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An urgent appeal for ENGLISH RACISM
It is foretold! The torrential flow of inexorable destiny!
7. Why women of stature keep off

In feudal language nations, women are not encouraged to mingle with men, without first an acceptable verbal relationship being laid down. It is not really an issue of husbands or males or family members inflicting a stricture on them without any logical basis. Women of social stature wouldn’t mingle with the common crowd. The most powerful issue that restrains them is the issue of verbal ‘respect’ If they are not careful enough to keep a distance from all others other than carefully selected persons, every single aspect of their connection to other men can have a profane quality added to it. Once this has been established in a verbal relation with a female, even the very glances or stare or looking at her, can contain insidious aspects embedded inside it.

The English colonialists were quite aware of this social aspect of feudal language societies. However, back home in England, there has been no caution about this. In fact, even youngsters are trained to establish eye-contact with others. Eye contact with another native-English speaker has no such negative or evil indicant code aspect to it.

The evil eye in its feudal language aspects

I will try to explain this aspect with this allegory: Think of a young IPS (Indian Police Service) ‘officer’ of India. IPS is the royalty of the Indian police. Suppose this young ‘officer’ looks at an Indian constable or glares at him, it is accepted with a pose of quiet composure and acceptance by the constable (shipai). However, let us imagine that the constable have been able to get a copy of a video of the young female indulging in some sexual act with someone from a lower social rank. A lower social rank of the sexual partner would convert into a lower indicant word in the minds of the Indian constables. This would attach to the IPS ‘officer’. So, in their private conversations, she would be mentioned as ‘Aval’, or ‘USS’, meaning SHE of the lowest order.

When this ‘office’ chances to look at the constable, inside him the codes of ‘aval’ or ‘USS’ would be running. It might even reflect on his facial expression. His expression would then be that of an Indian government school teacher glaring or taunting a terrorised student. If the ‘officer’ continues to look at the constable in the eye, it can be damaging to the ‘officer’. Mentally, socially and position-wise, she will literally get erased.

Now, a similar thing is happening in England. Most of the native-English people including the children and the vast majority of adults who are not rich and or in senior positions, are just the ‘avan’ or ‘avals’. This is a location which was rarely imposed on the English colonialists. For, the common people adored them. However, the people who have crept into England do not hold the native-English men on a position of ‘respect’. The foolish native-English populations have been told to treat them as ‘equals’. It is a foolish proposition. For, there is no concept of ‘equal humans’ in feudal languages. If a person cannot be defined as superior, then he is only an inferior. There is no code or location for ‘equality’ in feudal languages.

The evil effects of the impact of negative verbal codes

It is said that there are around 86000,000,000 neural cells in the human brain. An equal number of glial cells are also said to be there. There are trillions of cells in the human body. I have contented in some of my other books that there could be something akin to a software background to life and reality. This could be the easiest way to explain how so many living cells could act in unison, performing correlated functions. I have experimented and come to the conclusion that human words can connect to and even affect the codes of reality and life. Moreover, all human actions, including that of viewing, have a code level aspect.

James Scurry: Ten years as a servant under feudal language speakers of the Indian peninsula converted this Englishman into petty looking person. He was forced to learn the local vernacular and thus had no protection from its insidious codes.

If this be so, a person from a feudal language mindset viewing another person with the codes of profane ‘disrespect’ can induce negative, disruptive or disintegrative codes in the other person. Even though it may seem that I am speaking of the anecdotal ‘evil eye’, there is a larger amount of content in this contention. It is beyond the scope of this book to go into that.

The content of the word ‘slut’ is always there in feudal languages, when the lower word for SHE or HER, or HERS is used to females who are free for social mixing beyond the parameters of social etiquette permitted as per feudal language codes.

It is not possible to make this thing understood in English. I will relate a minor incident in my own life. Many years ago, I was living quite detached from my family. I had no connection with my family and was living life in a sort of meeting life on an everyday basis. The location was quite far from my home base. Due to my innate dislike for joining the Indian government service, or working above or under Indians, my financial situation was always quite precarious.

I had tried a two month stint working as a sales person for an advertising agency, which I quit very fast. The work environment inside this place had the advantage in that there was a lot of English ambience inside. And I did not know the local language.

How decent females get defined as Sluts

One day one of my old college mates came to this location. He was then an ‘officer’ in the one law enforcement department. Since he had a vehicle, I thought I would use him to go and meet some of my acquaintances I had in that work area. All of them were on English-speaking basis with me. One of the places we chanced to go was an anglo-Indian household. It was to meet a young female. The quaint English atmosphere in the household was quite refreshing. We were given a very warm and courteous welcome. However, since my companion was not good in English, he simply remained outside the conversation.

The conversation was quite different from the ordinary Indian household talk, due to the plain English ambience. After a brief conversation, we came out. It was then that my companion dropped a bombshell on me. He simply said, ‘Ask her to come to the city’. The word used for ‘her’ was ‘aval’. This is a lower grade HER. His only way to understand the quaint easiness of the conversation ambience was that she was a slut. For, common Indian girls wouldn’t mix so easily. For, conversation has to move through certain levels of hierarchies, to reach a level of equality. When such females come fast into a level of easy conversation, the easiest way to understand them is as wanton, flirting, and as easy to seduce.

