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A Different Perspective on International Relationship

It is foretold! The torrential flow of inexorable destiny!


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Allying with the demons A sane foreign policy

Standardising American demeanour Creating a new hallowed space

What to dispense A monster about to run amok

Sharing the same geographical location A mentally shackled president

A conceited non-entity Who benefited in the Gandhi murder

The zombie rule in India The nonchalance and the stupor


Allying with the demons

The same is the issue with America. It has made itself an ally of such nations as Korea, Sri Lanka, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, South American nations, many African nations etc. All of them are satanic-to-the-core nations. In many of these nations, the common public has not much dignity when compared to the government officials. A common man going to the police station is a different experience from a government official going to a police station. How can America claim to be an ally of any of these nations? There would be segments of the population in these nations desperately trying to throw off the mantle of these crooks who rule them. When they take up arms, naturally the government would ask for American help, in logistics, munitions, technology, remote sensing etc. What moral right does an English nation have to help such demons?

These are the ruling groups which the colonial East Indian Company officials wouldn’t have touched with a barge pole. What gives the Americans the right to think that they are doing a morally right job in collaborating with such repulsive groups, who keep a majority section of their populace at the dirt level by the use of dirtifying language?

A sane foreign policy

A sane US foreign policy would be to go in for a mood of political isolation from all such nations, and only allow relationships that are connected to trade. For allies, they should recreate the idea of the Anglosphere. In terms of political alliances, America should in very clear terms say that the level of people freedom in such nations as India and the rest of the nations are abominable and not condonable by American English standards. Feudal suppressive languages should be clearly defined as such and American repulsion for the same should be mentioned. Also American moral support to all populaces that are trying to throw off repressive regimes should be made clear. However, the US need not run to the aid of all such groups, for in most cases, the leadership of the rebels will also be encased in a similar feudal regimenting language structure. So that most rebellion ultimately only means the change of persons, and not a change of social living style and way of life.

However what I have said is easier said than done. For in almost all segments of American public life, people from feudal language nations have crept in. Even though they speak English in American accent, in the inner core of their mind there is another software running. That software is their native language. It can be terribly feudal, and does connect them incessantly with their native world, and its national leadership, where everything is uncannily different from the English mood.

Standardising American demeanour

I remember seeing a Discovery Channel programme sometime back. It was about the American military research wing making a very powerful weapon that could penetrate deep into inside the mountain cave and detonate from far inside; so that anyone hidden deep inside the caves could be pulverised by the tremendous air pressure build-up. A female scientist was speaking venomously about the need to kill the enemies. She was a Vietnam-native citizen of America. She spoke about the freedom that America had given her and her commitment to protect that freedom. Yet, the way she spoke was like a typical Asian with a feudal-language mind setting speaking of deemed dirt-like enemies. Well, it is good if she can make good weapons, but keep such persons from being the mouthpiece of American foreign policy, for what exudes out is not an English mood, but typical feudal language mental vibes. It can ignite equal belligerent passions in others, which a natural English mind will not. America should radiate English vibes, and not the opposite tones.

Creating a new hallowed space

In a world where only a few languages and social systems have the freedom encrypted that are similar to that encoded in the English language, there is need to build up a citadel to protect that hallowed arena. So the need of the hour is to set up an international group of nations that are English and only English. The natural leadership should go to the British monarch, as a formal focus of emotional attention. No other political entity, including the British House of Commons can replace it. Maybe the British monarchy needs pruning and shredding of frills, yet it contains within itself very powerful codes that has outlived the onslaught of centuries of political upheavals.

Lower to this formal entity, let there be a formal parliament of members from all the English nations.

What to dispense and what to filter out

It is time to dispense with the costly white elephant called the UN. It is a bleeding entity, that has given an immensity of wealth for officials from the third world nations, and a chance for them to bask in international glory. Whatever good the UN can do can be done better by the English nations and the Red Cross. Support only organisations that are English nation based. Do not support English nation based organisations run by persons who are native to feudal language nations. Screen out persons who are English nation domiciled, but continue to use their own feudal native languages inside their households, and also have children who talk their native language. For feudal languages are not just communication software, but powerful command and compliance routes, that give lend strings to powerful extra-national command centres.

