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Horrendous India!
A parade of façade in verbal codes!

It is foretold! The torrential flow of inexorable destiny!

9. Why only English?

Here the natural question that would rise would be: Why only English? Why not the ancient Indian literary and scientific traditions? Well, there are many answers to this. For one, the ancient Indian literary and scientific traditions were dug up by the British East India Company officials, from oblivion. And whatever was there in India was not common knowledge. All knowledge were kept in shrouded secrecy, for it was a social intelligence to understand that the moment you give your knowledge and information to the competing social group or individual, you yourself stand to lose your social respect and value. People crowd around you only if possess exclusive knowledge and information. Here, in the feudal language codes, a crowd of people around you will very powerfully propel your indicant word ‘respect’ levels to astronomical levels.

Then the second issue was that the British had formulated many of the sciences from a liberal, non-hidden manner of development. This could be very easily handed over for teaching. The Indian sciences and information, both Hindu as well as Muslim had the issue of being controlled and channelled by groups, whose main aim was to propagate their own leadership, through the earlier mentioned pyramid-formation of structured human arrangement. So, their aim was not naturally the dissemination of knowledge, but more or less the spread of their leadership.

It is true that there are other non-material kind of sciences, which are generally grouped as occultism. It would be quite unwise to discard them as nonsense. There was much shrouded information in this regard in the ancient literature of the various spots in this geographical area.

Yet, it is also true that most of the other regions of the world, including Europe, Asia, Africa, South America etc. also had such spiritual sciences. However, the East India Company was not inclined to take them up for education here.

Now, talking about education, it may be mentioned in passing that studying astrology is as significant as studying physics. For even astrology is a very complicated subject. Similarly studying Sanskrit Mantras is also of significance, if seen from both the perspectives of learning as well as seen as a trade for livelihood. Yet, the English East India Company wanted to bring in English. The other traditional learning, including that of astrology, Sanskrit Mantras, Arabic theological subjects, etc. were not given financial support, but not discouraged or banned.

What was strived for was a materialistic change in social communication that would improve the totality of the populace. However, certain features of the Indian social compulsions may be mentioned here. It is that no one would really advise another to do anything that would really improve the other. It is a common sly ideology that everyone in the society practises.

For example, if one person may improve with association with another individual or an institution, the others would get a feeling of insecurity in seeing the possibility that the other may improve from such an association. They usually use one of two basic techniques. One is to go to the institution or the other individual, and inform that the person is having certain negative personal, mental or social attributes. Thereby making him an unwelcome entity there. His entrance there gets blocked.

Here the word entrance is very importance. For, entrance can mean a particular level of ‘respect’ and positioning in the place. If this pedestal can be successfully removed, the other person would find it quite inconvenient and distressing to enter that place. For his address in the indicant word level may have changed with the new information that has seeped in.

The other technique is to inform that person himself or his near relatives that the other individual or institution does have negative features. And thus thwart him from going there. His individual improvement thus stalls. All these sly cunning techniques are used, all in a very refined manner. So, when it is done with the most inimical of intentions also, the person who has been affected adversely would only feel that he has been saved.

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