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Horrendous India!
A parade of façade in verbal codes!

It is foretold! The torrential flow of inexorable destiny!

14. Current day Indian education

Current day Indian education is simply a nonsense, with the policymakers having no idea as to what it is that they want to achieve.

Education has two totally different aims. One is the improvement of the social system. In which case, English education is imperative. For, it has to erase the feudal tone of Indian social communication. However, English education is actively discouraged. For the leadership, political, bureaucratic as well as social, fears this change, which may ultimately remove them from leadership. English education may actually improve the Indian people.

The second aim of education of is another thing. That of securing a person a dignified job. Well, here again we go back to the primary aim of education. In the feudal Indian language codes, working under an Indian is a demeaning experience. Not only for Indians, but also for all others, including the White English speaking persons.

Before going into that, let me discuss the current state of education as it is in India. I am not talking about the few elite schools, where very good English might be there, but of the common schools, where the majority study.

There was a concealed aim in English education to remove the feudal empowerment of certain persons, who don the attire of teachers. However, the exact reverse is in practise now.

Persons, who do not know anything about English, English nursery rhymes, English fairytales, British Classical Literature and such things, become teachers. Many come through the way of the Public Service Commission (PSC) Exams. These exams are totally stupid, for they can be passed by merely by-hearting a PSC guide.

Many of them have such professional qualifications like B.Ed, M.Ed etc. The tragedy is that most of the persons who have these qualifications do not have any capacity to read, write or speak in English. They do not know anything about the contents of English that I have mentioned earlier. Their knowledge about everything is of the horrible levels. They have no information about anything other than what they studied in their textbooks to garner marks. Such persons become teachers.

In these schools, common English words like Thank You, Sorry, Please etc. get a totally different meaning. These are translated into the words that are there in Malayalam. Yet, Malayalam does not have such words. When these words get translated, they more or less mean words that are used by the subordinate to the higher up. So, that when one says Thank You, Sorry, or Please etc. to another person who has been trained in Malayalam, his understanding immediately is that he is being placed at a higher level and the other person is standing at a lower pedestal. Naturally, people fear to use these words to the common man. They use it only to higher ups.

They have no idea about good postures, graceful behaviour, courtesy, honesty and about commending. They use degrading words, condemnation and brutal actions as a means of bringing in discipline, which they actually have no right to expect from the students. For, they have no right to be teachers in the first place.

Schools are places for uplifting the children. Yet, under these teachers, they become institutions for degrading the children. The teachers use the lowest indicant words about their children. Words such as Nee, Avan, Aval, Avante, Avalude etc., which are of the lowest levels, are kept apart for the children. In earlier times, these were the very words that were used to despoil the lower castes. The teachers reserve such words as Sar (highest You), Mash, Adheham, Avar (highest He, She) etc. for themselves.

Schools essentially become places where the ancient feudal practises are trained and re-embedded into the children’s head and mood. They understand very crudely that might is right, for it is crude strength that garners ‘respect’ in the feudal word codes. The teachers become a sort of feudal lords of the local area. They have to be addressed consistently by all with a Sar or Mash suffixed to their names. All words connected to them naturally become higher indicant level. These low intellect, unlearned, totally ignorant-in-English persons become the cultural and social leaders.

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