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An urgent appeal for ENGLISH RACISM
It is foretold! The torrential flow of inexorable destiny!
9. Roots of terrorism

Canard as a serviceable substitute for academic scholarship

In all post English-Colonial nations, the new political, social and educational leaders are busy spreading canards about England. It can be seen in the writings in many modern online locations including Wikipedia. Anything good connected to England and Britain is mentioned as European. Everything terrible about Continental Europeans is generally mentioned with an emphasis on the words English and Britain.

I had more or less finished this serial write-up and kept it ready in my computer a couple of months back. However, other preoccupations including the publishing of my vernacular digital magazine KALEIDOSCOPIC HUES, and some quite distracting local flare-ups distracted me from posting the rest here.

A couple of days back, I had the misfortune to read a local university-given BA English Social History of England printed notes, for explaining the theme to one person. It contained direct evidence of what I was aware of for a long time. Great Britain and all other native-English populations all over the world see Islam as the threat, and go out of their way to disparage the words Allah and Prophet Muhammad. They miss the root locations from where all anti English-population tirades arise from.

Funding diabolism

Great Britain gives around 250 million Pounds every year to the Indian government as a sort of idiotic gesture of aid. What it reaps in return is a grand propaganda through all educational infrastructure that England/Great Britain was a quite barbarian nation, which invaded all other nations, looted everything in them, and thus became rich. Everything that is mentioned in the last sentence is untrue. Even the fact that Great Britain is rich is not connected to any accumulation of wealth. For, there is a thousand times more wealth in India. Simply calculate the real estate value of the geographical area of India. There are other locations also where the wealth in intrinsic value is a thousand times more than England can display. Yet, around 90% of the people of India are terribly poor and decrepit, and repulsive to the top 10% of the population.

The wealth and prosperity of England is basically connected to people quality which is again due to the most unusual planar quality of the English language. Nothing else. I have proved that language quality can enhance human quality. This is mentioned in my book: Shrouded Satanism in feudal languages.

I need to move forward to the points that are in my mind. However, before that I should insert the information that Great Britain giving 250 million pounds to India is actually creating a huge number of wealthy people inside India, all of them connected to the politicians and the officialdom. For, there is a ‘share-the-cake’ way and manner of dispensing the funds to the NGOs. It doesn’t improve the people of India in the way it is meant to. It creates a lot of extremely rich NGOs who have spic & spank corporate offices. Most of them slowly move get a foothold in Great Britain, Australia, New Zealand or to the US.

The curse of democracy

In 1947, there were around 250 million people in India. Now there are around 1500 million people in India. Democracy was what spurred this population explosion. Democracy is the worst of all half-baked ideas that has come out of foolish British academic minds. In fact, all of these British academicians should have been caught and sold into slavery in Africa. It might have given them a lot of real academic information, other than nonsensical classroom, blackboard ideas.

Into the minds of these newly-born 1500 million Indians, the government of India (that should mean the nation-looting Indian officialdom and the king’s ransom monthly-salaried Indian academic classes) are spreading ideas that can make even a most sensible man kindle with anger at British/English endeavours. It is not Islam or Prophet Muhammad that is the exact reason for anti-English feelings.

In these inimical Indian official writings, the essential difference between Continental Europe and England is erased out. One gets the idea that both are synonyms when actually both are antonyms, historically. There is much to mention in this regard. However, I need to move on.

Premeditated false talk

See these images of photos I took out from the Social History of England university notes. In a textbook that is being taught to promote the cause of English, what comes out is anti-England propaganda. If this be so, I wonder why this social history of an evil nation is taught to students! It should serve no good purpose.

What has to be understood is that the readers of this text are people of the Indian peninsula. They understand everything from their own mindset. This mindset cannot be understood by native-English speakers. The native Indian peninsula mindset is defined by the local feudal languages. The words slave, cruel, adventure, business, aristocracy, planter, daring and almost all such things are understood with a different slant. Like for instance, Gandhi as understood (through the movie Gandhi) by the Native-English folks looks English. However, in most Indian movies, English officials of the Colonial periods have definite Asian/Indian personality streaks. Both understandings and depictions are erroneous and miss a huge amount of contents.

