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A Different Perspective on International Relationship

It is foretold! The torrential flow of inexorable destiny!


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Obama’s demeanour Created in stupidity

Language and quality Voodoo in the air

Links to the celestial realm Disciple to a delusion

The hold of the pincers Creating personages through films

Two sides of a farce The start of the rot

Why so many allies? A great American President

Y2K and the insanity The non-tangible, yet resilient Anglosphere

The contagious craving for leadership


Obama’s demeanour

Now, what is all this to do with Barak Obama? Well, it depends. When I first saw his photo and a video of his speech, I was quite impressed. In many ways, he looked like a British Anglo-Saxon with a black paint on him. There was not a trace of a Black-from-Africa in him other than the skin-deep colour. It looked like a wonderful effect of British training on a Black man. In fact, most of the American Blacks do get this experience by just living in America.

I need to explain this aspect of America. America is a not something that literally fell from the skies. It was a nation that literally was a continuation of the immensity of British experiences, including technical, maritime, jurisprudence, martial, dressing, social communication and much else. All this came contained in the software called English. The very fact that social communication would not split and hurtle men and women into various spaces in a four dimensional area by words and usages is due to the fact that it was English that connected the persons.

Created in stupidity

America went in for a war for independence from Britain. In all ways of looking at this incident, one can only say that it was a war fomented by idiots. For if all the grievances that the Yankees had against their mother country were added up, it would come anywhere near to what most revolutionaries have against their suppressing regimes. Is their grievances more than what a Kashmiri has against India, or what the Tamil’s had against Sri Lanka, or what the Moists have against the Indian armed forces. In almost all ways, they were fighting against a nation which was known for civilised ways and manners, and not brutal torture and false encounters. Moreover, apart from such silly things attributed to stirring up passions like tax without representation etc., can it be compared to the sales tax issues of India, where the tax officials simply fleece the traders not only in their trading centres, but also on the highways?

If this tax issue could ignite so much rebellion, then a hundred rebellions should happen in India, where the people and traders are taxed to pay a fabulous pay and pension schemes for a minority of persons called the government employees. Yet, such things do not happen in India, for the regime can be brutal against anyone who thinks on these lines.

As to other aspect, look at the protections and reservations accorded to the native Red Indian population by the British government. This was one issue that really brought in acrimonious antipathy for the British. Well, Britain was the protector of human rights and not George Washington. In fact, there were many Red Indian tribes who fought on the British sides in this stupid war.

Then one needs to think of Obama’s very obvious repulsion for Britain, as if he was making them atone for their crime of slavery. Well, he is being quite stupid, for during the days of Blacks slavery in the US, it was the proclamation of emancipation of Slaves in the British empire that gave the blacks a chance. They could now escape to Canada where the command of Queen Victoria of England held sway. The blacks who reached the Canadian soil sang in her praise.

Language and quality

I had no idea that Obama was not really a black man, but only one with a skin-deep connection to Black antiquity. His mother was British, and that more or less accounted for his elegant English body language. For, it is sure that she had trained him in her ancestral social moods. Here again I need to stress that genes do not really matter. What matters is the quality of the language that encases a person.

Voodoo in the air

I have not studied Obama in any way. I see and read about him quite rarely. I understand that his father was a Kenyan. Maybe he knows the Kenyan language. He is said to have lived in Indonesia. Well, does he know the Indonesian language? Well, these are quite critical questions. For, feudal languages have powerful command links. If he knows any of these languages, and he is linked by these languages to any centre in either language, well then, it is equivalent to persons in those centres holding very powerful command strings on the American president. Well, the issue here is that native English speakers will not understand what I am talking about, and about its power. It is something quite in the world of witchcraft.

Links to the celestial realm

President Kennedy was an Italian by blood links. He naturally would be knowing Italian. Well, in his case also, the amount of hold other Italian persons had on him, especially from inside the family circles would be something that English cannot replicate in English families. For, I do suspect that Italian also is a feudal, hierarchical language. Apart from this, the links to African and Asian nations, with very vile social communication systems are dangerous to America. In such nations, the very mention of a link to America can literally elevate a person to the levels of royal personages. Well, if the link is to the levels of the American President, then the elevation can be to astronomical levels.

Now the question of what was Obama doing connecting himself to Black African states, when there was no specific attribute of his elevated personality, or intellect, or behaviour standards that could be connected to Black African states. When he went there to showcase a black man becoming the president of America, it was a very wrong thing. For it simply gave legitimacy and positive inputs to social systems that had no contribution to his overall individuality. At the same time, in the inner codes in the secondary arenas, it loaded many irascible African nations with positive energy, for which they really had no claims. This positive inputs really came from a feeling that they were connected to the American president, and hence to America. On the other hand, America lost that much positive energy in the secondary world of codes, at a time when America could really ill afford such loss.

