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A Different Perspective on International Relationship

It is foretold! The torrential flow of inexorable destiny!


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Protecting quality Emphasising equality with the Indians

Featuring greatness Islam and English

Creating English citadels Obama’s language of mental processing

Redefining International Relationship Containing collective intelligence


Protecting quality

Now let me take a quite different scenario. That of South Africa. Here the issue could be that of a refined group of people who had brought in good customs, education, refinement in dressing and behaviour standards made subordinate to persons whose language could have dirtifying elements. I am not sure about it, but then if there is an element of what is can be called ‘respect’ for certain persons encoded in the South African languages, then its very necessary compliment, that of disrespect or dirtification of other persons will also be there. If it is there, then the White section definitely needs protection from the black despoiling.

What I am saying here are things that do not currently appear in social science or language study or even in political science textbooks. Yet, they are real and of very powerful content. If these elements are there in South African Black languages and other communication systems, including gestures, then there is immediate need to create a separate homeland for the Whites there. It is not really a case of Blacks verses the Whites, but that of a refinement creating communication systems interacting with dirtifying communication system. The first one can bring in refinement, while the other can despoil. The first will naturally try to segregate themselves from the other. Hence the apartheid.

But then will Obama have the necessary inner strength to look straight at the issue mentioned? Or will he encumbered by his black skin and find it a holy sin to say anything that may seem to disparage black legacies? It requires great courage to deal at this level of finer aspects of human conditioning.

Emphasising equality with the Indians

Now let us look at Obama coming to India and the Indian leader emphasising the point that Indians and the Americans are equal. Well, if they are equal, there wouldn’t be any need to mention it. However when Obama also seems to sing the same parody, there comes in a need to think deep about the implications, and what is implied and not implied.

Before speaking about that let me state that when Obama came to India, the general talk was that America had no money and that he was coming with a begging bowl. In oriental feudal language codes, the bigger man does not go to others, instead wait for the other side to come to this side with their requests or demands. In a way, this is one major constraint to speedy actions.

America is financially down, and they are now equal to the Indians! Well, no English speaking person will understand the full implications of this dialogue. For, then there is tumbling down of indicant words of respect, and they can be replaced by crude, despoiling lesser level words. Not just the American nation, but also all men, women and children stand to get despoiled. When that happens, they lose their safety. Englishmen of Robert Clive’s time did understand that in India safety of all possessions including personal life and that of one’s women, were dependant on prestige. In India the person who has no prestige is literally vulnerable to all sorts of onslaughts.

Second, when Americans are claimed to be equal to the Indians, what does it really mean? Well, in India there is no equality. The governing class, the superior politicians as well as the officialdom are the higher ups in the language codes. The rest of the people are in various levels of despoilment depending on their relative levels in language. Each person and each level is desperate to press down others and thus go up.

Is Obama aiming to equalise all Americans to this messy levels? For example, an Indian taxi-driver, agricultural worker, a private office clerk are all kept in various low levels by the governing class in the language. Does Obama aim to make all American agricultural workers, taxi-drivers, and office clerk to go down to this obnoxious level? Isn’t he being terribly irresponsible in his actions?

Featuring greatness

What is this talk about India being a great power? A great power is what? When a lot of money from English nations seep into a nation due to some stupidity of the English nations, does a nation become a great nation? Well, a nation is great when the people of that nation acquire personal qualities that allow them to exist in quiet dignity. That India does not have. As to the foreign money that has seeped in, the harsh reality is that it gives fabulous wealth to a few due to the heavy exchange rate difference. For example, a person in India who works hard earns around 8000 per month. A man who goes to the Middle east and works as a clerk gets around 2000 of that local currency. By exchanging it into Indian currency this man get around 27000 rupees. The local Indian man is literally smashed up.

If the other man is working in the US and earns, his 2000 turns into 100000 rupees. These foreign employed persons come to become commanding persons in Indian social scene and literally live as kings. They go into international business, and then try to emigrate to English nations. There is no betterment of the common Indian due to any of these actions. He or she remains a servant to these neo-colonists, who speaks the feudal suppressive language to them. In this regard, they are a million times worse that the British colonists, who spoke to the Indians in English and thus aided in their mental and physical growth.

When citizens of English nations are thus made equal to persons from feudal language nations, a withering of quality, caused by the lessening of values in their inner codes can happen. It may result in such effects as panic attacks, paranoia and also loss of intrinsic human value. This is an issue which requires a wider understanding and is of wider ramifications.

