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An urgent appeal for ENGLISH RACISM
It is foretold! The torrential flow of inexorable destiny!
1. Intro

This article can rightfully be decried as racist writing. It calls for native-English speaking race/s to cordon off all others to the extent that innate English systems are protected, inside England. It is an article that can be mentioned as supporting apartheid of a very special kind. However, since anti-racist writings are allowed online everywhere, I do not see any reason why a pro-racist article should not be allowed. This article proposes to give a totally different perspective to a brand new racism that is the need of the hour, globally.

However, as a saving grace it might be mentioned that the writer of these seemingly inglorious ideas is not white. So it is not white racism. As to other racisms such as black racism, brown racism, or yellow racism, I do not think they would get much support from their own side. Which black man would promote a Blacks-only beach? Or for that matter a brown-only or yellow-only beach? If anyone does propose such a thing, he or she will be the first to get thrown off the beach.

This writer does not basically see anything wrong in certain groups keeping apart a few locations only for their own kind. In fact, in India, where this writer is physically located, there are immense locations where only certain persons or groups of persons can enter. Most government officials have locations where only dirty birds of their own kind are welcome. Other than that, there is various caste, or linguistic-group or religious-group owned locations where others wouldn’t want to stray into. The un-welcome-ness is what would repulse them. Not any statutory boards or notices.

Only attractive locations are preyed upon. It goes without saying that groups who want the right to creep in are basically those who find the location quite attractive and welcoming. Even if the boards and notices seem to be rude, the places are of quite alluring content. Yet, the question as to why they themselves should not or cannot create equally attractive ambiences in other locations which are available in plenty is never mentioned or asked.

I have had immense experience in seeing places where I might not be welcome or where I have no locus standi. It has not created any disconcertment in me. For, my own aim has been to create locations on my own where I am happy. In fact in most of the areas where I have created locations suited to me, I have not found any competition. For instance, when I used to take my children for swimming right from their infancy (8 months), there were others who found it something like creating an apartheid. Not with any physical barrier, but by their own mental barrier to taking their own children to the same riverside for teaching them to swim. It then becomes a mentally created location in which they find themselves blocked from entry. Naturally there are persons who are perturbed, and who might feel within their right to call for a breaking of this fortress.

I will leave this direction of flow of thoughts for the moment. For it seems to be moving to South Africa. My aim is to speak about England and English, as understood all over the world, in their pristine glory. As to South Africa, there definitely are minute, yet ferocious issues that spur the apartheid. With no information on what they are, it might be quite irresponsible to be judgmental.

The current-day generation of native-English speakers is gullible fools. As an adequate adjective, I think that word bloody fools might be apt. They have been misled by foolish academicians and other conceited fools who do not know a thing about what are the realities that abound in the other socials systems. England is a very unique creation of God Almighty, or whoever created / wrote the Codes of Reality. English, the language, is a very superb software, the kind of which might not be there anywhere else in this world.

English can be compared to many other language softwares thus:

Think of a modern computer which one can operate with ease by means of Mouse Clicks. Compare this with a computer of yore, which can be operated only with a MS Dos program. MS Dos is a very powerful software machine which can really go beyond the reaches of a Mouse click, deep inside a computer’s working machine. The possibilities available to a software mechanic who is adept in this is quite complex and high. Yet, it is the modern computer which can be used with a Mouse Click which is easier to use. Yet, a MS Dos expert can work hidden-and-invisible-to-others’ codes inside a modern computer.

Now, this is where a native-English speaker stands in a very feeble location when compared to a feudal language speaker. Everyone can live in an English social location, created and arranged by native-English speakers, with ease and comfort. However, when a feudal language speaker enters this domain, what he or she can do is something of the eerie kind. He can enter deep into the coding areas of human social arrangement and links. He can work in an invisible manner to rearrange human links, relationships &c, and set up triggers and emotional explosives in a most undetectable manner. All the time maintaining a most affable demeanour and friendly posture. He would be most helpful and quite accommodative. He would be seen to be a great mechanic who might even be mentioned as a genius. Yet, when he is done, the social codes would be littered with mines, some linked to timers and others to soft touch.

It is obvious that I am making explosive talk here. I mean to explain my words.

First let me take on the English academicians. It is the English Empire that stood on the focus of the world’s unconcealed envy. In the Indian peninsula it created a nation known as British-India, which consisted of not only an assorted list of unconnected areas which came under the direct rule of the English East India Company, but also a lot of native kingdoms (which were historically at loggerheads with each other), who accepted the suzerainty of the East India Company over them. This wonderful nation created out of no historical basis of a nation, was not a creation of any English academician, military general, politician or over-educated teacher. It was a nation created by the English common folks, consisting of semi to non-schooled individuals. The only common factor and connecting link among them, that also glued them together was the planar codes of the English language, in its most simple and pristine form. These men held no scholarship that could hold debate on the profundity of Shakespeare, or compete with an academician from India or China.

