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An urgent appeal for ENGLISH RACISM
It is foretold! The torrential flow of inexorable destiny!

Now let us go back to the issue of the English East India Company looting the Indian peninsula region. It is not true. May be there were initial periods in its rule time, when British officials simply had to locate themselves on the heights of any pyramid of social hierarchy. And then a percentage of the gathering of wealth would come into their hands. However, this was how the feudal social set up worked in many parts of the peninsula. However, each distinct area had its own difference.

I am taking the discussion to the issue of England looting the colonies, because this is one ruse used by the immigrant folks to demand their right to enter and despoil England. However, their standpoint has no basis. English East India Company, it is true, was intended to be a commercial trading organisation. However, the officials inside it were totally carried away by the fact that they were in charge of the administration and development of huge geographical areas and the populations therein. In so much that instead of placing enough stress on commercial business, they became preoccupied with the task of improving the terribly distressed populations. This idea cannot be understood if one were to speak of ‘India’, ‘Indians’ and such baseless terms.

The location was populated by huge numbers of suppressed peoples, or groups of people. Each of them was wary of each other. None wanted the other to improve. And for most sections of the people, another population some hundred kilometres and above, away were literally ‘foreign’ people. In fact, for most people in the southern parts of the nation, the northern parts of the peninsula were at astronomical distances. And vice versa. Going to such a distance might have been like going to the Mars. After the English administration set up the railways, for the majority populations, this distance simply came down to the something like travelling to the moon. Still at unimaginable distances.

These things I do not write by reading any history book, but from my own experiences with the populace in my childhood. People used to ask another person’s native place with the question: Where is your nation/country (rajyam)? Only the miniscule group that had been given formal education was aware of a larger nation concept. Even the term ‘India’ had to be induced in the populace through compulsory education. Those who missed it (the huge majority) had no inkling of this nation concept.

A few months back there was a heated argument between me and some immigrant folks in GB, on Youtube.

One I have given here in the text form. The others, I am inserting in as images. My answer to the first one given below was quite fast deleted. Not because of any profanity, or abusive words. But due to the fact that my answers literally flatten out the pro-immigrant arguments.

QUOTE: My parents came from Hong Kong which was a former British colony. It was basically a territory Britain won from China so she could sell drugs to Chinese and get them addicted. China was defeated and had to pay reparations as well as cede Hong Kong. This was to correct Britains trade deficit due to her love of tea, silk and porcelain. This caused untold misery to China, devastating families, emptying the coffers (this was one of many incidents where Britain forced reparations on China and seized territory).

My words: “Immigrants in England are basically the people or the children of the looting rich in Asian, African and other nations. Not the underclass which the immigrants portray themselves to be.“ END

QUOTE: There are some very wealthy yes. But immigrants are diverse and many came here poor. My parents came with £20 in their pocket and worked till they built up a business. We lived in an area with many pakistani and indian immigrants who were poor.

Hong Kong government operates at a profit, Britain used to take all of that. Now that she is gone there is more welfare for the people and some years the surplus is shared with the people – last time people got £4-500 each.

My words: “Most of the corrupt official classes of Asian/African nations have their children studying and domiciled in England.“ END

QUOTE: Given education is one of our top exports that would be an awesome idea! Make sure they leave after and you’ve earned all that tuition and living costs.

My words: “US, they were great nations built by Englishmen and spoiled by uncontrolled immigration.“ END

QUOTE: That must be why the fought a war of independence to be free of England. They won that war with the help of slaves and non english immigrants. It was a prussian general that trained them into a force that was finally able to defeat the superior trained British army of the time.

It was natives that taught them how to survive in the early days. It was many nationalities that built the railroads. It was slaves that were the backbone of alot of their exports. America still has an edge over other economies because she can absorb ideas and talent the world over.

My words: “This multiculture should be thrown into the ocean, and the pristine English culture brought back.“ END

QUOTE: What is that exactly? All great powers borrow extensively from other cultures. The law was greatly influenced by Romans. The religion was not english. Many common food crops came from the New World. Many medications come from abroad. Things like tea, gunpowder came from China.

North Korea is what you end up looking like if you want to reject foreign things. END OF QUOTE

I do not have a record of what my answer was that got deleted. However the total conversation can be seen on the link given.

See the first line of this man’s comment: QUOTE: “England was not hated all around the world.”

Why did India push for independence then? END OF QUOTE

There was no push for independence in the Indian peninsula. 3 million native soldiers stood solidly on the English side. They were ditched by Clement Atlee, and their fate handed over to crooks like Nehru, Gandhi etc.

This man speaks of 20 pounds. To millions of people in the Indian peninsular region of those times, 20 pounds would be like a king’s ransom. Such a huge amount.

