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Horrendous India!
A parade of façade in verbal codes!

It is foretold! The torrential flow of inexorable destiny!

12. The redesigning of human features

The power of the eyes: Here, I need to digress into a thing that I had discussed in my book: Codes of reality! That is about the power of the eyes. In that book a detailed description has been given. Let me give a minor explanation here. It is connected to the indicant word levels. The way the eyes look at a person who has been accorded the higher level indicant words is quite different from the way the eyes looks at a person who has been accorded the lower indicant word level. Meaning: the way the eyes looks at a person who is being addressed as Nee in a derogative manner is different from the way they look at a man who is being addressed as Thangal/Sar in a way of reverence. Again, the same Nee can be different in looks if it means ‘endearment’.

Words have software codes behind them that can bring in changes in the codes in the receptive parts of the eyes, and brain. Now, when a person of higher bearing is not being accorded his due higher levels mentally by another person, there is a different posture and a fierce pouncing effect in the eyes of the beholder who refuses to concede the ‘respect’ mentally or otherwise. People fear this effect of the eyes as well as other frill elements of the interaction. These things are not there in English, and if at all they are there, they still remain far from the parameters of indicant words. For such indicant words systems are not there in English.

A child or populace from the Indian feudal language society, trained in English systems will show remarkable changes in its or their demeanour, both personality-wise as well as socially. What emerges is a society, far different from the clumsy, mutually antagonistic, continuously belligerent, mutually degrading traditional one.

It will be a vibrant one, quiet, composed and with great collective intelligence, yet not unnecessarily boisterous. It will be a society that will not get insecure when another person is showing excellence, for another person’s excellence does not bring down the indicant word levels of the others. Treachery would be a rare thing. Telling of unnecessary lies, bluffing etc. would be at a minimal, for they do not serve any useful purpose of elevating anyone’s indicant word levels.

There is a festival in Kerala called Onam. It is said to celebrate an immemorial time in history, when the people of that geographical area were quite honest, never told lies, were never treacherous, never betrayed anyone, were socially good and such. If this is connected to any real time in history, it can truly be said that the people of that time did not speak any Malayalam at that time. For Malayalam is a language that does necessarily demand bluffing, telling lies and promotes treachery.

However, Malayalam started only around 400 years back. So, it goes without saying that the time in history that is thus celebrated has no connection with Malayalam. But then the nerve of the people to celebrate a festival which more or less declaims that they are liars, traitors, betrayers and bluffers is quite baffling!

The English education that was conceptualised by the colonial British was aimed at removing all the negativity of popular Indian social behaviour. However, it does not mean that there weren’t quality people in India. On the contrary, there were people of quite elegant quality and refinement in India. But they simply kept aloof from the common crowd, by corridors of higher caste or higher financial clout or higher social position. If they weren’t able to keep the distance by such means, they simply withered away when confronted by the brutal force of uncouth verbal attack of the masses.

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