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An urgent appeal for ENGLISH RACISM
It is foretold! The torrential flow of inexorable destiny!

This fifth post is an unplanned one. The raw text of this serial posting has mostly been written already. I need to only post each part, with some editing or additions. I think it might get over in a few more posts.

Generally I do not use the Twitter. I think my earlier account was blocked. Online blocks are everywhere on my posts. I am slightly surprised that My Telegraph has not yet blocked me, as yet. All it requires is for someone from the feudal language promoter groups to be in charge of deciding my status here. Everywhere else (with one major exception) most blocks were done mostly by the computer operators in the various online set-ups.

I have another Twitter account that I rarely use. Two days back I was going through it, to send the links to around four persons who had expressed interest in my vernacular pro-English digital magazine KALEIDOSCOPIC HUES. At that time, inadvertently I came across two discussions that seemed to be connected to the Immigration issue in UK. One was from a person of obviously Indian origin in UK. I found a most curious phrasing in her words. Without my deliberation, I send the link to these serial postings to the two persons in those discussions.

After that, I send the links to KALEIDOSCOPIC HUES to the other four persons. Today, I wanted to check the status of this post. For, I sensed that there had been no response from those four. I found that my post had vanished. I resend the posts. Again they were seen to have vanished.

That is not the issue here. When I checked the notification area, I found a most curious notice to me from one of the persons to whom I had sent the links to the serial posts here [An urgent appeal for ENGLISH RACISM].

Even though the wordings are quite few, the total contents of these notifications are like a Zip file. They are loaded with meanings of an astronomical size.

Since there can be others also who might react with similar irascible words to my writings, I have to explain a few things. My writings are aimed at conveying information to befooled populations, not only in England, but also elsewhere.

See the items included in the words:

1 Someone married to an Indian woman.

2 As a human being

3 This article disgusts me

4 Racism of any kind

5 Ignorance

6 I will not share your article

7 Appreciate you not contacting me again

8 You are blocked from following

The first item that I would like to take up is the word ‘ignorance’. It is a terrible stance, that certain persons know everything. And that, others are ignorant. My articles are not huge text filled with ‘ignorance’. Even though, I am not too much worried that there might not be any person, who would find non-formal scholarship in my writings, the fact is that there have been many. Even from India. See this link. (RightClick&OpeninNewTab) (came as an email, which I posted with permission). There have been others also.

There is indeed a lot of social information that has been quite deliberately cordoned off from native-English speakers. Even during the colonial days.

From here, I should move to the words: ‘Someone married to an Indian woman’. This sentence is loaded with possibilities.

There are persons in India who are quite at home in English. Many have successfully immigrated to some English nation. Many of them understand the quite troubling aspects of their native language codes and culture. They see to it that it is not allowed to infect their new nation of domicile.

At the same time, there are a huge number of others who have also departed to some English nation. Using some ploy. These persons do not have any commitment for English, other than the natural infatuation that a dweller-in-privations, has for the insides of a Five Star hotel. They are least bothered what their presence or culture or language codes induce in their new English nation-of-domicile. All that they would have would be an acute sense of relief. The same that one would have when saved from a sinking vessel.

The second group would invariably refuse to divulge the horrible aspect of their feudal language codes. The first group might or might not.

Personality enhancement

It is an adequately mentioned fact that when any feudal language speaker, learns English and speaks English, there is a definite enhancement in the personality. Some persons shift to the English side. Others live in an ambivalent mood. However, the essential point is that the moment this person shifts into his or her native feudal language mindset, he or she is a totally different person. It is a good thing that this Twitter poster whose wife is an Indian, doesn’t learn any Indian language. If he does also, there is not much of a problem. For, in most cases as a citizen of England/GB, he will be placed on the higher sides of the feudal language codes.

In the case of this Twitter poster, the moot question might be whether he has been adequately enlightened about the ennobling versus degrading codes embedded in Indian feudal languages. That there is absolute discrimination embedded coyly in most sentences in an informal conversation. That people can and do split other human beings into varying levels of existence, by the means of mere verbal codes. In fact, verbal codes have the same power of software codes. Or even more. [INSERTION: READ my latest book: Software codes of mantra, tantra, witchcraft, black magic, evil eye, evil tongue &c.]

Native-English speakers marrying feudal language speaking individuals is loaded with weird kinds of possibilities. I can’t deal with it here.

English racism is just a trivial issue

This point takes me to the Twitter poster’ words: ‘Racism of any kind’. If the things that I have mentioned about feudal languages are not a thousand times or more powerful inputs of ‘racism’, then what is? In fact, English Racism is just a joke. There is no repulsion or degrading possible in English Racism. It is only a Racism felt by people who have been raised from or who have escaped from the stranglehold of their own native language/culture/nation/land. It is just a desperate desire to enter into areas where they might not traditionally belong. English racism is a jovial experience. Whatever the native-Englishman does in the guise of racism, it has no affect. More and more people from all over the world would still rush in to experience the quite ravishing feel of English racism. It only improves the personality of the affected person. And in some cases, it can even lead to a fabulous financial windfall.

