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1. An urgent appeal for ENGLISH RACISM

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This writing was part of my desperate attempts to inform the naive and gullible Englanders of how they have been cunningly deluded to appear as a most evil nationhood, when actually they ought to be acclaimed as the greatest of social engineers in various far-off, semi-barbarian and totally barbarian geographical locations.

The writings were posted on TelegraphUK blog. The complete blog site was taken down by TelegraphUK.


2. British sailors in Indian stinking jails!

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This book was written by me some years back, when I came to know that some British sailors had been imprisoned in India.

This was a News I had expected for a long time.

‘India’ cannot be understood from pristine-English, and ‘Indians’ also cannot be understood from pristine-English. It would like one animal trying to understand another animal, whose basic mental triggers are not clear or understandable to the first animal.

So much is the difference. What comes into English as ‘India’, ‘Indians’, ‘Indian entrepreneurship’ etc. are mere translated-into-English versions, in which most of the Satanism remains hidden in translation.

The very fact that Indian languages have a very evil feudal structure by which human beings can be literally flipped from a height to a stinking depth by means of a single word cannot be understood in English at all. No academic studies have been able to mention this. Even when it is mentioned, those who know it simply make funs of the contentions and lead the theme astray into disarray.

The total fault is with Clement Atlee and his insane coterie who destroyed the aspirations of millions of peoples in the South Asian subcontinent, when he handed them into the enslavement and indoctrination of traditional overlords, from whom they have had around 150 years of escape. He had no right to hand over British-India to local politicians who had been his friends in London.


3. Gandhi and his 'Ji': Grooming up of a fake!

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Gandhi was the son of the prime minister of Porbandar kingdom. He was not a citizen of British-India. There is no statutory record in India, which establishes that he is the father of the nation. His unilateral claims about freeing ‘British-India’ from English rule, were not supported by the millions of citizens of British-India.

He had no right to claim that he is the leader of any section of people in British-India. He was a foreigner in British-India.

English rule departed from South Asia due to the political policies of the British Labour Party.

No sane individual anywhere in the world would opt for Hindi imperialism, when English rule is an option.


4. Teaching Hindi in Australia

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1. Hindi in Australia: Behold the future!

2. Teaching Hindi in Australia! What is dangerous about it?

Both deal with the terrible consequences for all native-English nations in general and for Australia in particular, if and when feudal languages enter into the social communication stream.

To understand the terrors of feudal languages, which can spread disarray, disharmony and dislocation through the native-English social system, I would recommend the reader to read my very small book: Software codes of mantra, tantra, witchcraft, black magic, evil eye, evil tongue &c.

Due to my frank writings, I have found that my efforts to bring the huge satanic codes of feudal languages into the limelight are being consistently blocked online, across all native-English nations, by some sections of the global IT populations, who control the Internet from various locations on the globe.


5. PRISTINE-ENGLISH! What is different about it?

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This is a post that I had done on TelegraphUK blog pages. The first chapter was posted on the 27th of May 2014.

It was part of my desperate attempts to inform the naive and gullible Englanders of what is dangerously different in most other languages, which have feudal or three-Dimensional word-code structure.

Without any information on this most powerful evilness, the nation is singing praise and glory to its misinformed national policy of multiculture.

Even though the subject matter that I have dealt in here would be quite easy for any feudal language speaker to understand, it would not be easy for a native-English speaker to grasp.

Most native-feudal language speakers who are currently enjoying the quaint splendour of England would shy away from admitting the correctness in my writings. For, if they do admit that there is a very powerful content in this, all their outraged contentions on English racism would evaporate into thin air.

This writing is part of my efforts that started a few decades back, starting with my first book on this theme: March of the evil empires: English versus the feudal languages.

I see that most or all of my misgivings on what would come upon pristine-native-English nations, when feudal language speakers swarm in, has more or less come true, or are coming true.


6. My Online Writings - 2004 - '07

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This book contains many of my online writings. I started my online writings first on the forum pages of the website: ukresidentcom in the year 2004. Many of the writings here could be from that period.

The contents are mainly discussions on Great Britain in general and England in particular. 

The writings here might be interesting to later-day readers, in that a part of the prevailing mood and misgivings in England about the various issues confronting England at that time can be seen reflected here. The themes could include such themes as Dangers of multiculturalism, Joining Euro, Being part of European Union etc.


7. Vintage English

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You get to read about the sweetness of classical English, antique history, grand adventures, maritime explorations, colonial experiences, scientific conquests, historical figures, solitary intellects, political experiments, social reforms, daring actions and much else.

This digital book is for those who love a nation known as England that existed till the end of WW2. Pristine, and unspoiled by the swarming non-English and anti-English outsiders.

Now that England is no more.

It was a nation that brought in the light of liberty to the lower suppressed classes of many barbarian geographical areas of the world. Now, what remains is a nation that spontaneously reacts to barbarian codes and thus, reaches out to barbarian levels of human existence.

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