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Horrendous India!
A parade of façade in verbal codes!

It is foretold! The torrential flow of inexorable destiny!

10. The cunning craftiness of the Indian leadership

So now, one of the greatest communication software that has been discovered and used by mankind, that is English, is being freely given to the people of India. It can naturally give the creeps to the upper class persons. For, their servant class persons, who should get up in their presence, use heavy ‘respectful’ words to them, who should be snubbed and kept in suppressed positions by the use of pejorative indicant words, are going to learn English. Their mental standards would grow up astronomically. It is a revolutionary change that is going to take place. Well, the British aim to dismantle the strangling social arrangement has to be arrested, if the traditional leadership of the local society is to remain in their saddle.

When talking about this issue, a minor digression may be made here. During the years before the Second World War, the BBC Radio was having an Indian service, aimed at the people of India. Such luminaries as George Orwell and others were behind this work. All that the cultural leaders of India had to do was to inform the Indian people of this fact, and ask them to listen to the BBC Radio to improve their English and to know about the world. But not one of them would do it. For, it was quite intelligent for them to understand that if the Indian people started listening to the BBC Radio, their English would improve. The next move on their part would be to shed their shackles of mental slavery to these so-called cultural leaders. I mention this much to show the real character of the so-called Indian leaders, who don the title of great sainted personages.

Now, all these things would be quite obvious to a British-Indian official living in India. But what about the stay-at-home intellectuals in Britain? They would never get even an inkling of the strange Indian social logic. They would be studying India and Indians from the totally different arena of English social communication codes.

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