newspapers and other means of influencing the people. Still not many did have much fancy for their many monkey tricks and other antics.

As to the so-called freedom or independence, it is a false statement. If you see this map of British-India, you will see that there were many independent nations inside the peninsula, which had all given up their armed forces trusting the words of Queen Victoria that their sovereignty would be respected. When that rascal Clement Atlee became the Prime Minister in the Great Britain, all of them were ditched. The British-Indian army was divided into two. And given to Pakistan and India. In India, for the common man, it was a great surprise and shock.

However to such persons as Nehru , Gandhi &c. who knew the affairs of the British politics, it was just a matter of waiting. They knew that one day the Labour Party would come to power and then English colonialism would be made mincemeat. When India was declared to be formed, the Congress party was the only organised might. The pro-English rule elements had no party. The Congress put forward the name of one Mr. Shastri to be the new prime minister. However, he, I think, was not an English-returned person. So, by some hook or crook, his name was replaced and Nehru scrambled into the seats of power. I think the killing of Gandhi also helped. For, Nehru proclaimed himself as his spiritual heir. It must have swayed the sympathy wave in his favour.

Once the armed forces were in his hands, every small kingdom was intimidated military takeover. Some held on. In many places, like Kashmir, the people did not join either nation. Both Pakistan as well as India sent their armed forces into Kashmir and the place was occupied by two nations. India does not allow the real map showing the Pakistani section of Kashmir. It is a crime to publish Azad Kashmir in any Indian map, over here. I do not know how the Pakistani side shows the map of India occupied Kashmir.

In Punjab, the Sikhs did not like to be forced into the Indian camp. There was continual revolution that ultimately culminated in the Blue Star operation on the Golden Temple some twenty years back. The revolutionaries who had surrendered were tied up and bayoneted, including their charismatic leader.

In the north-eastern states, such as Nagaland, Mizoram etc. there had been a continual freedom struggle for so many years. However, it is not easy to fight against the Indian army. The army would enter into the houses of the sympathisers and it is the women folk who are targeted. No Indian newspaper would dare to report any of these things.

There is a huge communist revolution going on in the northern and central states of India. The people are terrible suppressed. Actually these were the people who should have found solace in English rule. However, they were ditched by British politicians. Now, they are assembling under the Maoist flag. They kill the policemen. When the policemen catch them, it is literally hell for everyone in their households. I can’t mention more.

However Communism cannot create an England here.

Later in the 1990s, the Indian forces forced themselves into the small kingdom of Sikkim in the Himalayan slopes, and shot the local troops and took over the nation. In the Indian papers, it was reported that the Sikkim king had voluntarily given up his nation to India.

Now, to your mention about Western influence. The word ‘Western’ is a mistake. I am not sure what it means. Did you mean Continental European influence? Well, I was not speaking about Continental Europeans. There are many nations in Continental Europe. Most did not have anything to do with colonialism. So, the mention would about Germany, Spain, France, Belgium, Portugal, Russia &c. What are these countries? Historically, they have individually and also collectively tried to invade or attack England. Their colonialism had more of negativity than positive elements. They could at best create modern South America. May be you might have noticed that everyone wants to escape to English nations like England, Canada, Australia, US, New Zealand. As for the Englishmen in England, they would see their nation changing to some uncanny brutishness. They will be desperate to move elsewhere.

English quality is not an individual quality, but more a quality that belongs to group that speaks and thinks in a non-feudal, planar, plateau-coded language. (I cannot explain the terms here). England was unassailable historically, because of this unique quality of the English language. That people can assemble and rally with a common focus, without bursting out into mutual antipathies caused by common words.

Mahe was a French Colony that was captured by India in 1962, when the Indian navy surrounded the place. Local people then were not happy. Some of them moved to France. However, I think the Indian government then assuaged the local popular anger by giving the place a Special Status, which was slowly erased over the years.

As to poverty in India, it is not connected to any British looting. In 1947, Pakistan, India and Bangladesh (British-India) had a population of 370000000. Now India alone has a population of 1500000000. There was terrible poverty in the peninsular, before the advent of the English rule. Even now, there is much terrifying poverty.

However, if you take a thousand people of one single Indian vernacular language and keep them in a solitary location, and make them speak only their vernacular, the society will split into layers, with terrible poverty on the lower side and golden people on the upper side. This code is in the feudal languages of India. And these kinds of things are now spreading throughout English nations.

As to the British contribution of democracy, it has set in motion a most terrible social machinery. Every political party, every caste, every religious group or congregation is commanding its members to produce more children. For, it is democracy. In democracy, population strength is the munitions. Even England will go rotten by this terrible political philosophy.

I am sorry about the huge number of words. I had actually wanted to reply to another cantankerous discussion on this video.

I do not know when I will get the time.

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