The real looting of the nation

Before going into the intricate issues of the subject matter, let me mention the details of the modern Indian officialdom and academic classes. In India, almost around 90% of the working population earn a month income between Rs. 2000/- (20 GBP) to Rs. 15000/- (150 GBP). Of the rest, around 1% is the government officials. After the formation of India in 1947, this class has gone on adding to their benefits. Their salary starts from around Rs.15000 (initial salary for peons) and goes to around Rs. 40000/- to the middle levels ‘officers’ and then to around Rs. 75000 to the academic Professors, and then to around Rs. 125000 to the higher officials of the Indian bureaucracy.

The officials (including the academicians) get 13-months salary in a year. Banks loans are available to them at the click of a mouse button, for their salary and pension benefits stand as powerful security.

They are eligible for medical reimbursement, Leave Travel Allowance, Dearness Allowance, Travel Allowance, and also something called Bonus!

Their pension is huge and totally unjustifiable. At the time of retirement, there is the statutory Provident Fund for them. Beyond that they get a huge amount as Gratuity. However, what is beyond all belief is something that has newly emerged. That is the Commutation of Pension. That is, they can collect 7½ years pension in one lot. It is daylight heist. For, pension for only the government official is a loot. And to give 7½ -years’ pension as a sort of advance payment is beyond all logic.

There is no social security for the common man. Politicians are quite frightened of the officialdom.

99.9% of the government officials force the people to pay a bribe, if they are in any position of authority to give an official paper or signature. That means, other than in such departments like the Public Library &c. corruption is a normal event. Even in the meanest offices like the Village office, for papers relating to land deeds, the officials insist on a few thousand rupees.

The officialdom of around 1% strength stand like a towering over around 90% of the enfeebled people, who are crushed not only financially, but also by being on the lower end of the feudal languages. They are the Thoo/Nee, while the officials are the Saar/Aap/Ungal.

The tragedy is that around 95% of the Indian population are not aware of these facts. However, they get to learn that the English Colonialists looted the nation, were brutes, were molesters, broke the temples doors and scooted with the sacramental treasures &c. That is why they are poor. All their wealth has been looted by England!

Interpreting the false data

Now to speak of propaganda:

See the following texts from the above text image:

QUOTE: “The impulse to adventure had begun.”

The impulse to English adventure was not connected to money. Adventure was in the English blood because the English language had no codes to suppress it. In the case of the Indian subcontinent languages, the language codes arrest its natural progress. However, if the person can escape its strings, he more or less acts in an over-smart, exuberant manner. Both are quite different from native-English states of English adventure.

Moreover, what spurs English spirit of entrepreneurism is entirely different from what spurs feudal-language spirit of entrepreneurism. This requires some explaining. I can’t do it here.

QUOTE: “soon learnt that an easy way to win riches was to kidnap or buy shiploads of strong and hardy Negros in West Africa.”

This writing is quite cunning and of diabolic intent. It gives the feeling that English people from the small island of Britain coming in small sailing ships could enter any place and kidnap anyone, as one would come and catch a rabbit. There is a great deal of suppression of information about the states of the other nations. I say this much because I know what was the state of the local regions in the Indian peninsula. See the Chapter (Native Life in Travancore) on the Slavery in the Indian Peninsula. One ‘Hawkins’ doesn’t represent the nation of England. Slavery and slave trade was the norm rather than the exception in almost all nations other than England. Only in England was it seen as a novel social condition, and sudden social repulsions emerged in England. And in England alone.

QUOTE: “Hawkins made two slaving voyages …. and came home a wealthy and a famous man.”

Hawkins made two slaving voyages. In a global commercial world in which slave trade was taking places in almost all locations and villages in Asia and Africa, why is a solitary English attempt at participation, being singled out for mention?

In my youthful vagrant lifestyle, there was one incident which I can mention here. In one place, I was one night living in a wayward house wherein I became acquainted with a group of thugs. They were quite polite to me, but then it was quite obvious that they were of a different mental timbre. In the morning hours, they gathered together for an assault. I, in a mood of adventure, joined them. We walked a couple of kilometres and arrived at the house of the person who was planned to be given a sound beating. For some local issues. Not communal. One of the members went to the house in a coy manner and rang the bell, and asked for the person. The idea was to bring him out in the ploy of some discussion, and then to give him a sound thrashing. Luckily for me, he was not in the house.

