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A Different Perspective on International Relationship

It is foretold! The torrential flow of inexorable destiny!


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The deeper realities The slimy treachery in the honouring

How the English nations were fooled Communism and social slavery

Co-partnering with slimy creatures The See-Saw personality shift

The thuggees and their share Partnering for a despoiling

Confusion as a strategic manoeuvre What the US support means

Keeping the feudal classes at bay Co-existing in the same geographical location

The imminent flare-ups How English lubricates communication

The clashes and the repulsions Core elements of Human Equality


The deeper realities of International Relationship

Now when English nations try to evolve a theory of International Relationship, they do need to take this essential difference between themselves and many other nations into account. Especially when it comes to dealing with Asian, African and South American nations.

The slimy treachery in the honouring

Oriental nations have something called superb hospitality. The guest is made to feel a divinity, and he is honoured to the hilt. In fact, the local languages do insist that the guest is equivalent to a divinity. Well, this may seem a wonderful stance. The reality is different and of a strange diabolic content.

The warmth of superb hospitality is not for every person who comes as a visitor. It is essentially meant for the person who is seen as a powerful personage, or at least someone who has to be extended temporary honour. The powerful personage naturally is entitled to this. For he is Adheham or Avar or Unn, all of the higher indicant levels. If he is of the Avan or Uss levels, naturally, there is no honoured reception for him.

In comparison to oriental hospitality, English reception may seem quite cold. For the warmth that is extended in the orient is quite exuberant. But then, there is an essential element of treachery in this warmth. For example, there is a saying in Southern Malayalam: To get one needs done, one may even need to bow to a donkey!

The philosophy is that if another person has attributes that one can make use of, then it is only being intelligent to extend him or her empty, premeditated honour. This honour extends till one’s needs are satiated, and the next moment the honoured personage is removed of his frills and made to feel a non-entity.

Thus in orient, deceit is a natural element of cunning social interaction. Such attributes as honesty, courage of conviction, fair play, commitment, word of honour etc. has no meaning here, and are considered as stupid attributes, other than when they are to be extended to acknowledged superiors. The British official of the East India Company rule times were aware of this deep maliciousness of Indian social codes. However, the moment the reins of rule came to Britain, the wise guys over there thought that they knew better. And literally made a messy understanding of British contribution to India.

How the English nations were fooled

Now, how does all this connect to modern days? Well, after World War II, the English nations were quite foolish. The very fact that US took up the issue of developing Japan was a very intense example of being deluded by oriental hospitality. The feel of Japanese hospitality was so overwhelming and overpowering that the officials concerned more or less opened up the national territories of the US for Japanese onslaught.

It was quite silly of the US officials not to understand that economic onslaught was more dangerous than munitions onslaught. For it was more or less opening up everything inside the nation including the judiciary to outside intrusion.

Extremes of social and economic freedom are encoded in English

Wherever the US went into for war or military partnership with oriental nations, they were being quite stupid. The US was simply made stupid to see everything as a competition between communism and non-communism. It was a tragedy. For what communism had tried to gain for the people of many nations, the British rulers had tried to procure for them. Either through economic freedom, or by unshackling of the people by means of English language. For example, recently when my own daughter (age 14) made a speech in English on social welfare, one local communist leader remarked that she sounded like a naxalite (extreme communist). The fact was that she was nowhere near communism. All she had mentioned was the essential freedom that was embedded in English language, and the social security given to citizenry in English nations. She knows only English and no Indian feudal languages.

In fact, if English people had been allowed to enter into many parts of India, they too would have been accused of being siding with communist extremist, even if they intrinsically were anti-communist.

Communism and social slavery

What is the real connection between communism and US? Well, the people of many Asian nations are trying desperately to escape the social and economic slavery they suffer. It is all actually connected to their feudal languages. There is actually no one who is right or wrong. All persons in that particular language system are embedded into the tight system.

However, it becomes a fight between the ruling class and the lower masses. The communist party, which is again a very powerful feudal structure, tries to lend leadership to them. Now if the communist party wins, what happens? Well, not much. There would only be a change of positions. The erstwhile ruling class would become the lower class, and some of the lower classes would enter into the higher class. The social system still remains embedded in the feudal language structure and remain feudal and suppressive.

If the US had any intelligence it would not come to the side of either sides. If at all, it wants to improve the lot of the suppressed classes, it would try to arm them on its own, and train them into English speaking people. If they take over the nation, well then, it is an English speaking nation, which shall naturally bring in liberty to the people. And may be later on even be an extension of the American empire.

Co-partnering with slimy creatures

Instead of going in for such an intelligent and profitable venture, what has the US done? It has only allowed itself to be used and misused by oriental leaderships. In all conflicts that it has entered in Asia, and many other nations, it has only been a supporter of one side. Actually, both sides were equally of the same satanic quality and should have been avoided like slimy snakes.