When I mentioned to my companion, who had the demeanour of official power, that she would not come into a situation that he desired, he simply told me that once she is in his hands, he can make her do what he wants. The issue here is that his understanding of easygoing English conversation was through its Indian feudal language translation. She was just an ‘aval’. If she had acted with supreme coldness and restraint, and with measured words and movement, she could have reached out to the definition of ‘avar’ (‘respected SHE’). Then the feeling that she is a slut will not emerge.

The powerful context to be mentioned her is that almost all easygoing English conversation standards in England will only give the ‘aval’ translation for SHE. It goes without saying that as soon as the immigrant from feudal language nativity slowly rises up in the English society over there, females, all of them, would slowly get defined as sluts. It will slowly show in the social interactions. No social security measures are in place. Maybe I should mention that in India, all homes do have barred windows. There is a huge language-codes based reason for this.

In England there are no fences to protect the native-English citizens. In a few years time, the outsiders will emerge as powerful owners of the place. Then it will be tragedy. In all its definitions.

The idiot-ism of compulsory formal education and the wider falsities

It is neither a good judgment nor a prudent action to place children under teachers who are from the feudal language mindset. The inner elevated codes of the native-English children can get erased. However these things might not be perceivable in the short-term or in every solitary case. For, statistically it is clear that a particular percentage of the students will reach out to fulfil their life ambitions. It is the others who would bear the burden of the tarnished codes of life and quality.

Speaking of education, I remember the recent incident of one young female from Pakistan using the ploy of terrorist attacks to relocate to England. The ploy she used was that she was a sort of unsolicited and self-appointed leader of females in Pakistan. Females should be bundled into schools. The foolish native-English citizens of England do not understand the social compulsions inside Pakistan. School teachers in Pakistan are not the same as the native-English teachers of England. The Pakistani teachers speak feudal languages. Placing children under them is literally handing over one’s children to another hierarchical group with its own peers and leadership hierarchies. The parents are outsiders to this hierarchy. One should not look at the rich schools in Pakistan where good English is taught, and where most children aspire to emigrate to England, Canada, the US or Australia. It gives a false feeling about education.

Compulsory education inside feudal language nations, which is bereft of pristine English teaching, is just a means of livelihood of the abysmal quality teaching classes of these nations. It is a terrible situation to see England being hoodwinked by such females, who back home, will be next to nothing. There was once a Hindi teacher for Queen Victoria. He was just a nondescript man from the northern parts of the Indian peninsula. However, in England he started arriving at majestic heights. Luckily for England, English Empire and for the vast populations everywhere who supported the English Empire, Queen Victoria died. This conceited Hindi teacher then had to return home to his innate lowly stations. Where he will be placed powerfully in his lowly levels by his own countrymen. (I do not know which kingdom he belonged to).

The English slowly turning un-English!

Likewise, if all such cunning persons can be sent back to their own sweet homeland, they will wake up to their senses. Otherwise, in a matter of ten or fifteen years, they will breed inside England and set forth offsprings who would proclaim how England looted their homelands, and how they are there in England to seek revenge for what England had done to their forefathers.

One should imagine the plight of the other children who might be studying along with this female from Pakistan, when she received an international prize (a prize which is increasingly being given to dubious entities). It would surely inflict upon their sense of self-esteem to see a person of lowly social standards, being awarded while they themselves, who are the non-mentioned trainers in English social standards, are made to exist as mere nothing.

Native-English-speaking population inside England would have completely changed over the last five or six decades. They who are traditionally treated as the trainer class all over the globe, has been fixed into social and formal locations wherein they are made to compete with their trainee classes. The traditional equanimity and mental composure historically associated with native-English speakers would have been rubbed out. Each and every one of their politeness and refinement would have only provoked sly overtaking and deceitful manoeuvres from the other sides. In fact none of the traditional values of politeness, rights of precedence, moral uprightness, ethical integrity, honesty, chivalrous attitude &c. would have any meaning other than mere gullibility.

I have not visited England at any time in my life. However, if I am not mistaken, the newer generations of English children and youths would be boisterous, loud and rude, and even given to unruly social behaviour. For, this is what they built up within themselves with long years of constant contact and competition with children of a totally different mental compulsion. When I use the word ‘compulsion’, it is not mere verbal pedantry that I intend. The word ‘compulsion’ is connected to a huge software code content in feudal languages codes.

Enforcing equality with something that has no such platforms

Being mentioned as equal to feudal language speaking children is a very evil thing. For, feudal languages speaking children can never be equal to a native-English speaking kid. They can either be above or below. Mostly below. For, when they are in their own language world, they are inferior to so many others in their language hierarchy. To equate such children and allow them to compete as equal to native-English kids is an act of total diabolism.

Feudal languages have powerful codes of association. Just mention an association with another person of unacceptable level in the feudal languages is enough to create deep wounds in the mental composure.

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