I literally forgot this incident, until I started hearing a very powerful story spreading through the locality that I was involved in a mafia kind of hooliganism. One man came and told me that he simply couldn’t believe that I was involved in this kind of activities.

I mention this incident to denote that all these kinds of mention of Englishmen participating in slave trade are just the exceptions that is quite out of the ordinary. For, I have seen more brutish, lifelong slavery and human trade without the description of slavery being enacted in the Southern parts of the Indian Subcontinent. However, no one even cares to even ponder on them, even in a family conversation. For, they are all very common incidents that is not worthy of a mention. However, if there is a single incident of an Englishman being involved even in a most solitary manner, it would get repeated, discussed and cried over.

QUOTE: “He was the founder of the Negro slave trade”

Hawkins was not the founder of Negro slave trade or of any slave trade. He was just a single participant in a trade, the founders of which would naturally be the local social leaders of West Africa. However, who would mention about the doings of the West African social leaders? They, themselves, wouldn’t do it.

QUOTE: “Which for more than two hundred years to be a source of immense gain to English merchants. Neither English nor Spaniards had the least care of the cruelty and wickedness of this traffic in human flesh.”

Slave trade was not the source of immense gain for English merchants. Slave trade became noted as a cruel human endeavour, the moment English merchants got involved. When the feudal class merchants of Asia, Arabia, Africa, South America, and Europe were involved, there was no one to feel the heartburn. However, the moment the English common people became conscious about this, they reacted. The same way when the practise of Sati (burning of women in the pyre of their dead husbands in the northern parts of the Indian peninsula) became known in England, the British parliament ordered its suppression. East India Company was then bound to crush it. For this single act alone, the officials of the East India Company will have a permanent seat in the house of the Gods. There are many other acts also, of equal import.

The un-understood theme of human slavery

In the text image above, it might be noted that the word British has been substituted with the word ‘English’.

Now speaking about slavery, I am not quite sure how many of the agriculturalists who used black slaves in the areas later known as the US were English. I think many were Irish. However, the US due to its huge number of English population was an English-speaking nation. Again it is seen that in an English-speaking nation, slavery was not possible. For, the slaves would fast improve to the levels of their masters, due to English communication.

Next, note the insertion of the word Ivory. Again, Ivory trade is again placed on the head of England, through a mere mention. It was a trade going on in the world. If Hawkins had not done it, some others would have done it. Yet, it was only England that tried to control all cruel activities that were going on all around the world, the moment it became aware of it.

Everything mentioned with regard to slaves in the text image is equally true about all other geographical locations in the world. However, the moment the slave is in an English ambience, everything about him changes. This springs from a very complicated social machinery effect. I can’t discuss it here. However, I can allude to it thus: The concept that lower classes being human beings, is just a relatively new concept. For instance, even in the Indian peninsular area, even in my own childhood, I was quite aware of the spoken information that the lower castes were not fully human with equal mental calibre. Only when the English rule came and gave English education or dignified interaction with them, were the lower castes themselves to feel that they were fully human beings. In fact, most of the lower suppressed classes had an innate feeling that they were not fully human or of equal human dignity.

It can be seen from this information that it was the chance to enter an English ambience that raises a lower class or lower caste man to the standard mental heights of a human being.

Not only merchant in Liverpool and Bristol, but even merchants elsewhere had become rich through slave trade. England entered this trade quite late in the day. And once England entered, this trade’s lifespan was cut short. Queen Victoria banned it, and paid compensation to the slave owners. In the US, the stupid Abe Lincoln used his army like an Asian despot and crushed the southerners, and let loose a astronomical number of African people into the US nation. He could have paid for the slaves, and had them released and send home to Africa. But then, he was a politician who wanted to bask in battle glory. And no African in the current-day US would accept the suggestion that he should have sent them home. For, it is hundred percent sure that living in an English nation even as a third class citizen is much better than living in Africa or Asia, or even Continental Europe.

There is a great mischievous stupidity in the above text. What are mentioned above are actually the occasional errors of the English nation. I cannot vouch for Irish, Welsh and Scottish experiences. For, they are sure to be feudal languages. However, it might be good to mention that these things happen as common incidences even in current day India. However no one bothers to see them as noteworthy.