Obama is really a creation of the English codes.

Disciple to a delusion

Next thing Obama is doing is going around saying that he is a disciple of Gandhi. Well, it is a case of him become deluded to believe in state propaganda of a third rate, inferior nation that treats a majority of its own citizens as despicable. To understand Gandhi, it is essential to understand that all people who claim to try to improve the lot of the lower classes in India, essentially keeps them in a subordinated position by the clever use of such words as Nee, Thoo, Avan, Aval, Uss etc. The whole usage of such diabolic words and their powerful effect on everyone concerned is not understood by English nations. For it encases a person with a powerful string of involuntary subordination. In a way, the English nations have been foolish in this regard. For, when they teach anyone anything, they do it in such a manner that there is not much commitment or gratitude or snubbing or domination over the trainee retained. In the case of an Indian who claims to be teaching another Indian, he or she sees to that at the very first itself a powerful guru-disciple relationship is enforced over the trainee by the clever use of such words. The aim is to create a powerful attachment that remains a lifelong affair through language and words.

It is a very powerful link in that whatever levels the trainee develops to in his later life, he or she bears a subordination and sense of gratitude towards the person who has lent any amount of teaching, even if it is just computer typing. However, this does have other negative impact on the total attributes of many persons, including the fact that some of them do not like the strings attached, and try to detach themselves from this. The other side of this is that the teacher doesn’t like to see his trainee developing too much, for he or she may then try to remove the overbearing strings. When that happens, that much string of leadership is lost. If on the other hand if the trainee doesn’t develop much in life, he remain a committed disciple and a person acknowledges his leadership.

The hold of the pincers

See this photo of Subash Chandra Bose existing in the dominating presence of Gandhi. To understand the exact power of this stranglehold one needs to understand whether Gandhi addressed Subash with a Aap or Thoo. The difference each word makes is extensive, and of profuse power. For it would define the manner in which Gandhi’s own uneducated followers would define and place Subash. And can also lend light to level of freedom that Subash could garner inside the Congress committee, wherein he was the president. That fact that he resigned his post and left the party may also lend some light about the presence of overwhelming suppressive strings and their oppressive air.

Creating personages through films

Any sensible person may know that it was not Gandhi that was the saviour of the majority Indians, but the British. However, most people have been fooled by the propaganda film Gandhi. There have been many other films of similar deceit in India. For example, there was recently a film about a Raja from north Malabar, who was said to have fought with the British. The truth was that there was no such Raja historically, and what was purported to be the Raja was only a small-time landlord near Tellichery in Cannanore district of north Kerala. In those times, when British power was established over Malabar, it gave a lot of freedom to the erstwhile suppressed classes. Many entered into English education and got government jobs, which had been denied to them over the centuries. Moreover members of the lower castes namely the Thiyyas couldn’t really try to do commercial transactions over long distances. For the henchmen of the local landlords on the routes would literally heckle and tickle them, and make off with their wares. If they had women with them, it goes without saying that these henchmen would lay their hands on them, after shooing off their men folk.

In such an area, when the British set up police establishment, naturally there was bound to be problems for the local landlords. On the other hand, the policemen who were mostly from the lower castes would naturally make the best of the powers given to them. It was a fact noticed by the British officials then that the moment an Indian was given power over another Indian, he would misuse it or at least overuse it. An Indian in the hands of the Indian policemen was a pitiable entity. For, the very moment the addressing turns to Nee, and referring to Avan, the chance of being verbally and physically abused is great.

Now, the film about this Raja is more or less based on this social scenario. The funny part is that after seeing this concocted film, people were seen discussing the dialogues that the Raja was seen delivering in the film. They were seen to be treating them as historically correct dialogues, when actually the very fact that this Raja and his story of his attacking a powerful British garrison was more or less was simply a figment of imagination.

Two sides of a farce and a third possibility

The same is the case with the Gandhi fable. When Obama goes around saying that Gandhi is his spiritual guru, there can be two possibilities. One is that he really believes that Gandhi is really a divine personality. But then, how can he say that it is Gandhi who has influenced him much, when in reality all that is positive in him including his major language is connected to British antiquity?

The second possibility is a bit more weird. He knows that Gandhi is a farce and fraud. Yet, he wants India to be bundled with Gandhi, for everything about Gandhi is a fake and lack quality. It is actually an oriental social trick. When persons are seen on the wrong path, others simply say words of praise. For example, if a person is seen wearing an idiotic dress, going for an ineffective education, going for the wrong job etc. other persons would not enlighten him about the gravity of the situation. Instead they would encourage him to continue in the same path. For, they would see the going down of the individual and his group. Since in Asian nations, all communication and actions do have an element of competition encrypted into it, this is all a part of a decoy system to lead the other competitor in society to destruction.

