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Horrendous India!
A parade of façade in verbal codes!

It is foretold! The torrential flow of inexorable destiny!

16. What happens in Indian schools?

Now, what happens in the schools? The very first requirement of these schools is to bring the children to a level of ‘respectful’ subordination to the teacher class. The teacher class, who more or less, had rarely travelled more than 50 kilometres from their native place, never read an English book, never heard of the Readers’ Digest, rarely heard a British nursery rhyme, doesn’t know what or who Enid Blyton is, never even heard of Sir Walter Scott, Oscar Wilde, R L Stevenson, Charles Dickens, Thomas Carlyle or any such writers, haven’t seen an English movie, cant understand an English song when sung in British accent; don’t know swimming, cant even jog for 500 metres, and much more are to teach persons who stand in the totally opposite arena.

When these idiots come inside the class, the children have to stand up, in a pose of donkeys, and sing out, in a childish voice: Good Morning, Sar (or teachaar) or its various equivalents.

My children were training others to use the words Mr. and Mrs., as a prefix to a person’s name, when addressing them. However, they were trained in the schools to address a Mr. James as James Sar, and Mrs. Susan, as Susan Miss. Everything was reverse.

It is there in the language codes. I can’t discuss it here. I have discussed the codes connected to this in my book: Codes of reality!

In Malayalam, River Nile has to become Nile river and Doctor Alex has to become Alex doctor. There is a rapid deterioration in mental quality.

Pronunciations went quite haywire. Is has to become ees. Was was to become vaas. Every English word was superimposed with the Malayalam sound as it would sound when written in Malayalam letters. Sultan was sulthaan.

Thank You, Sorry, Please and such other words were taken up in the Malayalam sense; that of being used to the higher ups. To say sorry, please, thank you etc. to a subordinate would be a case of mental incompetence in Malayalam.

The worst part of the forced Indian education for my children was the equating them with children who were mentally trained to be the serving class in words of their parents, uncles, aunts, teachers, school menial workers, school bus drivers, neighbours, local shopkeepers and others. This was simply in the slightly different words that were being associated with them. Such words were not what had been used in connection with my children. How was this done? By simply opting for the British/English communication codes.

People think that the NCERT (National Council for Educational Research & Training) which brings out the standard textbooks is a great institution. On close examination, I found it just a mediocre one, bringing out school textbooks with Hindi connotations superimposed on standard English usages.

Now, at the end of around 17 years of study under insipid teachers, the person still has no idea as to how to interact with others. It is still an issue of belligerent competition. If he can intimidate, he is the Sar and rest of the higher indicant words. If the other man can intimidate, he is the Sar and the rest of the paraphernalia. Since government employees can intimidate all the common persons, they are the total Sars.

So much is the good that the modern Indian education lends to free-India populace!

Now, let me leave this arena. And move to another part, before concluding.

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