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Horrendous India!
A parade of façade in verbal codes!

It is foretold! The torrential flow of inexorable destiny!

17. Achieving equality downwards and upwards

It is about the effect of being brought up and down in the feudal language indicant word codes.

It is like this: When one moves freely in English with a person who is kept at a lower level in his own social group, what happens? Well, being in English, there are no corridors to keep the other person down. He feels his equality fast. However, he does carry a mental framework, wherein he is just on the lowest pedestal of the pyramid, which he inhabits. Being on a level of equality with him, more or less, pulls the other man to that same pedestal at the bottom of that pyramid. It is a very much feel-able experience.

Same way, when a person interacts in English with a person who is on the heights of the pyramid, the same pulling up effect is felt. Both these effects are really connected to the codes of reality that exists behind observable reality.

Now, think of one senior IPS (Indian Police Service) female officer. {Incidentally, IPS officers are of the divine levels in the Indian bureaucratic hierarchy}. One fine morning, due to some cataclysmic event, this female is posted below a police Sub Inspector, in a post equivalent to an Indian constable. Actually, the Indian constables are very powerful when viewed by the common public. However, the IPS female does not feel the power of the constable, but the demeaning effect of words as both the Inspector as well as the other constables use words such as Nee.

When the Inspector uses it, it has the effect of demeaning, insulting, snubbing and subordinating. When the other constables use it, it has the effect of equalising her with them.

This is a terrible equalising. Not the equalising the Blacks of USA and South Africa desire. They want the other equalising; that of being on equality with the IPS officers in their home arena.

The IPS female who has come down may feel tremendous mental problems, and may even show signs of panic attack, fever, fainting fits, just when these words are used. She literally feels a depletion of energy in herself.

Now, think of another person, who was a constable. He suddenly gets posted as an IPS officer after passing the UPSC exam. What happens to him? He feels a sudden liberation, as of reaching the heights of divine arena. The word codes change. There is more energy in him. Even though one may feel that the two effects are understandable in English, the truth is that what is understood in English does not have much connection to what is understandable in Malayalam and other Indian languages.

The first is an issue of a frittering feeling. The second one was a feeling of expansion. Well, the first is what really happens when a native English child is made to interact in close association with a lot of children who speak Indian feudal languages. At the same time, the second is the effect that comes to bear upon an Indian child who gets the experience of being in the company of a lot of native English children.

The first one is of decay. The second one is of levitation.

To make a generalisation, it may be put like this:

There are different levels of equality in feudal language nations. Such as that of the servant, the subordinate, the student, the teacher, the master, the boss, the police constable, the government clerk, the lawyer, the advocate’s clerk and an immense more. Each has a pull and a push. When a lower person simply calls another person by his or her name, she is either pulled down his level or pushed below his level.

The same can be affected by simply using the lower indicant words of You, He, She etc.

When so-believed lower persons strive to arrive at equality with the higher class thus, they keep away in horror. In many ways, this causes a continual element of repulsion to so many others in the same society.

As to the cause of the Blacks and others, who claim to be suffering from racial discrimination, it is just that they are striving to arrive at the highest level of equality. That of equality with the pristine English-speaking folk, who naturally bear a mental aura of the antique British, even if they are not innately connected to Britain. These same Blacks and other colour persons wouldn’t care for the other levels of equality, that of being equal to the various levels of Blacks, Browns and other colours in the various Asian and African nations. That is where whole question of racism boils down to the mental liberation that English lends to a person.

Those who have not experienced this mental liberation will not have any problem with the social cordoning that they are made to experience.

There are lessons in this write-up for both England as well as for India.

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