A monster about to run amok

To explain the tragedy of being associated with feudal language nations through an entity known as the UN, just see the situation of handing over the law and order of a beleaguered nation to a military contingent from any such nation as Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka etc. These troops are not like English troops. The soldier is kept in a powerful level of shackles through powerful feudal usages. Though quite obsequious to their own officers, they are markedly discourteous to those they perceive as their inferiors. Well, when they are allowed the free run with weapons in their hands, they will lay their hands on any and all things that come their way. When the name of the UN is thus sullied, it can diffuse on to the name of English nations also, who are seen to be in charge of the UN. Yet, UN is not in anyone’s charge, and it is going to be another international monster about to go berserk.

Sharing the same geographical location

Now we need to go back to the issue of differing hierarchical pyramids sharing the same geographical location. Tamils couldn’t bear to be subordinated to the Sri Lankan hierarchical pyramid. Well, any sane man would understand that. Will British people love to live under Indian hierarchical pyramid? The answer is a categorical no. However, in the case of Tamil, it is also a feudal language, and not like English. But then, one cant force them to accept another mantle with a different command and position pattern.

Obama goes around speaking about how the US fought off the British mantle. Well, isn’t he being either too stupid, or downright deceiving. For the British mantle over the New World was at best only a slender thing, while what the Tamils felt over them was something like a dragging blanket. Obama obviously thinks that the only legitimate freedom struggle in the world was the American War for Independence. It is a very silly understanding. Most of the people in the US, who brag about that war, including Obama, had anything to do with that war, in any way, including bloodline.

A mentally shackled president

When the Sri Lankans were carpet bombing the Tamil populace after keeping off all outsiders and independent media from that area, why didn’t he order help to the dismally outgunned Tamils? Well, he was naturally deceived by some section of the Indian elite class domiciled in the US. They must have told him that the Tamils had assassinated Rajiv Gandhi, the former Prime Minister of India. Like everything that he seems to have got wrong, this piece of information was also wrong. Rajiv Gandhi is not to be defined as the former Prime Minister of India, but as the defeated or ousted prime minister of India. He had become the prime minister on the sympathy wave that swept the nation when his mother was killed by her own security guards. Well, isn’t it a silly claim to political power. Such as if Roland Regan had been killed, his son becoming the next president of the US, riding on the sympathy wave.

A conceited non-entity

Well, Rajiv Gandhi became a PM on a stupid reason. At the end of the five years, the nation was quite fed up of this silly man, who was by then reputed to have siphoned off around a 600 crores of Rupees as commission in a major arms deal. There was a major case against him and there were efforts to open up the Swiss Bank account where this money was deposited.

He who had no personal justification to become a PM of this nation sent the Indian army to crush the Tamil Tigers, with whom actually the Indian nation had no enmity with. His anger with them was possibly due to the fact that their leader Mr. Prabhakaran did not act like a servant to him, and demanded dignity of treatment. Mr. Prabhakaran who had been invited and brought to Delhi was held in house arrest and forced to sign a treaty. Mr. Prabhakaran went back to his command area, where he was a leader in his own right and repudiated what had been forced on him.

The Indian army was sent to hunt him down, and for the next two and a half years, they killed an immensity of Tamil freedom fighters and civilians. Since I was not a witness to what the Indian army did over there, I can’t say for sure. However, there were a lot of stories about how they behaved when they raided Tamil houses. Well, no one will be able to forgive the man who sent in the Indian armed forces to lay their hands on them. The experience can be terrifying, for it is dirt-level personnel who are laying their hands on them. These armed forces personnel are kept at dirt-level by their officers, in the feudal Hindi language. And when these same persons come into positions of domination, it is like making others also pieces of dirt. No man, including an Englishman would be able to bear it, let alone the Tamils.

In the next election in India, Rajiv Gandhi’s party was faring badly. For in almost all places where the election took place before Rajiv’s death, his party lost. There was a desperate need to bring in something that could regenerate the party’s chances. What else was better than an assassination? It has worked wonders in the past, and would so again in the future.

This was only one side of the logic that led to his killing. The other side is the simmering anger against him for sending a brutal force to lay their hands of Tamil populace. If he were to come to power again, surely he might send the Indian army again.

