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A Different Perspective on International Relationship

It is foretold! The torrential flow of inexorable destiny!


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About the gullibility and pure idiotism

in lending knowledge and technical skills to stark competing outsiders

Take the case of China. Traditionally this so-called communist nation was seen as a suppressor of human rights and an exporter of communist revolution. However, there was something that went missing in this understanding.

First of all, English nations over the years have come to see communism as the reason for being a suppressor of human rights. Actually there is a serious contradiction here. Communism as a political philosophy aimed at the liberation of human beings and not their suppression. Well then, how did this contradiction get encrypted in the notions about communism?

The fact is that communism sprouted and took over the state powers in feudal language social systems. In practice and by experience the communist parties were just another regimented version of the feudal language social system, made effective and emotionally appealing due to a political philosophy that was desperately yearned for by the common man there.

However, what communism actually brought about in their nations was not a social system comparable to English social systems. If communist parties had been run in perfect English communication systems, then the social systems that they maintained would have been a mirror reflection of English social systems. However this was not to be, for if English communication systems were enforced the very power and hierarchy inside the communist party and state would wither away. The very creation and rallying point of the communist and their cadre was through the powerful command codes in the feudal vernaculars.

Now what about the society that was kept under suppression by the communist party and state? Is it yearning for an English like social system? Well, even if it does yearn for such an eventuality, there is no effective machinery to set it up. So all the belligerent stance of the English nations that they are out to help the suppressed sections of the people who suffer under the thraldom of the communist state is a nonsense.

The US and the other English nations took up a stance of providing education, knowledge, domicile and even financial support to the citizens of China. What was missing in their understanding was that whatever be the current mental disposition of the dissident groups and persons from China, they are in the ultimate count under the command links of their national leadership and national business leaders. Moreover, the moment they arrive in English nations, they go up in their indicant word stature in their own nation, and literally stand of the position of royalty in the communication codes. This position on the communication codes is a very powerful thing, for it is these codes that design all routes of social and financial leadership, routes of monetary accretion and many other things. Banks shower loans, procedures gets simplified, govt papers move fast, people acknowledge their benign presence, and thus everywhere they get royalty treatment.

Within no time they become internationally connected entrepreneurs, with powerful links right inside the depths of English nations. In effect, the fortified frontiers of the financial fortresses of the English nations have been overrun.

If English nations do want to remove the suppressive regimentation inside feudal language Asian nations, this is not the way. The actual way is simple, yet of a very bewildering content. I shall discuss this in another article.

Asian nations would not share any technical secrets with anyone. That is a traditional mindset deeply ingrained in Asian minds. It is connected to the codes in the language, wherein the person who knows the technique garners respect, while the seeker of the technical knowledge and the seeker of technical help becomes the giver of respect. As I have mentioned before, when respect is given, there is an element of disrespect or insult being transferred back. This type of communication ideology is not there in English, and hence the English mindset is desperate to share knowledge, technical skill and even the fantastic English language.

Once upon a time, many centuries back China was the centre of silk production. There was the fabled silk route that moved across the Himalayas, the desert cities of Rajasthan, the Kyber Pass and moved across Central Asia to reach the domains of the Roman Empire. This industry made the higher commercial classes of China fabulously rich. However, they were not willing to allow their knowledge to pass beyond the boundaries of their nation. The issue was essentially that of the silk worm. It was forbidden to take any specimen of this worm outside the nation. Many tried and failed. The story goes that ultimately someone could succeed in getting this worm out by hiding them in a bamboo stick.

This led to the production of silk elsewhere and the eventual decline of the Chinese monopoly over its production. Well, there are lessons that the English nations need to learn from this story.

Beyond this, there is another story that I need to relate here:

There were four friends. All of them were endowed with certain fantastic mental skills. The first one was a master in reassembling any scrambled up items. The second one was a master in draping any dead material so remarkably that it could resemble the real one in an uncanny manner. The third one had the skill to breathe life into dead or inanimate animal bodies. The fourth one had uncommon common sense.