That is not all. I will relate this recent incident in my life. A young man came to me for improving his English-speaking ability. He was from a reasonably rich family, having business concerns in the Middle-East. However, he was not willing to pay me adequately, saying that he was coming to me on his, without his parent’s patronage. Within a month or two, he was in London. He had joined one local university to study MBA.

After some months, he called me from England. He wanted me to write his MBA project papers. He was quite apologetic. He literally wanted me to do the work sort of free for him. For, he said that living expenses in London was quite high. That is true. From my understanding, if he were to eat from a restaurant, his daily expense would be enough to pay a full month salary in his father’s business concern in India. So this rich person from India, is seen as a very poor man in England. He paid me a negligible amount and promised more later. A promise he never kept

Now comes the next theme. I went through MBA themes. Being myself a businessman of quite varied experience, I could see the flimsiness of the MBA subjects. In fact, they are basically utter nonsense, to be called scholarship. In fact, if British MBA’s had been the persons who pioneered English colonialism, then they would have ended up as slaves in the Indian peninsula. However, luckily it was the English common folks who went forth. They could garner the love and endearment of the natives.

Now, the third theme to be mentioned can be of more tragic portends. Even though, in all business studies, financial acumen is mentioned as the vital element in business enterprise, it is not the full truth. Individuals, who have a family hereditary of business enterprise, carry within themselves a vast network of links and connections, which can enable them to set up a powerful business enterprise, in any far-flung place. It would be quite naive for the native Englishmen to view immigrants who barge in as poor.

In the first place, poor people from third world nations cannot move to England. For them, it is literally like moving to the Mars. The only occasion when a few of the not-so-wealthy could move to the US and GB was when national traitors like Bill Gates &c. literally fooled their own countrymen, by importing in low-cost labour. During this occasion, a few who managed to creep in were not the rich, and not the quite poor also.

This young man who was my trainee for a few weeks informed me that during his study months, he had worked as an apprentice in some immigrant owned business enterprises. Later, he came back and met me. He told me that he would be going back to set-up a business over there. Now, the funny part is that he was a person who could not even pay me a reasonable sum to write his assignments, could set up a business in England. Now, this is the fact about the other man, the UGLYKwan, who insists that his parents came from Hong Kong with just 20 pounds. The 20 GBP is only a very minor part of their assets. This is just a fooling.

They appear as meek, obsequious, very affable persons, till they get the upper hand. Once this is achieved, what comes out is words like: Scum, Shit, Lazy, Wastrels, Useless, Thieves &c. about the native English folks who were gullible enough to allow their entry. For, in their own language codes, the Native English are placed at the pejorative codes for HIM, HIS, HER, HERS, SHE, THEM, THEY and YOU

Modern academic history doled out (even by foolish English academicians) do not know the real history. This man has hinted on the Opium War in China. It was just a two-hour confrontation basically between a shipload of English sailors and well-entrenched Chinese soldiers. The Chinese sides went down flat. The English side was not promoting the cause of Opium trade. Instead it was taking up the cause of stopping the need for traders to bent and bow and cringe before the Chinese officials. This was a very mighty noble cause promoted by the English colonial officials all around the world.

Even in the nation of India, I know that the small-time traders are at the beck and call of any official, even a peon. The English sailors gave these crooks a mighty fine answer for that. It is an endeavour for which even now the majority population of the nation of India, Pakistan and Bangladesh would give much support. If they knew the truth about English endeavours.

In fact, this UGLYKwan’s parents would have escaped to England to enjoy the liberty extended by the English languages. They would have been quite appreciative of what they received. However, see the poison that still lies embedded in the next generation. If this be the case, think of the immensity of children of similar immigrants, who would use similar words to despoil England. They would call the native Englishmen of their generations, in the futures, as crooks, scum, lazy, wastrels, looters, invaders. The current-day Englishmen are bestowing a terrible legacy for their descendents to deal with.

See the following comment from another immigrant:

See the dirty words that are being used in plenty, everywhere.

The question is who gave such persons the right to use the English language? English is the rightful property of England. It cannot be allowed to be dirtied in the hands of persons of doubtful right to use it. This individual has no qualms of calling dirty names on England and native Englishmen. At the same time, the claim is that the English colonies had been looted by England. And that the natives of the colonies built the English Empire. So, it seems that these immigrants have the right to enter England and despoil it. There is a very definite error in this logic. It might be true that many people in the colonies did work in support of the English Empire. However, they were the people who loved the English Empire and supported it. Now persons who are totally inimical to the England are using this legacy to use disparage England and the English. And to invade England.

Look at the words that say that England invaded the colonies. Even though this is a total lie, for the sake of argument let me accept it. When England invaded the colonies, naturally the local raja would have used force against them. There had been instance when English sailors were fooled with affable words and then taken into enclosures and then killed. It would not be possible for England to do likewise. However, immigrants can be seen as invaders and force can be used against them. English courts cannot deal with the immigrant issue. For, the English courts are meant for the use of a soft group of native English speakers. It is literally useless as a weapon of defence against the swarming groups of immigrants. In fact, by now, the insides of its working machinery would have enough moles, who would act for the immigrant promoters.

