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1. Software codes of mantra, tantra &c.

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This is not a guide-book for studying any occult art. Instead it is a writing that proposes to take up the possibility of there being a real software machinery behind the working of so-called mantra, tantra, evil eye, black magic, voodoo etc. This book does not teach any of the above mentioned arts.

Yet, it does try to find a pathway or opening by which we can find or enter the supernatural arena from where the supernatural software codes of reality and life is designed and maintained.

It is a writing that tries to discuss a probability that is not connected to material sciences. Instead it proposes to examine the possibility of there being a supernatural software application location wherein reality might be seen in the code view as-well-as the design view. These two views are apart from the real view, which is the physical reality.

The ultimate aim of this book is to propose a pathway via which we can approach the supernatural software location, where all of reality, life, living organisms, brain software &c. are designed and maintained.

This book is not a sudden writing on any impulse of the moment. In the concluding part of my first book, March of the evil empires, I did hint about the possibility of there being something akin to a software background to reality. And that languages are software applications with varied capacities.

In around the year 2005, I wrote a series of posts in a GB website on the same subject. It was basically a lot of unconnected themes all pointing to the same theme. This I later published as a digital book under the name: Software codes of reality, life and languages.

Then my next major book on the subject came out with the name: Codes of reality! What is language?

Here again the same theme of connecting the idea of there being a software realm behind reality and that languages have software codes which can directly connect to the software of reality was elaborated. The focus was on languages being sort of software applications through which physical reality could be influenced.

Still, the theme was going forward only in very brief paces.

A few years ago, I had to write a series of posts for supporting the contentions of Homoeopathy, by basing the ideas from my understandings. That Homoeopathy does work on the principle of a software program rectifying the software of life and human body. The book title was: The machinery of Homœopathy!

Recently I happened to read Edgar Thurston’s OMENS AND SUPERSTITIONS OF SOUTHERN INDIA. It was at that time that I pondered upon reworking out the arguments from the perspective of mantra, tantra, black magic, witchcraft etc.


2. Software codes of Reality, Life and Languages!

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I started writing this topic on an experimental basis in UkResident com around 2005.

That was later converted into a book. This is that book.

There were a lot of unconnected strings of thoughts in my mind, which did connect to an idea that there is some kind of inner code links that exist behind our physical reality. Moreover, I had been making solitary researches and observations on the codes in languages, right since my childhood. This also seemed to connect heavily with the physical world. If fact, in my book: March of the Evil Empires; English versus the Feudal Languages I did hint at this connection in the last chapter.

Later my thought processes went on to connect even to an idea that human body and life processes were all connected to some codes. In later years, I was to observe the efficacy of homeopathy, which I discerned as the medical side of this understanding. For, I had more or less predicted in my mind that if the human body was controlled and designed by a software code, then there should be a medical system that can rectify human body errors through a software approach.

However, this book is not the final word on the subject. For, a few years back I was to write my first serious book on the subject of the codes of Reality: Codes of Reality! What is Language?

However, if you were to go through this book, which you are now reading, you will see the route through which my thought process developed.

Currently my information on this theme is much more developed. I have done experiments and have had observations that do confirm that human mind can connect to other minds. That there is something of the extraordinary and powerful in sexual exhilaration. That not only sexual energy, but even such things as addictions and such, are connected to powerful value changes in certain life software codes. That just by means of achieving corrections or changes to these values, human energy levels can be increased.

It is quite possible to use mind to stimulate sexual desire in others. Or at least make them feel that an attempt at seduction by means of mental code work is being done


3. CODES OF REALITY! What is language?

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This is a sort of continuation of my book: March of the evil empires: English versus the feudal languages. The theme discussed here is an expansion of the ideas cursorily mentioned in the concluding part of that book. In that book, the aim was to discuss the general qualities of feudal languages as against that of English.

In the present book, what has been dealt with is about the inner codes of language and their links and relationship with the codes of reality. The contention is that reality is a creation of some superior software, and that language codes do have connection with it. The book is an expansion of this idea. I do believe that this book does merit consideration.

If what is contended here does have substance, there is every chance that the whole outlook modern science has with regard to reality and human existence may be altered.

Apart from all that, this book might give a lot of enlightenment about the various triggers that do affect human mind and emotions. Persons who are into the study of human mind and its varied features might gain a lot from this book.

In fact, this book does deal with many hidden switches and triggers inside human mind and emotions, which are linked to non-tangible verbal and non-verbal signals.

Beyond all that, there is a huge discussion on the effect of language codes on human genetic features. From this perspective, this book might be seen to deal with such subjects as ethnographic studies, anthropology &c. from an entirely new angle of pondering and vision.

In the ultimate count, this book is part of the pioneering work on the study of the Software codes of reality!


4. The machinery of Homœopathy!

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This digital book consists of my conversation on about the possibility of Homoeopathy being able to tackle Ebola.

The essential question was about the exact machinery of Homoeopathy, which could support its claims to be able to cure diseases. The conversation started around the last of August 2014. I do not remember the exact date.

It is possible to see a probable machinery that could be the basis of homeopathy. It is connected to my own researches and observation on certain other themes connected to human existence.

A more detailed examination of the machinery of Homoeopathy is there in Software codes of mantra, tantra, witchcraft, black magic, evil eye, evil tongue &c.


5. Prospects for research studies on the verbal codes in languages

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There is a huge expanse of information waiting to be explored in the field of language studies. I would say that what waits deciphering would beat even modern science, in its possibilities.

A new non-physical reality

A new sphere of ‘reality’ has opened up for exploring. This is the world of Software. Even though no one seems to mention this exactly, the truth is that it is a domain from where physical sciences can be seen as bare elementary knowledge. Or perhaps, as an erroneous and misguided approach to understand reality.

Scope of language research

I am going to list out the various kinds of research fields possible for those who are connected to language studies.

The list I am going to mention is way beyond that the usual whereabouts of linguistic research.Even though grammar, word construction, pronunciation are all of specific importance in this new arena, there will be definite difference in what they do serve over here, from what they are supposed to do at the ordinary text levels.


6. You and your star



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