In fact, Robert Clive who literally single-handedly set-up the foundation of the English Empire in the Indian Peninsula was not a college dropout. He was a school dropout.

The strength of this fantastic and never-before-in-history-contemplated nation-empire lay in a unique combination of human beings who joined together in a unique planar language, that stood in sharp rhythm to the emotional tugs towards a unique nobility and a deeply attached monarchy. A very adoring and supporting lower classes of the native populations who stood liberated from their lowly and shackled locations for the first time since times immemorial, lend the platform to build up this empire.

As for the English academicians, they never seemed to understand that their sterile textbooks were bereft of much information. Even democracy, the most dangerous item that spread out from England to the other regions to spoil everything in the world, was not created by any academic thought. It was merely a spontaneous natural development that sprung forth from the natural codes of the English language. None of the so-called Political Science philosophers including Hobbes, Locke &c. had anything to do with the development of English democracy. Or with the democracy installed in the colonial areas by the stupid stay-at-home Britons during the colonial days. In fact, there is a thousand times more democracy naturally available in pristine English, than that is available in any of the democracy that is practised in any of the feudal language nations. There is more egalitarianism and socialism in pristine English than they are there in any communist party office in feudal language nations.

I think I have explained here (in my previous posts) as to why English is different. If I say that it is superior, from the perspective of feudal languages, it may seem a lie. In fact, from a feudal language perspective, English does have all the features of an inferior language. In many feudal languages, there is an immensity of alphabets. And lots of words that can spontaneously define a person in varying levels of human existence. There are various indicant words which, if inserted at an appropriate location in a very soft manner, can create powerful effects in the physical world and human actions. Some soft words can literally make things move very fast. Some others can make a thing stall. Some can create ruptures in human relationships. Some can literally create explosions. And none of them would have any inimical or fabulous meanings when converted into English. Using extremely common words in feudal languages, one can pierce deep into the individuality of an individual, and pick out extremely slender links and relationships, to define or recast the human being into various levels of individuality and capability. A nondescript man can be made an extremely great Mahatma or a non-entity by the mere choosing of definite words.

In feudal languages: the words YOU, HE, SHE, HIS, HER, HERS, THEM, THEIR and the way another person’s name is mentioned, all connect to a huge domain of understandings. The person who says it, the person to whom it is mentioned, and the others who hear it, all go in for a huge processing of the words. Every word is connected to a huge and all-comprehensive social machinery, which decides a lot of things.

None of these powers, English has. When viewed from this location, English is a very powerless language software, devoid of many capacities innately present in the feudal language softwares.

However, it is this evident lack of diabolic capabilities that makes English a very superior language software.

The basic issue is that the presence of such diabolic powers in a language software makes its speakers go into a mood of eternal vigilance. Every word, gesture, body language, hint, imputation, suggestion, claim &c. can have meanings which cannot come up when they are mentioned in English.

English cannot understand this concept.

Let us take another part of this idea. Look at these words:

Mr. George (teacher/boss/superior), Mrs. Stella (teacher/boss/superior), Dr. Abraham, Rani (elder sister), Sukesh (elder brother), Lake Victoria, River Nile &c. Even though these words seem quite ordinary, the fact is that they belong to a very soft and superior social ambience. In many feudallanguage social set-ups, in English these words are as follows:

Georgesaar, Georgesaab, Georgeji, Georgechettan, Georgeannan

Stella Miss, Stella Maadam/Medam, Stella Teacher


Ranichechhi, RaniAkka, Raniyedathi

Sukeshyettan, Sukeshannan, Sukeshichhayan



Do not understand that I am speaking of speech in other languages. I am speaking of English infected with feudal language codes. There is a 180 degree flipping of word codes when moved from pristine English to English infected by feudal language codes. For the speakers of feudal languages, to even mention the words ‘Dr. Abraham’ is quite a huge action that require a lot of mental stamina. And on the other side, the doctor would also lose his mental balance if a feudal language speaker suddenly gathers the mental stamina to mention his name with the ‘Doctor’ on the initial side of the protractor.

Now think of languages which are devoid of such words like Thank You, Please, Excuse me, I beg your pardon, Sorry, I apologise, I regret &c. The Indian feudal languages that I know do not have words for these words. It is true that in recent time, in a most perfunctory manner, many words are used in official forms to insert the sense that is there in these words. Yet, they simply create a jarring effect on the senses. They have no meaning.

For, in feudal languages, the word equivalents for these words are not for mentioning to a person understood in those languages as ‘lower’. For instance, it would be a quite mad situation if the word equivalent for Thank You, Sorry or Please is used to a waiter, or to a subordinate.