Now Obama might be doing this. However, as per my own judgement, I sense that he is really on a third path. That of trying to emerge as a leader of the world population. As a typical politician he may know that the best way to garner support in oriental nations would be to piggy ride on some other entity that has political buoyancy there.

Yet, the total effect is that of undermining the superiority of English systems and playing into the hands of cunning oriental masterminds. Surely this is not the way to run English nations.

The start of the rot

It was Bush who started the rot. When the World Trade Center was pushed down in a terrorist attack that killed around 3000 persons, he simply bit the bait. As a person who revelled in limelight, all his words and actions were meant for the stage. There was too much bravado in his words, which really ill-fit the demeanour of a leader of a powerful nation. He played into the hands of so many oriental cunning groups who had been hungering to get America to do their own dirty work.

Iraq was ruled by a person who knew the rules of the local social and political scenario. He was not ruling as per the laws of democracy. So what? Democracy is not the only political apparatus that has run nations. Moreover in most nations, democracy has brought in disaster and famine.

What is the opinion that one gets about this ruler of Iraq? Well, when making queries about persons in oriental areas, what one receives is not objective reports. Instead one gets opinions based on the affiliation everyone has for that person. If the person supports him, he is a great man. If he does not support him, he is a crook, a nitwit and a madman.

There is a huge faction that wants the Iraqi leader ousted. They cant do it on their own. Maybe they have their own reasons which have elements of truth. However, is it correct to join sides in this dispute? Even the British have done this nonsense even recently, all done in perfect altruistic spirits. However, the real issues that irritates the mutual contestants are beyond the understanding of the English persons. For example, the simple question of why the contesting parties can’t sit together and talk it out. Well, the codes of respect and obeisance in their languages act as effective hindrance to this. Yet, it cannot be detected by the English mind.

Why so many allies?

When America went for a fight in Iraq, there would be acting as per the desires of a particular section of people. Yet, did Iraq have a fight with US? Not really. Even in the First Gulf War, the US was acting at the behest of another nation. Now this raises the question of what happens if the US does not support its allies. Well, this should give rise to another question of why should the US become allied to so-many nations with which technically and morally there is nothing in common. The US is an English nation, having a way of life that essentially gives the freedom of existence that English language allows. Most of the so-called allies of the US are nations which are feudal language nations, having ways of life which are the exact opposite of the freedom encased in English language.

A great American President

Thinking of great American Presidents, from personal knowledge I must insist that President Bill Clinton was one of the greatest of US presidents. For the nation was in economic prosperity, there were not much fights and America looked beautiful with a good looking president. Yet, the Americans had the nutty head to get him screwed up on charges of indecency. What indecency! What if the president was a decent fool, who would squander the nation away, yet sexually be a saint?

Y2K and the insanity

I do not know who was the president when the Y2K came. Whoever the president was then, he was an utter fool. For, the moment I heard about it, I understood the grave implications it meant for the English nations. For it was allowing other nations to become privy to one of the most powerful technologies currently found, that of computers and the Internet. No nation with some sanity in its head would do it. There is actually no justifications for allowing personnel from low-currency-exchange-rate nations to come and do this work. For then, why not allow agricultural workers, iron workers, taxi drivers, management consultants, medical professionals, school teachers and every other professionals into America? Why only the computer field was found to require extra-national individuals?

The non-tangible, yet resilient Anglosphere

Now coming back to the issue of allies, there are traditional allies that English nations naturally have. For English nations essentially belong to a group called the Anglosphere. This is a natural alignment that comes about spontaneously. If the American presidents have forgotten this realm, then they have lost their basic understandings. Britain’s natural allies are Australia, Canada, New Zealand and off course the US of America. However, since the US is full of people who came from non-English nations and heaped loaded claims on their own heads as to what runs the US, they may not be in a mood to admit the British legacy in the US. Instead they would go around bragging variously about Italian contribution, Chinese genius, Japanese insights, Indian intelligence, French philosophies and much else. But not a word of the British social, administrative and intellectual designs would mentioned. Yet it is this single factor that makes the US great. In fact, this single factor in any nation can bring in total enlightenment in that section of the nation.

The contagious craving for leadership

Due to so much people who have barged into the America from feudal language nations, where there is a continuous aspiration for leadership, the US has developed an instinctive passion for leadership everywhere. Yet, it is like the Gandhian leadership. Even though Gandhi formally used the idea of non-violence as a political technique, all his followers were quite at home in stoning public offices, giving fire to property of their political enemies, haggling persons who did not acknowledge the spiritual glory of their leader and even in giving a physical battering to enemies, Gandhi simply had to look unconcerned and unperturbed by their actions. For, if he were to interfere in their rightful areas of political activity, he would be dethroned. It is a mutually beneficial symbiotic relationship.

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