The See-Saw personality shift

Almost all Asian nations have corrupt to the core officialdoms. The thing to be mentioned here is that the social communication set up creates a sort of See-Saw arrangement. The higher ups (meaning: the officialdom) goes up in the language codes and exist as divinities. While the lower guys go down in the language codes and exist in the Dirt level. When one accosts the personalities in the higher levels, they may even seem to be more intelligent that most English citizens, for they exude so much power, prestige and intelligence. All this are really connected to the supremacy they possess in the language codes.

The thuggees and their share of the spoil

Almost all Asian nations’ officialdom enjoy fabulous salaries and pension benefits. Most of the citizenry are unaware of the extend of this loot. And if at all aware, they feel that they cannot do anything about it. For, their power of articulation is bound by the limits imposed by the feudal languages.

Almost all Asian nations’ police and armed forces do much atrocities on their own people. They keep the lower classes at the dirt level and if they try to wriggle out of such abominable positions, it is seen as an issue of impertinence, indiscipline and rebellion. They are caught and beaten up to a pulp. The women folk can really feel the power of the state as they are handed over to the uneducated lower level police and armed forces personnel for their entertainment.

Judiciaries in these nations may seem to be quite intelligent and pedantic. Yet, the fact is that judiciary is a nonsense. For, the judges put up a show of being quite capable. However, it is a fact that almost everyone of the persons brought before them by the police have been beaten up and at times tortured. No judge dare ask the accused if they have been mistreated. Even when the accused persons literally cannot even stand or sit due to the muscle pains they are bearing from the torture they have been made to bear. That is, the judges do not notice even what is noticeable even to a bystander.

Judges are essentially afraid of the police. For, if they try to be too smart, the police will simply disregard them. Their security, candid obeisance to them and much else will be withdrawn.

Partnering for a despoiling

When English nations try to befriend such nations, they are simply soiling themselves.

Creating confusion as a strategic manoeuvre

But then again, the Asian nations do know the art of manoeuvring others. For example, see the history of Kashmir freedom struggle and that of Islamic terrorism. Both of them were historically different issues. India had been feeling the heat of its own draconic stances in Kashmir. Both Britain as well as the US had been historically supporting Kashmir people’s stand. But then over the years, India had been able to mix up the whole issue with that of international Islamic terrorism. Now, the whole situation is a confusion and a mess. No one can really take a stand, for there is no clear cut boundary where the issue of Kashmir’s freedom ends and the domain of Islamic terrorism starts.

What the US support means

Now the US may take a stand of supporting India on all its atrocities on its own people. For example, there is the Maoist rebellion going on. It is a communist rebellion. Well, do I support communism? No, I do not think that communism holds the answer to the social problems that are essentially connected to feudalism in Indian languages. But should the US lent support to the Indian forces as they maim down the poor and wretched of the Indian villages?

Keeping the Indian feudal classes at bay

Here one thing may be mentioned about East India Company colonialism. Many of the officials of the East India Company in India had a most repulsive view about the Indian higher classes. In one way the modern Indian history student may get distressed by this. However, there was another side to this repulsiveness that had a positive side. It was this Indian higher up class that kept the rest of the populace in the dirt level of social existence. When the British East India Company literally ignored the power and prestige of the higher classes, it gave a historically new experience of freedom for the lower classes, who had traditionally no right over anything including their own females. When the British company gave English education to these downtrodden persons, and gave them jobs, that were beyond the parameters of their lower castes traditional professional limits, there was literal social upheaval. Well, it had its tragic sides also. For, the trauma that the higher up classes must have felt as their servant classes started showing social and intellectual mobility that was traditionally forbidden to them is understandable. For the language is feudal, and any social upheaval can made drastic changes in the language codes. And it can really be terribly painful. However the native English speaker will not understand this.

Now, the English nations are doing the exact opposite of what the British East India Company officials did. They are colluding with the higher ups in the Asian nations, and seeing to it that no one is allowed to upset the status-co. Well, that is the tragic side of the modern intellectual inputs given to English citizenry.

Co-existing in the same geographical location

There is the issue of different language groups or different hierarchy groups existing side by side in the same geographical location. In many ways, this is the essential issue that stirs problems of religious confrontation, communal clashes, caste competitions and much else. I will try to explain the problem very clearly rather than by trying to act clever by using such words and usages, which in itself do not explain what is the issue.

Look at a social scene in a Malayalam social system some forty years or more back (in Malabar). There is a high caste (Brahmin) family. Under them come the Khathriya caste (the Varmas) who may be holders of royal links. Then below them come their both serving class (Nairs). Under all of them come the Thiyyas, who do not belong to the Aryan caste system. Below them are the so-called outcastes, currently named the Scheduled Castes.

There is a young woman in the Brahmin family, by name Lakshmi. All castes below the Brahmins refer to her as well as address her as Lakshimikutty Thamburatti. The word used for She is Avar. There is an essential hierarchy of respect, that is natural and both compulsory as well as conceded to by the other Hindu elements.