These word equivalents are traditionally used by the subservient to the dominant class or individual. They are mentioned in an attempt to convey one’s stance of obsequious servitude.

It is true that attempts can be made to create words which do not have any such subservience. However, they cannot exist as standalone words. They have to connect to the other words in the social communication. When they do this linking, they would get connected to the innate codes of the feudal languages, which would position them back as that of subservience. For, there is no other location to place them.

The unique beauty and difference that English has, can be seen in this above mentioned instance also.

However, it might be a mistake to mention English as a very powerful language, from a crude perspective. In fact, during the early period of the East India Company’s trading efforts, English traders were generally seen as soft, effeminate, gullible and easy to subdue. The common English inclination to paraphrase common speech using such words as May I, Can I, Thank You, Please, Sorry, I beg your pardon, Excuse me, May I know, May I ask &c. and the tendency to concede to the right of precedence, are understood in feudal languages as the submissive tones of the enfeebled, the subservient, the weak and the downtrodden. In fact, most of the English traders or their employees did not evoke ‘respect’ in the feudal languages of the Indian peninsula. This was the real reason that Robert Clive, then a young man in the trading post at Arcot near Madras, attempted suicide at least twice. And not due to any mental incompetency as is generally understood by the low-calibre British academicians. In fact, British academicians even now have no idea that Indian feudal languages are of a very different kind of communication system, with very little location of correspondence with English.

Here I think I should insert the idea that each language is actually a specific code of social arrangement and design of communication flow. Inserting a lot of English words into French will not convert French into English. Likewise, a lot of French words into English will not convert English into French. Neither would inserting English words into Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam or Kannada, convert the latter into English. The words merely get placed on a pattern design that has been pre-set by the language software codes. Yet, there can be slight effects. When certain English words get embedded into feudal languages, a slight straightening up of the social relationships can take place. Not much, but.

However, when feudal language words are embedded into English, some of them can really make the social relationship to split and splinter. In fact, such words can act as a wedge whereby human beings can be made to move apart, to the sides or to up and down.

This writing is not about English language, per se. It proposes to promote the idea that English and English systems are different and unique. And hence, need to be protected and fostered. And this not due to the literary content, poetry, scientific terminology, mathematical terms, and such things, that might or might not be there in English. None of these things are what makes English unique. In fact, most of these things are there in many other languages also.

And as to geniuses, there are plenty of them elsewhere. Speaking of genius, I can categorically state that there are plenty of them in the Indian peninsula. If one were to do down the ladder of the social hierarchy in the peninsula, one can chance to meet many individuals of astounding levels of skills, information and philosophical insights. In fact, even the colonial English officials had been impressed about these things.

Take the case of the locally lowly-mentioned carpenter class of the peninsula. English colonial officials were quite averse to define them as lowly, and I have seen colonial texts mentioning them as ‘architects’. Even though none of them might have seen the insides of an engineering college, many of them could envisage a huge architectural structure, using miniscule tools. In fact, one can find an immensity of such architectural creations all around the place. However, none of them are known to have learned English or to have related England. In this context, one can mention Ramanujan, the so-mentioned mathematical genius who was taken to England by his mentor, Prof. Hardy.

In England, Ramanujam could allow his mind to blossom. Now, would anyone dare to contemplate what all things the carpenters of the peninsula would have created, had anyone of them got a chance to learn England and to move to England? At a minimum, some of them would have written huge works on Vasthushastra and on the principle of wood work and wood architecture.

Yet, there is the other side of the idea that also has to be mentioned. What happens to England and to the native Englishmen there, when all these ‘Ramanujans’ and carpenters of the Indian peninsula, come over and start occupying positions which had been traditionally occupied by native Englishmen? In fact, Ramanujan was slated to occupy a high teaching position in Oxford. But then, luckily he had to move home due to ill-health.

Geniuses do not create great social systems. A hundred Ramanujans would not create a great England. They would only create the dirt and sleaze that abounds the social scene of the Indian peninsula. Even though Ramanujan would have taught Mathematics to the English children, it is not the only thing that he would have induced in their mind. He being deeply attached to feudal language mindset would also have successfully encrypted a feel of lowly self-esteem in the English children, when he views or thinks about them, from some creepy locations inside Indian peninsular feudal languages. However his being a solitary individual would not affect the social scene much, as his only way to insert the creepiness of his native language codes would be through mental thoughts. However, when he is invariably joined by others from this native land, like his parents, in-laws, wife, children, childhood friends, other Indian peninsula academicians, then the social scene within English would definitely shift.

This is a series in 6 parts. Next part would be posted on 22ndFebruary 2015

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