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An urgent appeal for ENGLISH RACISM
It is foretold! The torrential flow of inexorable destiny!

Populations which have traditionally being at the abysmal levels of human existence, like the black slaves of Africa, have been improved beyond the wildest dreams of their ancestors by English colonialists. Yet, their attitude is not of thanks and gratitude. Instead they have only a mood of vengeance. They mention their loyalty to low-quality native leaders who can never, ever lend the quality enhancement that the English races have lent. However, the reasons for black grievances in the US (the nation where the blacks have actually reached the highest of personal development) could have a complicated background. Can’t digress into that here. But I might try to touch upon it in this write-up, if this theme should again pass nearby to that theme.

Yet, it might need a passing mention that the so-mentioned fabulous social communication possible in the US is just because of the English language. If the national common language is French, German, Russian, Chinese, Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam, Zulu etc. the national mood would be quite subdued. The fact is that in the US, all the subdued populations all around the world get to enjoy a real unshackling of their social and speaking fetters. They literally dance it out in a boisterous social revelry. Yet, none of them has the rectitude to mention where their real loyalty and gratitude should be directed to.

I would like to go back to the real experience of the natives of the Asian/African colonies under the English Empire. I might be able to take a very staunch stand that the English administration was the best administration that these regions experienced in a thousand or more years. However, current day impressions of what really happened in these areas might be what are seen in movies. In many English movies, the general mood might be that of an utterly subordinated, foolish native populations being wonderstruck at the skin colour and fabulous physical capabilities of the English folks. In fact, many of the very powerful differences that are there between Continental European White folks and English White folks are found erased and re-mentioned as just a matter of national boundary.

The fact is that English officials, most of them common people of England, garnered the affection of the lower classes as well as the higher classes of the Indian peninsula not due to any spectacular physical prowess. It was really other quite soft qualities that made them stand out. In fact, wherever in the world where the Englishmen won, there was quite powerful competition from other White-skinned populations. However, it was the English side that invariably won in the end. The anecdotal statement ‘English always wins the last battle’ was proved correct all over the globe. It would be quite foolish to go around to each of these incidences and explain them away as mere coincidences marked by chance and luck. There is indeed a very definite reason for this streak of success, which sparks a string all around the world. I have discussed this reason in my ancient book: March of the Evil Empires.

What was seen in the Englishmen was a strong streak of willingness to take a task to its completion, with perfect concentration and focus. It is not a quality that others cannot have. However, in the Indian peninsula, everyone is quite bothered by the issue of ‘respect’ and ‘pejoratives’. In fact, in every action, inaction, word, attitude, posture, social link, family relationship, the most vital thing that is pondered upon is the ‘respect’ or ‘pejorative’ level it would spur. This perfectly acts as a distraction to anyone who wants to act or work as per his passion or conviction. However, when people from India reach England this is one of the great gains they imbibe. That there is no burden of ‘respect’ or ‘pejorative’ in anything they do.

I am willing to mention a very minor example of this. When one person is mentioned as a relative of another individual, words like HE, HIM, HIS &c. can get pulled up and down as per the social level of the other person. He is the police officer’s brother-in-law. He is the shopkeeper’s brother-in-law. Even though both these sentences seem to have the same construction in English, in feudal languages, the word HE can get pulled up or down, depending on the person who is linked. Unless, the first person himself is powerfully embedded in a particular level. This is the most powerful code that maintains and spurs Indian social structure. Yet, no one dares to mention these things.

Due to this disability to detect or sense the codes of ‘respect’ versus ‘pejoratives’, the English side experienced a divine level of mental serenity all over the globe. This is what gave them the calmness to work out the demands of extremely complicated problems.