It is quite easy to see the whole situation as a sort of wartime. The politicians are totally unfit for dealing with this emerging issue. The current day PM seems an intellectual imbecile that he has mentioned that he foresaw a day when an Asian would be the Prime Minister of Britain. What totally disconcerts is his total lack of innate intelligence. A PM of GB is the PM of England. Since that be so, it is a nasty piece of rascality that he has mentioned.

He has no idea as to what England meant to a huge number of populations all around the globe. England was the homeland of a divine language software called English. It has divine features, the kind of which cannot be contemplated in most other languages. To mention without the least bit of qualms that this homeland will be in the hands of rank outsiders, does call for divine retribution.

Politicians are the product of a very terrible political philosophy which has been promoted globally by inept English academicians, who more or less were piggy-riding on the achievement of the common-folks of England who created the English Empire. The fact is that English the languages has an immensity of democratic codes within itself. Even in a most regimented social system, wherein pristine English is the language of communication, the amount of individual dignity, social freedom, right for articulation and expression etc. available would be much more than can be created in any democracy run social system based on feudal languages. To check the veracity of this statement, one need go no further than India. Mentioned as the biggest democratic nation. However, there is no right to human dignity, no right to expression, no right to equality before the law etc. as can be acted out in English. In fact, for the majority of the people, they are quite well-informed of the narrow parameters of their rights in these things.

So allowing a no-one-to-control democracy inside England has had no purpose, or use. It simply is giving reins to a free-for-all situations, wherein outsiders can literally run the nations, by using their united stance to blackmail or coerce the political leaders. As to these outsiders, they do not represent people who traditionally adored or worshipped England. They stand as desecrators of a land seen as a focus of all human yearnings for liberty, dignity and individual rights. These desecrators have to be moved out. If they do not move out on their own, they might need to be forcefully pushed out.

That they have desecrated the nation can be seen from the words seen in the comments I have posted above. No nation will allow outsiders to enter and then to speak thus. In fact, in most nations, their identity will be searched out and they forcefully asked to move elsewhere.

The commenter mentioned above has mentioned about the issue of the native-British being unwilling to do jobs. This is one issue I had predicted in my ancient book: March of the evil empires: English versus the feudal languages (1989).

The core issue is that of a lowing feel of dignity of labour. When feudal language speaker enter a work scene, they bring with them the degraded feel for many jobs. However, they will enjoy the scene, because it is England and an English ambience. However, for the native English person, he or she will feel the stark lowering of human dignity if he or she has to work in the same ambience.

Englishmen brought in an elevation of human dignity to Asian and African regions. (I can’t say Asian and African ‘nations’, for such nation-concept was not there in most of the parts of Asian and Africa before English colonialism). However, the immigrant folks are bringing in a degrading of human dignity. All this might not be clearly understood in England. For, it would be more easy to see the native-Englishmen as being more repulsed. The inner issue of what repulses is what has to be dealt with. A simple explanation by way of ‘racism’ will be a most silly way to deal with the issue. The core question should be, is there really something more horrible in the immigrant folks who speak feudal languages? If there is, what is it, and how is it going to affect the mental and social stature of the native-English folks.

Before concluding this third post, I would like to mention that pristine Arabic might not be feudal. However, who is a pristine Arabic speaker is the moot question. For, Arabic speakers throughout history seem to have been quite connected to feudal language speakers. They had their own perceptions as to where to maintain the feudal language speakers. In fact, in many Arabic nations, feudal language speaking Muslims are not fully accepted as Islamic in their private conversations. Even though the feudal-language speaking Muslims seems to have unilaterally taken over the mantle of protecting Islam and Prophet Muhammad , without any formal acquiescence / permission from either God or Prophet Muhammad.

Many Arabic groups even mention other Asian/Africans as semi-animals. This was their main arguments in justifying their slaves catching and slave selling businesses, historically.

When seen from this context, only pristine Arabic speakers who traditionally had no link with feudal-language speakers can be mentioned as truly supportive of human dignity. Whether such Arabs are in existence anywhere in the world is doubtful. Apart from that, I have a feeling that there are some errors of an unknown kind in spoken or pristine Arabic. Since I do not know Arabic, I am not in a position to discuss it.

In the same context it might be correct to mention that only Englishmen who have not been equalised with feudal-language speakers can be truly mentioned as the bearers of native-English mental stature. All others’ mental stature might have been compromised by either equality to degraded mental stature or by being placed under such persons.

Where can such Englishmen of un-compromised mental stature be found anymore?

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