The development of the concept of ‘human beings’

It takes me to the words: ‘As a human being’. The term ‘human being’ is also a very misunderstood term in English. That all the various so-called human races are ‘human beings’ is only a new concept that arrived in the Indian Peninsula. In many common conversations and even writings which did not have a link to English thoughts, the very concept that all are human beings was not there.

If the Twitter poster has not been carefully informed of all these information that are simply common information in Indian social, familial and formal communication, ‘As a human being’, it has its implications.

A weird kind of racism

If ‘Racism of any kind’ is repulsive, it would be quite a problem for people from feudal languages residing in England. For, the ‘racism’ that they innately possess is of a very weird kind. It is a sort of strange ‘racism’ in which there can be no identifiable suppressor or oppressor. Each person can be the oppressor or the oppressed, depending on his location. If he is above in any relationship, he can be the oppressor. If he is below, he can be the oppressed. However, as different from English experience, in Indian languages, the oppressed lends ‘respect’, ‘love’ and ‘affection’ to his oppressor. These are ideas that cannot be easily conveyed to any native-English speaker. The two worlds are quite different.

Now, I need to take up the words: ‘This article disgusts me’. I was wondering what it was in the article that disgusts.

Delight in uninformed debates

Then there are the words:’ I will not share your article’. There was no request to share it. I was just conveying an information that I felt would add much required contents in an open debate. It was clearly not a debate inside an email. However, it is true that people love a debate just for the sake of mentioning what has been mentioned many times. There is no essential interest in raking up or allowing others to enter a conversation. It is an emotion that need not be questioned.

A forced learning

However, I had a very curious experience in my own life. In my upper primary school education times, (class 6 age 11), I petitioned the local state government that I was not interested in learning the local vernacular. However, I was forced to study it. For, it was mentioned that this was a learning that had to be compulsorily learned. In the conversation with the Twitter poster, there was more justification (than what the state government told me), to give link to this article that pertained to Immigration in GB. My writings in this regard is loaded with information.

I can understand the revulsion that is impregnated in the words: ‘Appreciate you not contacting me again’. It can be due to various reasons. One is the general tone of revulsion for people who are domiciled in India, that is commonly shown by people of India who have relocated and got citizenship/ subject-hood in GB. Can’t say for sure how this individual got infected with this tone.

See this Twitter post by another person of presumably Indian origin (this was what caught my attention. I do not know the exact context of these words):

Since I do not know what the context of the above conversation was, I should not make judgments. However, it is a fact that people who live in India do feel intellectually and socially liberated once they move to live in England. However, the moment they come back to India, the ancient strings that had detached from them, would spring back to tie them down. In social and positional confinements.

Power in minor links

Now coming back to the revulsion for me, could be a racist feeling that naturally springs forth when one feels that a person of non-acceptable skin colour has confounded one’s own highly egalitarian stances. It is quite curious that a person, who is married to an Indian, has shown this kind of revulsion.

However, the most powerful aspect of my stance is that I did not enter into any conversation. No attempt at any kind of attachment, companionship, equality or even neighbourliness was made. I usually do not do it. Just gave a link. And see the distress it has provoked. If this is the power of minor links, imagine the amount of distress native-England must be bearing. With quite powerful links to unknown and possibly unacceptable nations and locations, and cultures and languages, abounding everywhere.

An apartheid that fails to provoke

Last, but not the least is the statutory block placed on me by the Twitter poster. It does have a feel of some kind of apartheid. However, it would have the effect of an apartheid, only if I make an attempt to break the block. I find no pleasure in breaking such unilateral blocks. It is as effective as I making a similar block on the same person. I mention this to compare this situation with the much worded agony over Whites-only beaches in the erstwhile South Africa. The blacks in SA gave the feeling that these beachfronts were the only seaside areas in South Africa. I do not intend to convey a similar idea to people who make unilateral declarations of blocking me, online. Why should I add to their querulous feel of self-importance?

However, if I am not blocked on My Telegraph, I intend to continue my post. The issue is that English and England are quite unique locations in this world, and beyond. It is this untainted and unscarred England that has been the fountainhead of all social liberation in all Asian and African nations. If this core location is corrupted, then there is no more hope for the world. Immigration to GB is the greatest problem that the world faces. If it is not sternly dealt with forthwith, in less than five years, the GB will sink into despicable states. All systems, conventions and official procedures will atrophy. I have seen such things happening elsewhere, with my own eyes, after the departure of the English rule in the Indian peninsula.

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