However, Indian school textbooks give a much indoctrinated version of history, whereby the English officials are depicted as crooks and thieves. This is not true. For, I personally know it is not true. Due to a very strange issue of I being in a vantage location from where I could see what happened during the British colonial rule and what transpired later. It is a long story. I am not sure if I will be able to mention the whole lot of things in this write-up. However, I need to mention that everywhere, including the Factbook of CIA reflects the Indian school textbook version. I have seen the same spirit in the modern day writings in even the BBC. I do feel that BBC has been breached, and its staff members are no more English or British, but those who have barged in. If the BBC has been breached, then the nation has been overrun.

Before moving on, I will give one instance of how the Englishmen worked in the Indian peninsula area. Their guilelessness and their honesty and sense of fair-play could gather a lot of support for the Empire. If the reader can do a Google Search for: John Pennycuick (British engineer), he or she might come across this page.

I quote from the Wikipedia Page on him:

Mullaiperiyar Dam

Colonel Pennycuick decided to divert the west-flowing Periyar (river)’s culmination in the Arabian Sea towards the East so that it could irrigate lakhs of acres of dry land depending only on Vaigai river.

Though Pennycuick and other British Engineers went ahead with the construction, braving the nature’s fury and the dangers of poisonous insects and wild animals, the construction works were disrupted by relentless rain. Large number of sandbags kept for the construction of the dam was destroyed due to severe flood. Since he could not get adequate funds from the British government, Pennycuick went to England and sold his family property to mobilise money to fund the project (Citation Needed), which was completed in 1895.

The dam was inaugurated by Lord Wenlock, the then Governor of the Madras Presidency. It resulted in irrigation of 2.23 lakh acres in Theni, Dindigul, Madurai, Sivaganga and Ramanathapuram districts.

The fact is that the immensity of social and infrastructure developments in the Indian peninsula region was done by Englishmen braving a lot of danger to their life and limbs. Similar stories of English benevolence crisscross the whole areas of the Indian peninsula. Yet, the general attitude is to place them in isolation from each other, and to speak with shallow authority about the ‘looting of India’. In the recent years, one of the main culprits in this regard is the Wikipedia.

When speaking of Wikipedia, there is this thing to be mentioned. No country in the world other than the current-day insipid English nations would allow persons or entities or organisations that write words of disparagement about them, to enter their nation or to set-up offices inside. It would be a great act of benevolence to the posterity (coming generations) of native-England that a new Encyclopaedia that can compete with the Wikipedia and demolish it, is set up. Otherwise, they would have to deal with a most rabid collection of information that states that their forefathers were thieves and molesters.

As an extension of this appeal, I would even say that it might be wise for England to emerge out of the stupid subordination it has placed itself under the US. The film industry of England should overtake the Hollywood as the real legacy holders of English. The quaint English films that rhymed to the tone of classical English spirit should adorn English film. English films should not be locations wherein anti–English or non-English populations get to act out their over-smartness and cheap bravados.

The Comet Plane industry or something akin to it should be revived or created. A unique England-focused Space exploration infrastructure should be set-up. In short, every item possible should be created with an England-centric philosophy. Not Asian, African, US, or Continental European.

This does not mean that others should be avoided. It only means that the only those who accept England and native English individuals as a trainer class should be allowed inside this premises. There is no contention that non-English persons should be treated as lowly or unfit. Only thing would be that the unique position of native English speakers and pristine English should be proclaimed and accepted by those who are given admittance. There is no need to proclaim an equality. For this kind of equality has no meaning.

When pristine English systems are proclaimed as superior, then everyone gets to enjoy the best of their potential and individuality. However, if others are accepted as equal, then everyone would get placed in differing elevations and rights to dignity. It is a negation of all things that pristine English does promise.

It is a historic fact that peoples who had aligned with the English race and nation, as subordinates, were much happy with their location, than being on a location of constant belligerence in locations of insecure equality with others. See this quote from TRAVANCORE MANUAL (1890s), written by a native of the South Asian peninsula.