Islam and English

Now let us think of the issue of Islam and of Obama allowing a mosque near to Ground Zero. The subject is quite deep and may need a deeper study than can be done in this write-up. However to try to make a brief discussion on this subject, this is what I would like to say:

Prophet Mohammed is a man who can in various ways be described as a man quite near to English social mood. Yet, he was living in a nation that was Asian and quite barbarian. There could be peculiarities in the language that gave such a design his nation. The communication structure could force fathers to bury their daughters live. There was no security for the solitary women, and raiding parties could make off with women who are in weak hands.

In the mosque in Medina when the Prophet came, people got up. But he hastened to tell them not to get up, as he was only a man, and not a superior. The Islam that he gave as message spoke of universal brotherhood, and of equality among all human beings. Moreover, he was a very tolerant man, who was most forgiving. In his lifestyle, he was not luxurious.

However, his followers who went forth to spread the message were not quite of this fibre. For Islam was soon get converted into the various feudal languages, and thus lost its essential message of human equality. For example, in Malayalam when persons get arrayed into superiors and inferiors as Avan, Ayaal, Adheham, Sar etc. how can Islam maintain its essential quality? Moreover, people get split as Nee, Ningal, Thangal, Sar etc.

Well, most of the languages of the modern Muslims are actually haram languages for Islam. People who claim to be Islam but exist as Hindi Islam, Urdu Islam, Malayalam Islam, Tamil Islam, Chinese Islam, Afghan Islam etc. are not really Islam. The social system that they create is not Islamic, but essentially one that is the very opposite of Islam.

When Obama gives permission for a mosque to be build in the nearby areas of Ground Zero, actually he is not allowing pristine Islam to arrive, but giving entry to organised feudal language leaderships. Currently it is not possible to differentiate Islam from the features of feudal language social set-ups. For it is weighed down by the strings of hierarchical structuring of leadership and followers, which actually stands as the very opposite of Islamic tenets.

Asian feudal languages creates social mood that are intrusive, forbidding and judgemental of others. Current day Islam also carries many of these features, which are what Prophet Mohammed tried to erase from the barbarian social system where he was born in.

Creating English citadels

What English nations essentially require is the setting up of formidable barriers to erosion of English ways of life, and of wealth and resources, including intellectual and technical knowledge to competing nations and social systems.

Every business entity in English nations need to be scrutinised for what they can bring in and take out. Anyone and anything that brings in loss and negativity needs to be stopped from doing that. If they are outsiders setting up beachheads inside English nations, they need to be politely yet forcibly made to move out.

It takes centuries to create the mature social conditions that English nations have. Yet, atrophy can be set in very fast even by a few outside individuals who knowingly or inadvertently use their own communication software inside to cause split, fracture and breakage of finely formed social interaction systems.

Obama’s language of mental processing

Beyond all this the question of does Obama think in English or in any other language? Well, it is also a very critical question, the answer to which may give clue to which all routes are connected to his thinking and decision making process. Also about the power-to-influence persons in far off lands have over him.

Redefining the subject of International Relationship

What I have written here can be described as a different and more accurate version of the subject called International Relationship. I remember seeing Ms. Rice, the then Secretary of State, during the Bush administration answering questions to a Senate Committee hearing. She was showing off her depth of knowledge in the subject of International Relationship, by mouth technical words, which really mean nothing. The whole subject of International Relationship as it stands today is totally superficial and does not touch the real cord of human emotions that stir up national character and historical features.

Since I have mentioned Rice, I would like to say something more. She did not seem to be of the stuff or intellectual quality to be an official of such high decision making powers, and of influencing international events. I do wonder on what basis was she given such an appointment. Was it to assuage black racial feelings? Well, if this is the way significant policymaking positions are being filled in the US, the nation is really in grave danger.

Again talking about Rice, there is need to know what is her antecedents and her native language, if any. Who are her parents, and her other relatives? For if the language among them is not English, and possibly some feudal language, her thinking process, decisions, opinions, and even emotional triggers can be heavily influenced from unknown sources, in a most non-tangible manner. This issue remains the same even if she is white, and from some feudal language speaking European nation.

Containing collective intelligence

Actually the American foreign policy should be part of the collective intelligence of America. But in these days of heavy swarming of the nation from all round the world, collective intelligence can have an immensity of links to far off locations. It is a very dangerous situation. Wherein small-time talk and opinions made in some house in some remote corners of the world, in non-English nations, get to acquire energy and power to influence American foreign policy making.

The same goes for Britain. There used to be a think tank there in the form of the House of Lords. It is doubtful if it is doing any useful work in this regard anymore. In the olden times, English collective intelligence could be contained with the parameters of British interests by the powerful interlink that existed inside the House of Lords, and their commitment to British interests.

Now with democracy having run amok inside Great Britain, and an immensity of outsiders having encroached the inside premises of GB, collective intelligence could have links sparking out to outrageously unacceptable areas.

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