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An urgent appeal for ENGLISH RACISM
It is foretold! The torrential flow of inexorable destiny!

I would mention that native English speakers have to place their rights over their land. England is the home of pristine English and native-English speakers. For many persons around the world who love English, English classics, English nursery rhymes, English fairytales, English rule, English colonialism &c., this nation is a Mecca. It cannot stand desecrated by the entry of rank anti-English persons. These persons also love England. Let this contention not befool the native Englishman. For, it is like the contention of a group of persons who are living in a dirty squalor that they love the insides of a quaint quality residential area. This love is only the passion to possess what is not theirs. If they want to be in possession of a similar location, they need to create one on their own. It might be within their logic that they can very well creep into any place they fancy. However, the other side would be being quite foolish to fall for such arguments.

Relocating the immigrants who have barged in, after the 2nd World War has to be thought upon. There is a very specific method to filter out those who have to be removed forcefully and those who can be allowed to stay. However, all claims of subjecthood/citizenship should be withdrawn from all, other than a very few.

Most nations like India have extended double citizenship to their citizens who have taken citizenship elsewhere. This was done with a very wicked aim. In India this was initiated to facilitate the buying up of the national assets by persons who were domiciled and earning from elsewhere. I think that many Indian politicians do have progenies in English nations. They can very well bring their wealth to buy up the Indian properties and set up business here. For, when English currencies get converted into Indian currency, they expand to astronomical levels.

However, England can make use of this double citizenship to force them back to their nations. However, the sad part is that even though many of them would have consistently mentioned inimical words about England and the English, the prospects of going back home would literally create cardiac arrest in many of them. The most simple fact is that many of them wouldn’t be able to walk on the Indian roads, unless they get to reside in a rich colony or in an English speaking area. For, the very codes of ‘respect’ versus ‘pejoratives’ codes in the Indian languages can induce mental imbalance in many of them.

The other option, and that which is quite possible would be to buy up a big chunk of land in some African nation. And to relocate all immigrants to that location, if they are not willing to go home. This would be a very easy solution to the mess commenced by the super idiot and wicked Atlee.

If this relatively easy solution is not taken up, then the other option would be for the native English speakers of England to relocate to this location. Or else, it is more or less a certainty that either they would go down to wretched levels or the nation would end up in a civil strife, of quite uncertain results.

When I was studying in my primary classes I did read about one Idi Amin, who was the ruler of Uganda. He spurred up a lot of enmity all around the globe, mainly due to the fact, that he drove out all the outsiders from Asia who had established themselves powerfully inside his nation. However, when I first read about him, I had a slight feeling that if he was doing this, he was doing a good deed to the native populations of his land. For, it is not Englishmen that he was driving out, but people who were from the feudal language mindset. It was widely mentioned that he did practise cannibalism. If so, a very unmentionable theme gets promoted. That Africans do practise cannibalism. For, it cannot be said that only a solitary African likes the taste of human meat. So there are two options to take up: One that Idi Amin was a very wicked man and practised cannibalism. That option can connect Africans to cannibalism. Which Africans will not allow to be mentioned. The other option is that Idi Amin was farsighted and used force to save his nation from the possible ravages of feudal languages speakers from elsewhere. In which case, all accusations against him, including his taste for human meat is mere antipathy propaganda, which might or might not have an element of truth.

Well, Idi Amin is someone who rarely appears in my thoughts. And it might be true that his own native language would be equally feudal. Due to this very fact, it would have been quite easy for him to understand the working of other feudal languages. Now, how does this man merit mention in this writing? Well, unless some very intelligent plan is set in place to remove feudal language speaking immigrants and other immigrants with inimical intentions, a situation might rise wherein not Hitler, but Idi Amin might emerge as the role model. It might be good to forestall that possibility by taking urgent pre-emptive actions.

Yet, it is not going to be easy. In fact, England might have to fight more terribly than it fought in the two world wars. For, the non-mentioned fact is that all Asian and possibly African nations’ military officers might have sent their children to England, to stay there after acquiring citizenship. For instance, I know many Indian military ‘officers’ having their children in English nations. On one hands, these children would be extremely rich. For, their parents are literally wallowing in national wealth. Apart from that most ‘officers’ would also be getting huge commissions, in all commercial deals made by the army, including that of munitions purchase.

Many politicians and also bureaucrats from India have their off-springs in England, masquerading as Englishmen.

If at any time, England decides to pack all the outsiders back to their native homeland, most of the nation thus affected would try to resort to a military solution. The age-old argument that they are sending their troops to protect the possessions of their countrymen would crop up. If this be true, the simmering question of why no British troops were send to nations like India in 1947 to protect British possessions would arise.

To put it in so many words, I can categorically say that if Britain tries to send back immigrants from India or Pakistan, it will have to deal with an Indian and Pakistani army attack. If England is totally English, I can say that it would emerge out victorious in all confrontations. For English victories are essentially connected to a particular attribute in the English language software. However, England, English army and even English sport teams are no more English in its antique quality. England is slowly fading out in a new monstrous apparition. No one will rally or assemble to protect this useless and grotesque, multi-headed, multi-cultured beast.

I remember a comment in the Youtube replying to me. It was from a native Englishman who expressed an understanding of direction his nation is taking. He is apprehensive, but more or less in a mood of submission to the emerging horror. As if there is no way to change the direction of the nation.

The tragedy was that this individual could sense what is in the offing. Yet, he can only mention that the tragedy can only be delayed, not removed. Native-English spirit seems compromised. England, which did not succumb to any defeatist attitude even in the totally bleak days of the German blitz, now seems to have gone meek and subdued. As if it is readying itself to compromise with the cataclysmic disaster that is enveloping the nation and the future generations of its traditional people.

There is still an infrastructure intact, though a bit dazed, inside England. And that is the English Monarchy. It has withstood years of open disdain, distrust and disparagement, since the end of WW2. Yet, history says that the God always saves the English Monarch. It is up to the Monarch of England to set things right. In England, if pristine English is allowed to override every other communication codes, there is no need for democracy as one see it practised now. What it needs is Monarchy back on its toes. With total trimming up of useless frill elements.

In every system, where things are going on well, the induction of democracy only creates division, rupture and discord. People divide into inimical groups and fight it out. Vested interests and minority groups enter into the fray with bargaining chips and take out big chunks of benefits.

As more and more feudal language speakers appear on the social scene, there would be more and more desperation to reach a higher social position. For, the same troubling mindset that made the immigrant folks to run off to English nations would slowly emerge in England. However, who can think about the slow, yet steady collapse of age-old conventions and social and administrative standards. It is democracy. No one is really in charge. And no one is responsible for anything. People simply act on the political stage for brief periods and vanish without a trace, leaving behind blundering systems.

There are very definite ways and manners for the English monarchy to come back to reigning power; de facto and real. It has to be worked out, step by step. If the Monarchy abdicates its divinely ordained responsibility to restore the nation back to its rightful owners, then it has to step aside, and stand as a jester in history. Correctness in all historical actions is judged by those who come out victorious. If England becomes a clutter nation, then also in the emerging squalor and mess, there would be enough people who have entered and bred, who will find the going nice and wonderful. For, they would have enough native English speakers under them in servitude. However, other nations would view England as just another tiny piece of squalor and filth, as found everywhere else.

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