Two days back, one man was mentioning what a police ‘officer’ had told him. He said that when there was a crime, the suspected persons would be taken to an interrogation room, and the truth beaten out of him/her/them. He/she would be addressed in the lower YOU, HE, SHE, HIS, HER etc. The interrogation would be effective and the truth would emerge quite fast. If one individual is a wrong suspect, there would always be a right suspect.

The man mentioned that currently the police questioning has improved. In that, scientific techniques are used to first focus on the most possible suspects. Then he or she is taken for interrogation. Here again the usual beating, slapping, boxing of ears, twisting of limbs, terrorising verbal attacks etc. are done. Solving such things as murders are of premium value. For, it can lead to departmental promotions.

No academic textbooks, new media, or social leaders mention these things. They mention only about the delinquency of England.

The Second point to be noted is the allusion to the French Revolution. Even though I do not know French language, I am more or less sure that it has feudal components. If it is not there now, it must have been there in the French Revolution period.

All intellectuals in feudal language social systems spend a lot of time and intellect on the issue of human equality. Yet, they all miss the essential point that in their very mentioning of people, they maintain different people at different levels. For in feudal languages there is no human equality or right to equal dignity. No amount of shouting Liberté, égalité, fraternité can bring in human equality or right to equal dignity.

The real fact is that French Revolution was triggered by an intense exposure to English social systems during the French participation in the hooliganism of George Washington. And also by the proximity of France to England. However, in the text image given above, the opposite is mentioned. That of England getting inspiration from France. It is quite a laughable insinuation.

I know of one incident when an Indian army contingent had to work in some African nation as part of the UN. One soldier came and told me that they had the chance to see the British soldiers at close quarters. He was quite perturbed by the fact that his own officers treated him and other Indian soldiers like dirt, and slaves. This enlightenment dawned upon him only when he saw the dignified individuality of the English soldiers.

In the same manner, the French also got perturbed when they got exposure to English social communication. Not the other way round.

All things mentioned in the above text were exception to the common norms of the English society. In fact, they are the common social images of Asia, Africa and to some extent of Continental Europe.

In fact, the terrors of the Factory System were due to English merchants learning Asian/African social designs and imposing them on England. In fact, with the entry of feudal language speakers into English nations as economic leaders, these nations are slowly edging back to the Factory System social ambience.

One has to walk through the streets of New Delhi, the capital of India. The social tragedies of life for the lower financial classes there are generally not noticed by the financially higher classes. In fact, no one even care to discuss these things, for they are negative themes. Financially higher classes find it awkward to discuss negative themes, which connect to lower human existences.

Since in my youthful vagrant days, I had experienced both the upper class as well as the lower class living standards in many places in India, I have noticed things that no upper class man in India would even like to place in his or her mind. No one speaks these things. When the Delhi Chief Minister said that Rs. 650 (6 GBP) per month is enough for a family to live in Delhi, there was much truth in it. No one cares.

Insipid intellectual deliberations

But then if it had been English Colonial rule in the Indian peninsula, and poverty of a much smaller level was there, it would have been noticed and discussed and debated in the English papers. The good quality English administration would have been vilified. There would great dissertations on how the English colonials looted millions from India, and made the people starve and miserable.

But then no one minds the current day poverty in India. Where even in a rich man’s house, the servants rightfully cannot be allowed to sit in a chair or wear good dress. It would create social competition in a language, where everything is encoded in varying levels of words and usages.

The root codes of modern terrorism

Thus anti-English terrorism is encoded into youthful minds in all newly formed nations in the post English Colonial geographical regions. Educated youths boil with anger at the terrible things that they believe England has done to them and to their ancestors.

The sad part is that antique England is increasingly arriving at an orphaned location. England itself is going apart, and its antiquity is being erased by inimical minds all over the world. No one seems to be bothered. It is the greatest tragedy for the world, human races and future generations, and for the individuals in the animal world. It might even be quite difficult to find anyone any more of antique English attributes. For a population of unique refinement is being reduced to midget-size individuality, equalised with populations whose diabolic mental codes have not yet been properly deciphered.

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