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1. March of the Evil Empires! English versus the feudal languages!!

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This is a book containing a revolutionary idea about understanding society, human behaviour, history, anthropological features and many other aspects of human beings.

The basic understanding that is being put forward is that languages are powerful software. They can help in human communication. However, they also do contain extremely powerful software programs, which contain the design codes of each specific social system that speaks a specific language.

Languages are actually powerful software machines which can create a definite and pre-definable pattern, along which all human beings arrange themselves, to form different societies. Different types of languages form different type of societies. For instance, a group of persons who think and talk in Tamil would form a society, which would have remarkable Tamil features, and identifiable behaviour patterns.

Tamil is a feudal language.

A group of persons who do the same thing in Spanish would display definite Spanish looks, demeanour, behaviour and social pattern and arrangement.

An English speaking society would be having its own definite looks and, also a very easily identifiable interpersonal interaction configuration. English is a planar language.

This is my first book, contemplated decades back. It is a book that sprung up from my mind as I pondered upon the disasters that would spontaneously come upon native-English nations, when feudal languages slowly start spreading out into them.

Being my first attempt at writing a book, there are certain defects in the writing style of this book. However, the contents are of stupendous standards.


2. Feudal languages! What are they?

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I used the term Feudal language to describe and define a specific feature of South Asian languages. This I did in my first book March of the evil empires; English versus the feudal languages. This was done some more than 20 years back.

In feudal languages, words and verbal usages very precisely define any individual as a higher being or as a lower being. The former is an adorable person. The latter is a despicable individual if he or she tries to act with a feeling of stature and individuality. This categorisation has nothing to do with individual goodness or badness.

In the earlier years of my contemplation on this item, the term ‘feudal language’ did seem quite an adequate technical term. I had then understood the phenomenon as a very simple coding. However, as of now, I have come to understand that that the coding is a highly complicated one.

It is not a ladder-step like coding of human heights and lowliness.

In this book, I have not elaborated on the full complicated coding. Yet, there are a lot of inputs in this book.

I hope to write a more detailed and very simple profiling of the features of a feudal language.


3. Shrouded Satanism in feudal languages

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This is a book I wrote, I think, around 2013. I wanted to put into writing everything that was in my mind with regard to feudal languages.

The book, when it was written, does go through a lot of items.

The first item was about the influence of language systems on human anthropological features.

Then it does move into the idea of how to improve a population culturally in terms of refinement.

In between, I took some time to deal with the difference between planar languages and feudal languages.

There was a slight attempt to go into the realm of the supernatural arena that exists behind solid reality.

After that it does move through so many other items including the real features of Indian culture, and also about what would happen in native-English nations, when the newer generations are made to understand feudal languages.

Feudal languages can create mutation in physical features, emotional balance, human relationships, national economy, and stature of professions, and in many more things about which native-English nations have no information on.

It is dangerous for the native-English to learn feudal-languages, when living in the midst of feudal-language speakers. It would only have the effect of allowing the feudal-language speakers to place a powerful grip on them, physically and mentally. In fact, the feudal languages speakers would literally be able to control the emotional stability of the native-English speakers, if they can be made to understand feudal languages.

It would be like string-puppetry. The native-English who have learned feudal languages can literally be made to dance, yell and jump as per the pull and push that can be conveyed by means of the holding strings of the verbal codes in feudal-languages.

At the same time, for feudal language speakers, knowing English is a great advantage. It would give a very powerful pathway and bridge for them to crossover the various gorges in their own communication code and enter into the placid native-English locations.

As of now, almost all native-English nations are simply getting dismantled and disarrayed by the spread of feudal-language speakers inside their vital areas. Things are going into various errors. Much worse is in the offing, unless effective steps are taken to forestall them.

The book is huge and of epic parameters. It is a good book.

After writing this huge book, I found that a huge content is still in my mind which needs to be written.


4. Writ Petition against Compulsory Malayalam Study

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The Hon’ble Chief Justice of Kerala, on the 25 of August 2011 had admitted a Writ Petition filed by the VED from VICTORIA INSTITUTIONS (penname)with regard to Compulsory learning of Malayalam by all children in Kerala.

Of the three prayers, the Hon’ble Court did not want to go into the first contention that Malayalam is a feudal language that can bring in three levels of citizenship to the people here. However the second contention that no person can be compelled to study anything against his or her wishes was admitted.

Notices were sent to the Chief Secretary, Kerala Government, and to the Principle Secretary, Education department, in this regard. This case was not pursued to its logical conclusion, as I had to face some underhand actions to checkmate me.

2011 ബഹുമാനപ്പെട്ട കേരള ഹൈകോടതിയില്‍, കേരളത്തിലെ സ്കൂളുകളിൽ മലയാള ഭാഷ നി൪ബന്ധമാക്കുന്ന സ൪ക്കാ൪ ഓഡ൪ നടപ്പാക്കരുതെന്ന് കേരള സ൪ക്കാരിന് ആജ്ഞ നല്‍കണമെന്ന് ആവശ്യപ്പെട്ടുകൊണ്ട് (Writ of Mandamus), ഒരു റിട്ട് പെറ്റീഷ൯ VED from VICTORIA INSTITUTIONS (തൂലികാനാമം) നില്‍കിയിട്ടുണ്ടായിരുന്നു.

മലയാള ഭാഷയിലെ ഫ്യൂഡല്‍, ജന്മി-അടിമ സാമൂഹികാന്തരീക്ഷ കോഡുകളെക്കുറിച്ചും, അവ ജനങ്ങളേയും, സ൪ക്കാരുദ്യോഗസ്ഥരേയും, പോലീസ് പെരുമാറ്റത്തേയും, സമൂഹത്തെ മുഴുവനും, എങ്ങിനെ ബാധിക്കുന്നു എന്ന് പഠിക്കുവാ൯ പ്രാപ്തരായ യഥാ൪ത്ഥ വിവരമുള്ള ഒരു സംഘത്തെ നിയോഗിക്കാൻ സ൪ക്കാരിന് നി൪ദ്ദേശം നല്‍കുവാൻ പെറ്റീഷനിൽ അഭ്യ൪ത്തിച്ചിരുന്നു.

തനി ജന്മി - അടിമ ഉച്ചനീചത്വ കോഡുകൾ ഉള്ള ഫ്യൂഡൽ ഭാഷകളെ നിർബന്ധിച്ച് പഠിപ്പിക്കാമോ? ഇന്ത്യൻ ഭരണഘടന സാമൂഹിക വിവേചനത്തിന് എതിരാണ് എന്ന് ഇന്ന് ആർക്കെങ്കിലും ബോധമുണ്ടോ?

ആളുകളെ വലിയവരെന്നും തരംതാണവരെന്നും തരംതിരിച്ച് നിർവ്വചിക്കുന്ന ഭാഷകളാണ് ഈ ദക്ഷിണേഷ്യൻ ഉപഭൂഖണ്ടത്തിലെ ഒട്ട് മിക്ക ഭാഷകളും.

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