One day they went forth into the world, travelling through the jungles, searching avenues to display their abilities. In a clearing in the thick growths, they came upon a plies of bones, which were the remains of a dead lion. The first man soon assembled the bones into the shape of the skeleton of a lion. The second man did the stuffing, and soon there in front of them stood a lifeless lion. The third man immediately commenced his work to breathe life into the stuffed animal.

The fourth man immediately had the foresight to see the impending danger and caution him not to go ahead. For in their very front a live lion was to appear. The danger to their own life was quite apparent to him.

However the third man was not ready to listen to reason. He was desperate to show his great skill. The fourth man immediately told the rest that he needed time to climb up a tree, which he soon did. From the safe heights of the tree he was to see events move to their foregone conclusion. The lion sprang up to life, and it immediately saw three prey ready for it to feast upon. As it got ready to spring on them, the trio were seen in an elated mood at seeing the grand success of their endeavour.

This story more or less exemplifies the stark stupidity of the English nations as they go around spreading and lending goodness and strengths to diabolic social systems, all of whom the moment they get the required strength and stamina would spring forth to devour up the English nations and their soft social systems.

When English systems support freedom and tolerance to others, let them understand that all these things should be extended to persons who exist inside English systems, and not to outsiders who are there to slice up English social systems and way of life. Giving such social and mental systems even a breathing space is equivalent to lending support to national enemies.

My despondency here is that I am unable to convey fully the terror and horribleness that lie embedded in non-English, feudal-language based social system. It is another world. Maybe the terror can be conveyed by just asking the reader to see the horribleness of poverty and privation that stalk many Asian nations. It is not a problem of lack of finance in these nations, but that no one wants others to become their equals. For if anyone is given the chance to come up, their themselves go down. The newly elevated groups would see to it that they trample upon and suppress their benefactors. It is a known thing. A common knowledge that English speakers cannot understand.

The Seesaw Effect

Recently along with the Wikileaks, there came the news that the Afghan President had made an unfavourable comparison of the British as against the US. Well, this is a singular effect and extension of the feudal language environment in Afghanistan. It is a very dangerous one, and can easily great grievous dents in relationship between great friends.

Now see the scenario: There are three entities. The British, the Americans and the Afghan team. When the English sides talk about the others, including the Afghans, they cannot keep them in different spatial compartments, by use of different He, She, His, Her, Hers, they, them etc. However, the Afghan team more or less exists as the pivot of the seesaw, with the British and the Americans being the two arms of the seesaw. They can and do keep the two arms in different levels by a simple different use of the words He, She, They, His, Her, Them etc. It is a very powerful positioning. A single word You, can position a person in a specific social elevation in the eyes of others. This position more or less defines that persons complete social power, commanding capacity, prestige, security, level of value etc.

In feudal language social system, the teaming of three persons or entities is very dangerous due to this issue. In fact, there are proverbs in these languages that any endeavour done by the teaming of three entities or persons is bound to end up in entanglements.

Now, in the context of the Afghan President defining British capacities in pejorative terms, there is this input also to be borne in mind. In feudal languages, there is an instinctive mood to equate smaller entities with the lesser indicant words, and to assign higher indicant words to the bigger entity. The natural situation in Afghan in non-formal communication and understanding would be to assign a lower word to the British and a higher word to the Americans. For Britain is small, while America is big and richer. Feudal languages are very prone to disregard such things as non-tangible, yet fantastic personal qualities, in the presence of more tangible things such as money and visible infrastructure.

It is dangerous to move in close proximity with feudal language social systems and the speakers of such languages. For they can create unbearable splits in close allies, by the powerful wedges that they can drive deep into minor fissures. If at all moving at close ranges with them, keep them apart, and do not give them the leeway to comment on English systems. If they do not like English systems, let them keep out, but do not allow them the leeway to interfere inside.

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