QUOTE 1: The two armies met near Calacaud and after a very hot engagement the army of Maphuze Khan was put to flight. But the Travancore army, however, retired home to avoid causing offence to the English Company. END of QUOTE

QUOTE 2: In 1750 A.D. the French attempted to form a settlement at Colachel. It does not appear that they were successful. In the next year the Rajah of Travancore wrote to the King of Colastria ‘advising him not to put any confidence in the French, but to assist the English as much as he could’”. END of QUOTE

Marthanda Varma’s love for the English people can be seen from his last advice and instruction to his heir and nephew Prince Rama Varma, on his deathbed. Marthanda Varma’s words QUOTE 3: “That, above all, the friendship existing between the English East India Company and Travancore should be maintained at any risk, and that full confidence should always be placed in the support and aid of that honourable association.” END of QUOTE

If anyone believes that this great king of a small kingdom in the southern end of the Indian peninsula spoke the words of a weakling and a person of servitude, he is very much mistaken. This king was a very courageous individual. Yet he had the mental calibre to understand that the English side had something quite unique in them.

What about the 3 million native soldiers who stood by the English side with unwavering loyalty? Clement Atlee did not have the least of qualms when he ditched them.

What about the immensity of civil servants and other members of the public in British-India? Does anyone think that they would have been happy to be under Indian leaders? Being equal to the English is not a sensible aim. Being able to live under English systems is the sensible aim. This idea is being spoiled by the allowing of non-English people to be identified as English or British.

When one sees such persons masquerading as British/English, the terror of an impending cardiac arrest would necessarily require to be assuaged by a bout of retching. This kind of Britain/England will gather no loyalty anywhere, across the globe.

Now, let me examine as to what would happen if the current drift in policymaking is allowed to continue its flow. I remember seeing an article titled: The eternal silence of these infinite crowds written by Nirad C Chowdary, in an old English textbook. It was presumably his impressions of the English road scenes, when he visited England in the 1950s. Coming from India, where the streets scenes are full of boisterous shouting, verbal and driving bravados, insanely competing vehicle drivers, dirt, squalor and rude behaviours, he must have been truly amazed at the placid orderliness of English streets.

The context of this reference to this article here is that it is more or less to be expected that the quaint placidity of the English street scenes have vanished. For, crowds of people from populations who experience terrible shackles in their home premises, and who try to act over-smart on the streets have entered England. Beyond that in feudal languages, every act that is done, has an effect on the indicant word codes. Loud sound, ferocious looks, intimidating postures, capacity to taunt/tease/slow down/irritate/block others are connected to higher indicant word codes. Driving on the road is seen as apt area wherein anyone can try to raise his indicant code value. However, can a native-English speaker make any sense of this statement? That is the excruciating tragedy in the emerging scenario. Allowing entrance to entities whose real inner disposition is not understood.

Even rude behaviour in feudal languages has a specific indicant word-code aspect to it. If a native-English speaking person is rude, there is no change in the indicant word codes implied. That is, under all understandings, a HE, SHE, HIS, HER, HERS, THEM, THEY &c. do not have any change implied. However, in feudal languages, when a person is rude or impolite, it directly implies that a lower indicant word-code has been positioned, even if it is not mentioned. In fact, in feudal languages, one cannot be rude to a person positioned on the higher indicant word codes; i.e. in positions of ‘respect’.

Working under feudal language speaking persons is damnation of the worst kind. It is essentially a degradation that goes deep into the root codes of life-system and reality. People who are made to bear the brunt of its impact visibly change. Long term effects could include degradation in physical appearance, contortion of facial demeanour, loss of mental stature, mental imbalance etc. if the affected person is from a higher social quality. The fulsome, overwhelming and comprehensive negative effect of this phenomenon has not yet fully arrived in England. Yet, it has slightly been there, building up. It can be seen in solitary incidences wherein native-English children or adults commit terrible acts of violence including that of homicide, on those who inflict it on them. Yet, the native-English judiciary has acted blind. It never heeded the quite visible question as to what it was that really provoked an individual from a very refined social system to act so violently. No one seems to understand that there has been some provocation. The very easy mentioning of it as ‘racist’ action is the worst kind of intellectual insipidity.

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