Now in the same geographical location there are Muslims called the Mappilas. They are essentially good natured persons, and living a more unshackled life compared to the Hindus. However, their spirit of freedom more or less amounts to irreverence to the Hindu focus of respect and veneration. They would not call the afore mentioned Brahmin woman as Lakshimikutty Thamburatti. They would simply use the word Lakshmi and the word for She would be Oal. Both would amount to denuding of all respect. In a social system, where respect is what lends social power, command status, focus and route of financial accretion and personal freedom of movement etc. what the Muslims would be doing would amount to social and financial homicide.

Now look at the other side of the scheme. There would be many persons among the Muslims who are arranged in a particular style of veneration and respect. The Hindu elements who live in the same location would not be privy to this arrangement. The same element of disrespect would be met to them.

The imminent flare-ups

There is more to be said about this idea, but that would need a separate discussion of the issue involved. However, it may be mentioned that it is not easy for persons who belong to different hierarchical pyramids to co-exist other than by destroying their individual and separate language codes. In the absence of a powerful and draconian law and order system there can be communal flare-ups.

How English lubricates communication

However if English is the language of common communication, to a limited extent the different pyramids of hierarchy simply vanishes. It is essentially the presence of English in English nations that makes the other language groups interact without friction with other pyramids. For example, there would various Hindu and Muslim groups in England who internally exist in their own native languages such as Urdu, Bengali, Hindi, Malayalam, Tamil and such others. Inside their language systems, there would be very sharp and powerful arrangement of words, usages and other such things connected to various personages. If they were to use their own languages to interact with other similar groups, there can be friction. However, in most cases, all such interaction would in English.

The clashes and the repulsions

Now, connecting this to the world at large, it may be said that the essential cause of fight between the Tamil Tigers and the Sri Lankan nation was this clash of hierarchies in Tamil and Sinhalese. The same would be case that created the Muslim-Christian issue in Bosnia.

Now I would like to say that the issue of repulsion that the Whites felt for the Blacks in South Africa is also an extension of the same. However, it may also hold the element that the White languages were devoid of despoiling verbal usages, while the Black languages could contain words, usages and adjectives which could make a person a despoiled soul. If this is true, the current situation of having the Black to boss over the White section of the population is a satanic situation. For, if this allowed everyone of the persons over there may stand to get atrophied. The ultimate result would be the creation of an extremely mean and miniscule ruling class and a huge mass of suppressed populace that would literally become soiled.

What I am saying here is that one should support the language and custom codes that ennoble human beings, and not the ones that scratch out sublime human qualities.

Core elements of Human Equality

What I have spoken here are things that do not come under the stupid subject called International Relations.

Now let us look at the issue of Human equality. The Americans seems to put a lot of faith in this nonsense. Human beings are not intrinsically equal. Well, I am not talking from the point of colour and other such things, even though it is quite possible to say that a White man is not equal to a Black man. For quite obviously one is black and the other white.

Equality at the level that I am discussing here is entirely connected to the language under which this aspect of human being is discussed. Look at this example: Aren’t whites quite superior to the Asians? Well, this is a question that has many frill elements. For instance, of what white people are one discussing. For a Russian White is different from a British White. Whites from East Europe are quite different in many human features from those from West Europe.

It is my own contention that persons who have lived over the centuries in English nations have arrived at a higher human level of existence compared to others. However, in many ways, it may not have conferred superior attributes to them. For, English persons are really shackled by various levels of dignities, manners, honourable conduct, concepts of fair-play etc. which all are not actually good in present day conditions, where cunning, shrewdness, treachery and such attributes are considered more powerful capacities.

Now look at this video: It is some English female having a confrontation with the South Kerala police. The issue is obvious, however that is not the point for discussion here. Look at the female constables who are trying to corner her. Who is superior? The White female or the South Kerala female constables?

Well, a quite honest answer might seem to be that the White female is superior. Well, is it really true? Well, if the White female cannot understand the local language, that is Malayalam, then she can at least exist outside the inferiority that is being heaped on her. However, if she were a person who knows the local language, then the whole framework of equality and that of inferiority-superiority goes topsy-turvy. From the moment it is known that she can understand Malayalam, she becomes an Aval, Nee, Edi and such things that literally can take her right to the gutters below the level of the female constables. If she had been a White female who had lived under such abominable levels for long, her very features would reflect the gutter she carries on her soul and spirit.

In other words, there is no such divine concept as of human equality and mutual dignity in Malayalam language. Now what should America the self-described imposer of human equality do here. Should the white woman be made equal to the female constables, or should the gutter-looking female constables be made to go back to their gutters? What I have written here is something no American foreign policy maker may know. Yet, many years ago, I did read a comment of Henry Kissinger when he was asked about the policy of apartheid in South Africa. He did seem to have a precious understanding that there was something essentially wrong about the Blacks over there, or at least in their social or communication system that may atrophy any good quality thing handed over to them. I do not know anything more about Henry Kissinger.

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