It is war. He had had the Tamils killed. What would the US had done if another nation’s leader was ordering the death of US civilians and manhandling of their private physical areas? If they were intelligent they would send an agent to kill him. If they were nuts, they would send in the US army to capture the land, and then go for a massive efforts to keep the nation running on their own expenses.

Rajiv was killed, allegedly by the LTTE commandoes. Yet, as in the case of Gandhi murder, there is need to think about who ultimately bore the benefits of this murder. Well, it was the Congress Party that got the full benefits. Well, any intelligent man would do some thinking on this basis. As for the LTTE, it was a stupid gesture, to kill him in such a manner that they naturally became the prime suspects. It was this single incident that was used to showcase them as terrorists. If they are terrorists for killing a man who had their tens of thousands killed with no particular motive, then what about India, which can also be held accountable for killing many persons. What is great about US jurisprudence that does not see any crime in Indian unilateral actions, in comparison to LTTE legal systems that stamp Rajiv as a mass murderer?

Who benefited in the Gandhi murder

In the case of Gandhi murder also, there was a terrible thing that was missed. The question of who benefited from Gandhi’s death. Gandhi was a sort of joke, and there were an immensity of slanderous stories abounding the Delhi newspapers, but not seen in out of Delhi newspapers; for his fetish for strange night time activities. Moreover, most of his outbursts were enjoyable when done from the safety of irresponsible positions. The whole of such cracking idiotism would amount to a madman’s words when he starts mouthing the same from the position of responsible authority. He was a man better dead than alive. If alive a nuisance, but when killed a hallowed sainted person, whose special followers can ride high on the sympathy wave.

Well, this entity was then embedded into all the schoolbooks and a fabulous film based on a imaginative theme was made. The actor who featured Gandhi was a British actor. Every Indian was taught to revere him and through him his followers. It is this gigantic false story that has made the congress party survive to some extend. Otherwise, what is the scenario in India? Nehru used this legacy to the full. Nehru himself was a person who had an international reputation as a plagiarist. His most famous book The Glimpses of the World History is actually a clever content rewriting based on H G Wells’ An Outline History of the World. Well, it is a better book than H G Wells’ book, but then I have seen an immensity of such work being done in Delhi, where British and American books are handed over to local content developers who do a better job than the original.

The zombie rule in India

Now India is really under the rule of an Italian woman. She has kept a man who has the personality of a zombie as the Prime Minister. Indian presidents are persons who are assured to have low quality personality and can never come to become powerful competitors to the Prime Minister. The current lady who occupies this post is an unknown entity and serves the needs of her Italian appointer very well. Her predecessor was a different experience. He may have been chosen for his atrocious facial expressions. However, in India there are more powerful things than looks and beauty and that is power and positions. This man was a professor. Naturally he is a Sar. A man who is a Sar is a powerful personality in whatever arena he is allowed to move around. The moment he became the president, he started sending his vibes everywhere as a professor who had exploded the Indian nuclear bomb. Well, this claim was only false story, but no one really minded it; for it was an effective deterrent to the Pakis.

When his tenure was over, there was a bit of talk that he would be given an extension. But then, he had quite obviously overstepped his parameters. The current lady knows her position and is seen in photos as extending her ritualistic obeisance to the Italian usurper of the Indian sovereignty.

The nonchalance and the stupor

Obama stood still in a mood of supreme nonchalance when the Tamils were butchered. There is no confirmed and reliable reports of what really happened to Mr. Prabhakaran. His son’s photo was shown as of an ugly man, whereas there were other photos available showing him as an elegant looking man. What happened to Mr. Prabhakaran’s wife and daughter? Mr. Prabhakaran’s body is shown as that of very cleanly dressed and well-shaven man. Is it possible to believe that this was the body of Mr. Prabhakaran? He was engaged in fighting with a enclosing, heavily armed enemy from a place that was the size of a football court for days. In the midst of all this, he had time to have a nice shave, wear well-ironed cloths and look quite well-fed? Surely there is some mystery.

A lot of war crimes were done by the Sri Lankan army. But what was American response to all this? They gave an American citizenship to the Sri Lankan General and his family. Is the US government going nuts? What kind of message is the US giving about itself to the world? Obama claims his black antiquity in quite endearing terms. Well then, when black skinned people, the Tamils were being made into mincemeat, where had this endearment disappeared?

It only points to the level of outside infiltration that has happened to the inner core of American policymaking machinery.

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